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When a Hindu dies, the family's time of mourning and observances traditionally lasts around 13 days. Following the cremation, religious rituals and ceremonies are performed. These rites are vital in assisting the deceased soul's journey towards its future incarnation, according to Hindu mythology.

The Chautha Ceremony, held on the fourth day following the death, gathers family and relatives together for Shanti paath and Geeta pravachan. Everyone who has feelings for the deceased is required to attend these rites. Invitation templates are used to tell loved ones about the event and convey your wish for their attendance. Don't worry if you're unsure how to write a suitable e-invite for the prayer gathering. We're here to help you design the ideal invitation and advise you on correct etiquette.

How do you design virtual funeral invitations?

There are several elements to consider while developing a funeral card template:

  • Size: To begin, you must determine the appropriate size of the memorial invitation. Also, if you're sending an e-invitation, make sure the file isn't too huge that it creates problems when sent over WhatsAp.
  • Font: The typeface, which is also an important aspect of a Hindu death ceremony invitation card template, may make or break its attractiveness. You must ensure that the font is neither too huge or too small, since this might lead to a lot of confusion. You picked a typeface that is both ageless and user-friendly.
  • Color:The layout and colour of the invitation should be considered next. Because it is a funeral ceremony invitation, bright and eye-catching hues should be avoided at all costs.
  • Design: Make certain that the design you select is more modest or basic. You must ensure that the information supplied on the funeral announcement templates is easily understood by the attendees. Do not play with the designs since you want your visitors to understand the significance of the occasion.

You must constantly keep in mind that your invitation should be clean. When people try to include too many elements on an invitation, it becomes unpleasant and disorganised in every aspect. Follow the above criteria while creating a funeral invitation card, rasam pagri card, or tervi invitation card.

Funeral Invitation Card

The card you choose to invite close relatives to the dead soul's last rituals, such as the burial service, must be linked. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when you choose an invitation card for the funeral.

On the funeral invitation card, use a distinctive image of the deceased individual.

A photograph can bring several emotions to the heart and when it is of the departed person then it makes people emotionally connected. The photograph you are going to choose for the funeral invitation should be of a recent time. If you want to add one more picture then it should be from childhood times. These two photographs depict the entire life journey of the deceased person. Along with it they also indicate phases of life that one has to go through in their lives.

Mention the significant dates in the departed soul's existence.

Important dates, such as birth and death, should not be overlooked. Some people include the date of marriage since it is a significant event in his/her life. This option can be tailored to the life of a departed individual. You might provide other dates, such as "date of achieving something significant."