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Faith knows not of judgement, we believe in your devotion. Let us help you book a hall to celebrate your beliefs.
The inevitable pain of losing someone you made memories with, brings in immense suffering which can’t be avoided. In such circumstances all one wants to do is pray for the departed soul. Praying is one way where surrendering to the almighty brings a sense of relief and calm to the ones grieving the unbearable loss. Beleiv is here to help you in every way possible.
Beleiv provides personalized funeral prayer hall services including prayer hall bookings. We understand your requirement and take bookings of Gurdwaras, Community halls, Churches, Mosques, or any other place as per your need. How difficult it can get to plan these events, make arrangements and decisions while you are mourning the loss of your loved one, is something we realize very well. Thus, Beleiv ensures to assist you throughout the funeral process providing suggestions at every step.
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Beleiv helps you with the entire process of cremation/burial and provides proper guidance in outlining and arranging rituals and ceremonies prior to it.
Chautha/Terahvin ceremonies make up the gist of any funeral. As it is a crucial part of the mourning phase, it helps people pray and heal along with their families. Beleiv will arrange, plan and organize everything right from funeral prayer hall booking to customized food menu for all your guests and relatives. Our team will make sure that you mourn the loss of your dear one without the need to worry about any of these arrangements. We take complete responsibility of sending invitations to family and friends, framing the photograph of the departed soul, decent flower decor, arranging singers/artists for the prayer meeting, providing waiter services and more. We are at your service and are always just a look away.
Rituals like Rasam Pagri, Shanti Puja, Pindadan are some of the important rituals of a funeral. We honour all customs and rituals and assure to guide you through them with ease and comfort. From Pandits to Samagris, the funeral prayer hall booking, decor, seating, you can just leave everything to us.

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The loss of life leaves a permanent void within the family, friends and the close ones. At such sensitive times, prayers play a significant role in reviving the lost faith. The powerful words of wisdom and spirituality by the gurus, mahatmas, and priests leaves a strong and positive impact on the ones grieving the loss. Our team makes sure to complete the prayer meets, customs and rituals with utmost respect and care. We offer a complete guide for pre and post-cremation ceremonies.
Beleiv will help you sail through these tough times with ease. We celebrate the last journey of the departed soul with grace and compassion.


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