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The right processes require the right tools to end succesfully. Avail a quality freezer box hassle free.

What is a dead body freezer box?

Beleiv facilitates with a dead body freezer box on hire which are exclusively designed to preserve the mortal remains of the departed soul. Shortly after death, the body starts decaying and gives a foul smell. A freezer box is essential to preserve the body of the deceased from decomposing. Preserving the body from decaying is necessary to maintain the decorum and standards while performing cremation, burial or autopsies. Beleiv provides freezer boxes that have a cabinet for resting the body of the deceased with a strong yet simplified mechanism to preserve the body. Our freezer will slow down the rate of decomposition by reducing the temperature to 0-8 Celsius degrees.

Beleiv freezer box services for the dead body

What is dead body transport in Bangalore?

In case you are in need to transport the body of the departed soul to farther locations from Bangalore, Beleiv helps you with Mortuary Van Services comprising freezing systems that keep the body fresh. Our team ensures to provide you a hassle-free journey.
Our freezer boxes are made up of solid materials like stainless steel and are double-layered to ensure the foul smell doesn’t escape the box. With the help of a freezer box, dead bodies can be preserved for a long time allowing all the near and dear ones to have their last meeting with departed soul. Our Mortuary Freezer Box Services in Bangalore, Van or ambulance will help you in every way right from transportation to preserving mortal remains.

Mortuary Van/Ambulance with freezer box

At times one may wish to organize the last rites of the departed in some distant location like a specific village or city that you find yourself emotionally connected to. In such situations we come forward to assist you with proper guidance even if the family of the deceased is not present in Bangalore. Our team takes charge of everything and you can rely on our Freezer Box Services completely.


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