Dead Body Transportation in India

Dead Body Transportation in India: Train Transport Guide

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It is very natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed when losing a loved one. Amidst the already distressful period, transporting the body to a different site for the funeral rites is one of the major challenges that emerge. So, here, we provide you with a guide to assist you through the dead body transportation procedures. Additionally, Dead body transportation services in India are available to facilitate the process and bring some convenience in this challenging period.

In India, transporting a dead body by train is a common option, and the following content is intended to assist you in understanding the various steps involved in dead body transportation through trains in India.

Obtaining The Necessary Documents

The first step in transporting a dead body by train in India is to obtain the necessary documents. The documents required for transportation vary by state, but they usually include the death certificate and a permit for transportation. 

These documents can be obtained from the hospital or local authorities. Dead body transportation services in Bangalore can assist you through the process to avoid hassles.

The major documents required for dead body transportation in India include:

  • Formatted Hospital Death Certificate
  • Police NOC from the local police station
  • Post Mortem certificate (if required)
  • Embalming and coffin box certificate
  • Train Cargo Ticket

Another tip from our end would be to hold multiple copies of these documents to be on the safer side!

Preparing The Body For Transportation

Once the required documentation has been secured, the body must be prepared for transport. This involves embalming the body, which is the process of preserving the body to prevent decomposition. 

Embalming is done to ensure that the body remains in good condition during transportation. The trained professionals at various dead body transportation services in Bangalore are well-experienced in these processes. It is also essential to use a casket designed for train transportation. The casket must be properly labelled with the name of the deceased, the train number, and the destination.

Transporting The Body

After completing the embalming procedures, the body is taken to the designated railway station. It’s important to ensure that the body is loaded with care and is properly secured for transportation. 

It is always better to trust professionals when it comes to handling the deceased’s body and so, identifying and choosing from the trustworthy dead body transportation services in India becomes essential. 

If you go by a trustworthy funeral service organisation like Beleiv, you can rest assured that your loved one’s remains are being treated with the utmost care, dignity and respect since that is their first priority.  

Depending on the travel distance involved and the train schedule, journey time for dead body transportation services in India could range from several hours to several days.

The Receiving End Of Transportation

It is necessary to plan for someone from the receiving end of the transportation, to be onsite for the arrival of the deceased. Additionally, they must possess all the required documents and permits required to receive the body.

The receiving end could involve family members and other loved ones along with the trained professionals from the dead body transportation services in India if necessary.

Cost Of Dead Body Transportation By Train In India

The expenses or cost to transport a dead body by train in India is dependent on  various factors;

  • The entire journey distance,
  • The weight of the deceased’s body,
  • The chosen class of the train,
  • Embalming services expenses, 
  • Coffin Box Services.

The dead body transportation Services in Bangalore and other parts of India provided by Beleiv, offer you the best and most dignified service at the most reasonable price possible.

Dead body transportation by train is just one option available to families in India. Families are advised to go through all of their alternatives and select the approach that best suits their requirements and financial constraints.

It is advised that you take the time to brush up regarding the rules and specifications for dead body transportation in your region. 

You can further seek professional assistance by contacting one of the trustworthy dead body transportation services in India, like Beleiv, to ensure smooth and dignified services.

At this time of distress, do not hesitate to seek support from your family or loved ones. Be there for each other and spread love wherever possible.


Losing a loved one might be a bitter feeling to experience and it is understandable how overwhelming it can get to deal with your emotions and manage all the funeral rituals and rites at this time of distress. 

There are numerous duties and responsibilities to be met at this period of time and dead body transportation is most likely the top priority of that hour. And that is why Beleiv is here, with its topmost services to aid you through this distressful period in any way possible.

The trained professionals at Beleiv assure to take care of your deceased loved one with utmost respect and sensitivity and offer all the aid required throughout the journey until you bid your final goodbyes to your loved ones.

Get in touch with Beleiv for assistance with dead body transportation services in India or any related funeral services.

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