Asthi Visarjan Services

Avail our Asthi Visarjan services and let us liberate the souls of those you mourn in peace.
One of the most important funeral rituals in Hindu tradition is Asthi Visarjan. Immersing the remaining ashes and bones of the lost one in holy waters is what this ritual is all about. The meaning of this ritual according to Hindu scriptures is that the dissolving of ashes of the demised in the holy waters liberates the spirit from bondage and helps it achieve freedom.
Our team will guide you in conducting the Asthi Visarjan ritual at the Holy Water by helping you choose the right Pandit, get the right Samagri, and make arrangements for Puja keeping your choices and preferences in mind.

Places for Asthi Visarjan Services in India-

Beleiv Asthi Visarjan Services

1. Transportation to the place of Asthi Visarjan.

Our team is aware that the pain and suffering the mourning family is going through is enormous. Thus, Beleiv provides you with all the funeral requirements and Asthi Visarjan Services. We offer comfortable transportation for your entire family from your current location to your chosen destination for ashes immersion.

2. Experienced Pandit.

The Asthi Visarjan rituals are of vital importance to the Hindu funeral traditions. They signify the final goodbye to the lost one. Beleiv provides you with highly knowledgeable Pandits who conduct havans, pujas and ceremonies according to your caste for ensuring peace and freedom to the departed soul. They also help the family heal, recover and pray.

3. Puja Preparations and Samagri.

Asthi Visarjan ceremony being a religious and spiritual ritual requires many holy and auspicious samagri items for a peaceful departure of the deceased. Beleiv ensures the necessary samagri reaches you before time in good quality and packaging so that you can have a hassle free ceremony.

4. Ash Cremation Urn or Pot.

The Cremation Urn or Pot is what carries the leftovers of the departed soul and it holds a great value in the Asthi Visarjan process. This pot has a very special meaning for the deceased’s family as it holds the remains until they are immersed. Beleiv provides you with a wide and elegant range of cremation urns and pots.

5. Dashgatra Vidhi.

Right the next day after the Asthi Visarjan ceremony, the Dashgatra Vidhi is conducted where the ancestors of the deceased are remembered and honoured. Our team ensures the customs and rituals are performed with ease and comfort.


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