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We believe in the light at the end of the tunnel. Celebrate life with Beleiv by booking us today.
As we mourn and express sorrow over the loss of our dear ones, we often forget to celebrate the life lived by our loved ones and their beautiful experiences. At Beleiv, we don’t just respect the lives of your dear ones but also help you recover, heal and find peace. We honour the participation and contribution of the departed soul in the lives of others while remembering their nature, personality, accomplishments, passion and even the flaws with courtesy and grace.

Beleiv offers the following services in the memory of your loved ones

1. Celebration of Life Event

Beleiv will organize an event in the memory of your dear ones to celebrate the life of the deceased. The event will be planned and organized by our team as per your wishes and desires and can be customized with themes that represent the life of your loved one. We can get everything done for you so you can spend quality time with your family

2. Professional Video Tribute

Using your inputs, our team will plan and create a professional video to present it as a tribute to your loved one. Being surrounded with happy faces and positive emotions will speed up your healing process.

3. Planting a memorial tree

Beleiv helps you plant seeds or flowers in the memory of your loved one so you can watch them grow and thrive. You can plant the favourites of your dear one and can organize an event for your family and friends to be a part of it.

4. Start a Charity in their name

As you celebrate the life of your dear ones, we provide you charity services that help you work for a cause that your loved ones trusted in, and serve people via scholarships or charity in the name of the deceased.

5. Other Events

We value your loved ones and pay respect to their last journey. We provide you personalized services and arrange every event as per your needs and requirements to help you mourn the loss of you near and dear ones.


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