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BBMP crematorium online booking helps you to reduce your anxiety about booking a crematorium slot in time.
Bangalore is one of the most popular Indian cities that is home to many versatile people and cultures. It is understood that a large city needs good crematoriums.
The perfect crematorium ground offers calmness and peace on its premises. The serenity of the place ensures that one’s final rites are done with utmost connection and sincerity.

In recent times, electrical crematoriums have been a popular choice over traditional crematoriums. Some of the remarkable features available at an electrical crematorium are-

  • They speed up the cremation process 
  • They use less resources than traditional crematoriums
  • They are comparatively cheaper
  • Electric cremation means the whole body is combusted
  • They cause less amount of soot and unburnt particles
  • They are eco-friendly
When you choose to go for BBMP crematorium online booking, you can be assured that you are giving the most fitting farewell for your lost loved one. We at beleiv provide cremation and funeral services in different crematorium grounds. Thus, you get convenient facilities such as-
  • They speed up the cremation process 
  • They use less resources than traditional crematoriums
  • They are comparatively cheaper
  • Electric cremation means the whole body is combusted
  • They cause less amount of soot and unburnt particles
  • They are eco-friendly

With us, the grieving family can carry out various Hindu rituals prior to cremation such as their final farewells, transporting the body, bathing and dressing of the deceased, and circling the pyre. 

We have experienced and trained cremation technicians, funeral directors, groundskeepers, and support staff  who are available to guide families through the entire process with the required sensitivity.

We help you to carry out all cremation preparations and ceremonies with the utmost respect and compassion.

Cremation and funeral services by Beleiv

We at Beleiv provide cremation and funeral services in all BBMP crematoriums. You can therefore rest assured that you get the best infrastructural facilities and areas for rituals and other services in the crematorium of your choice.

We provide everything that is required for Hindu cremation ceremonies, such as wood for the pyre, ghee, cotton strands, and other related objects for the ceremonies. We have well-trained staff members to help in preparing the body, building and lighting the pyre. We help you to conduct the cremation process according to Hindu traditions and give a proper goodbye to your loved one.

After every completed cremation, we collect the ashes in an urn to be collected by the family members for the last rites. We also clean and prepare the cremation platform for the next cremation.

Requirements for BBMP crematorium online booking

The following are required when you are making an online slot booking for the cremation service:

  • ID cards by the Government of India for recognition of the deceased (Passport, AADHAR Card, Voter’s ID, PAN Card)
  • FORM 4A in case of Natural Death at Residence duly signed by an Authorised Doctor with a Registration number 
  • If the death occurred at a Hospital, then FORM 4 or Summary of the Death issued by a registered doctor is required
  • In case of Unnatural death a Post Mortem report along with Police NOC is required
  • Slot Booking Confirmation by the Cremation Ground or Venue.

Experienced and well-trained Cremation Services Staff

We have experienced and most well-trained staff members who are ready to assist families with the utmost care and sensitivity.

  • Cremation technicians – They carry out all the tasks related to cremation such as preparing, cremating, and collecting remains.
  • Funeral directors – They are experienced people always ready to help families with required paperwork. They also coordinate all the cremation preparations.
  • Groundskeepers – They work hard to properly maintain the facilities and cremation grounds.
  • Administrative staff – They manage the office, fees, schedule and bookings.
  • Support staff – They are always ready to assist you with parking, seating, any other facilities, and rituals. 

Services Offered by Believ in BBMP crematorium

We are a funeral service provider and we bring to you the following services-

  • 24/7 facility for electric cremation and traditional cremations
  • Hearse vans, mortuary vehicles, and ambulances for convenient and safe body transportation
  • Local and outstation transportation services for the body
  • Freezer box facilities for preserving remains  
  • Assistance with final rituals in holy places like Kashi, Gaya etc.
  • Authorised inhouse doctor for death certificates
  • Antim sanskar arrangements and requirements 
  • Experienced priests for rituals and guidance
  • Pan-India obituary services in various languages 
  • Memorial services 
  • Shraadh, chautha, and monthly ritual services

Things to consider while selecting a Crematorium

When people believe that proper funerals are crucial in their religion and culture, it is important to choose a suitable crematorium  that is convenient in several aspects. Today many options are available for crematorium grounds.  Thus, the process of finding the perfect crematorium ground becomes difficult.

Here are some factors to keep in mind by Beleiv to help you in the process of choosing a crematorium or when you are going for BBMP crematorium online booking:

  • Close Distance – if possible, it is better to choose a crematorium that is near the locality of the deceased. This makes it easy to make quick arrangements such as transportation.  Choosing a nearby crematorium is a good choice if many people are expected to attend the funeral.
  • Availability of Facilities – It is important to ensure that the ground has adequate parking space and offers other necessary facilities such as waiting rooms, washrooms, and lockers. Such facilities are needed to make the guests feel comfortable and reduce tension. 
  • Good Hygiene– Since crematoriums handle deceased bodies or the remains of the dead body, there can be chances of infection if they are not maintained well. Cleanliness and hygiene is very important in a crematorium. 
  • Proper attention It is dangerous to leave the pyres unattended or half burnt.  The staff must always take care to clear out the remains after they are burnt completely. 
  • Booking Processeveryone needs to follow a certain booking process for a slot in the crematorium grounds. Some grounds  may have a long waiting period which causes anxiety and uncertainty.  In these situations, it is a good idea to consider other options or contact a funeral service provider like Beleiv to assist you in the booking procedures. You can opt for BBMP crematorium online booking to reduce the anxiety of offline bookings and wait periods. 
We take utmost care to help you arrange the perfect farewell for your loved ones. To reduce your stress about arranging a funeral, we offer cremation and funeral services in Bangalore. Choose us at Beleiv to discover more about our services.


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What does Repatriation mean?

Repatriation is the process of transporting a deceased individual from one country to another, where the family members of the deceased person are residing. Some people from India, who die abroad would have expressed a desire to be buried or cremated in India. This will be taken care of and adequate services are provided by Beleiv.

Can anyone arrange Air transportation for the dead body personally?

No. Airlines authorities will not approve. Only certified Funeral Service providers like Beleiv or a specialized transport company can arrange for domestic or International dead-body Transportation Services.

Is it necessary to contact two shipping companies, while transporting dead bodies between two countries?

Not every time. At Beleiv, our funeral directors will be contacting their partners or shipping authorities in both countries for easy and hassle-free transportation of dead bodies.

What is the duration taken to repatriate a body?

The time taken to repatriate the body varies and depends on the distance of the place the individual died. Although it normally takes between 5 to 7 days, if the deceased died of natural causes. If there is a delay due to post-mortem procedures, it may take 10 to 15 days as the case may be.

What documents are necessary for repatriation to India?

Repatriation of a loved one’s body to India will need the following documentation:

  • Death Registration Form (for Indian nationals only).
  • Original death certificate as well as a copy.
  • Permit for Burial or Cremation.
  • A letter or certificate of “Non-Communicable Disease” from the Public Health Office.
  • Out-of-province coroner’s certificate, Embalming certificate, consignee’s details such as., name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Flight Information

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