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Hyderabad, an advancing city in the Southern Part of India, is known for its opportunities, monuments and cuisine. It holds a rich root of cultural traditions, religious customs, and oneness amidst the diversity. As a city with diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, funeral services in Hyderabad are based on individual beliefs and community practices that vary across societies and regions in the city. In these suffering times, as friends and family gather to mourn and remember the times spent while the deceased was with them alive, having to manage the arrangements for traditionally and emotionally fulfilling funeral services in Hyderabad becomes a very challenging job. With so many ongoing emotions of sorrow, loneliness, regrets and missing the person, having to take charge of immediate preparations is not easy.
Moreover, every place including venues for prayer services, slots for burial or cremations and even obtaining a death certificate registered from the Government of India, requires legal checks and paperwork. All this paperwork needs utmost attention and focus. One small mistake or mismanagement may cause issues later leading to further complications. Beleiv gives you a shoulder of support to provide you comfort and an arm of assistance to help you in arranging all tasks with complete sincerity and commitment. We understand and empathise with the pain and loss the friends and family of the deceased go through, the least we could do is to turn out to be helpful in arranging a farewell that comes from the heartfelt condolences and love from the close ones.

Overall Arrangements by Beleiv for arranging Funeral Services in Hyderabad:

Funeral services include the sentiments of the family and friends gathered, the beliefs and customs followed along with the intention to pay respect to the deceased. In most cultures, funerals are considered the ultimate path towards bliss and most also view it as their last chance at bidding a wholesome goodbye to their dear departed. In such cases, getting Beleiv on board not only ensures adhering to all traditions, rules and legalities of conducting a cremation, burial or funeral services in Hyderabad but also managing these proceedings in a personalised way that feels close to the heart and sentiments of the close circle of the deceased. Every requirement of the client is heard, understood and executed in ways that do not compromise with the core customs and traditions. This is ensured as Beleiv covers a range of areas listed below:

  • Traditions and customs: Hyderabad is a city of people from all walks of life. There are different religions that follow varied customs and traditions, even depending on the region they come from. As the rituals vary among them, their requirements for funeral services in Hyderabad also differ. Beleiv is familiar with each of the unique practices across different faiths and caters to the needs. Different traditions have certain specifications of customs followed through generations. For instance, white shrouds in Islamic funerals, holy prayers with Coffins and Wreaths in Christianity and Antim Samskaar with collecting and immersion Ashes in Hindu traditions are some of the specific and defining practices followed across religions. Prayers followed by a mourning period are seen as common practices in all religions. 
  • Complete Assistance in Practices: To carry forward religious rituals we even have well-versed priests, pandits and maulvis who are understanding of your concerns but also very learned and familiar with religious scriptures and practices. The arrangeemnt for materials and items for funerals, poojas and other offerings are also purchased and ensured by consulting the pandits, priests and maulvis for their specific religion. In case of perosnalised requests, they are executed while ensuring to keep traditions intact.
  • Cremation or Burial Grounds: Depending on the faith practised and the customs tied with it, people prefer cremations or burials as their final way of seeing off the dead. There are facilities like crematoriums- electric or wooden pyres and burial grounds that further are specific to the different faiths followed by the people. Making a choice from these varied options can be difficult. Beleiv is up-to-date with all the requirements at different available options for a cremation and burial ground across Hyderabad and assists you with all necessary duties and arrangements at the facility. 
  • Prayer Meets and Funeral: Different faiths follow different customs. However, it is seen that invoking divine prayers is common to all. Prayer meet with worships and offerings is practiced in Hindu rituals, Christianity, Islam and other rituals too. This is usually done in halls and religious places. SOme even prefer homes. For this event, the hall booking and confirmation, decor, logistics, sound and lights along with food catering to provide complete hospitality to the gathered people for the funeral meet are some important arrangements done by Beleiv. If you have more suggestions or persoanlised requests, get in touch with one of our funeral managers, to get your plan executed with maximum accuracy.
  • Sharing the News: It is said that the solace attained after death happens through the wishes and prayers offered by the gathered people at funeral services in Hyderabad. Also, it becomes a duty of the close relatives to inform all near and dear ones about the death so that thye can join in the final rites and be a part of the last journey. This is either done through cards or obituaries. Beleiv takes care of these arrangements too. We handle designing and printing of personlaised invitation cards to the funeral servcies in whatever number you mention. Also, obituaries in a range of languages are printed in newspapers-both regional and national, to ensure the news of the death reaches across places. With most of the life going digital, obituaries on social media are also new concepts to which Beleiv stats well-adapted. We help you plan digital obituaries and invitations to share online.

Additional Services offered along with funeral services in Hyderabad:

The services at Beleiv are not just limited to Funerals, but we also provide complete assistance over a range of services to give you a smooth and worry-free experience in paying your respect and love to the demised soul.

  • Dead Body Transportation Services in Hyderabad, across the city and nearby. There are arrangements for point-to-point pickup and delivery services of the body be it from home, hospital or airport in case of repatriation.
  • Hearse Van Services employ convenient facilities to fit coffin boxes.  Hearse vans are majorly used to transport the dead body from the funeral home, mortuary, or place of death to the cemetery, crematorium, or final resting place. They are specially equipped to handle the transportation of the deceased in a respectful and dignified manner. They even have spacious interiors to accommodate the body along with any accompanying people.
  • Freezer box services in Hyderabad use state-of-the-art techniques in helping to preserve the body for longer durations. This can save the body from infections and swellings in case of longer distances of travel, or if any relative is yet to arrive from another location to proceed with the funeral services in Hyderabad.
  • Repatriation services include transporting the body of the deceased across international borders in case of untimely death while outside India or if the deceased was studying or living abroad and needs to be brought back to their hometown for all final rites to be performed.
  • Embalming services are also undertaken by Beleiv where the process involves methods of preserving and dressing the body to keep any foul smell or infections away. This is also a prerequisite in certain inter-state or international transport of the deceased.

Important Documents Required for funeral services in Hyderabad:

Make sure to stay ready with these documents and arrangements for a hassle-free proceeding of all practices and customs for Funeral Services in Hyderabad. In case of any difficulties or queries, feel free to reach out to Beleiv support team who will assist you at every step.

  • Death Certificate issued by a licensed doctor and recognised by an authorised body
  • FORM 4A in case of Natural Death at Residence duly signed by an Authorised Doctor with a Registration number 
  • If the death occurred at a Hospital, then FORM 4 or Summary of the Death issued by a registered doctor.
  • In case of untimely death, A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued by the Police
  • Cremation/Burial Application Form that has all the details filled in
  • Valid Identity Proof of the dead that is a representation from the Government of India like an AADHAR card, PAN Card, Passport 
  • Few Photographs of the deceased if needed arise for administrative purposes


With these details, you can proceed with utmost clarity in mind and trust in the services offered by Beleiv. Be it in dead body transportation in Hyderabad, slot bookings, arranging for materials and customs or even organising funeral services in Hyderabad. All these services are curated with utmost attention to detail and sentiments to provide you with solutions to express your love, regards and the strength of your bond with the deceased through a well-arranged funeral service. Get in touch with Beleiv today, to explore more about our services and to book our services. 

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Funeral service in India
What services does Beleiv offer for a funeral service in Hyderabad?

Beleiv offers a comprehensive range of funeral services in Hyderabad, which includes arranging the funeral ceremony, providing dead body transportation services, floral arrangements, casket and urn selection, embalming, and cremation or burial services.

They make sure to assist the family with any further requirements including any legal documentation services.

Furthermore, personalised and affordable funeral services that cater to the specific needs of each family are provided.

How much does a funeral service in Hyderabad cost?

Beleiv is a funeral service organization that intends to accommodate and cater to all your needs and requirements and can assist you with all the paperwork required for a funeral service in Hyderabad, including obtaining the necessary permits and any sort of documentation for the cremation or burial procedures.

How long does it take to plan a funeral service in Hyderabad?

The duration of the funeral planning process varies depending on the specific needs of each family. However, if you contact a timely efficient service like Beleiv, you can trust them to provide a timely and efficient funeral planning process that minimizes any additional stress during this difficult time. The major goal is to make things as convenient for families as possible. The funeral services in Hyderabad are available 24/7 and you can contact the number given on the official website to Beleiv and their professionals will get in touch with you right away.

What if I have specific religious or cultural requirements for a funeral service in Hyderabad?

At Beleiv, the importance of adhering to specific religious and cultural traditions is understood when it comes to arranging a funeral service in Hyderabad. They offer a wide range of options to cater to diverse beliefs and customs.

Their team of experienced funeral directors will make sure to adhere to your requests, ensuring that every aspect of the funeral service is carried out according to your specific requirements.

Does Beleiv offer grief support services after a funeral service in Hyderabad?

Yes, Beleiv offers grief support services after a funeral service in Hyderabad. The organization understands that the grieving process can be difficult and overwhelming, and they are committed to helping their clients cope with their loss.

They offer a range of grief support services, including counselling and support groups. These services are designed to help families deal with the emotional challenges that come with losing a loved one and to help them find ways to move forward in a healthy and positive way.

What is the process for arranging a funeral service in Hyderabad?

To arrange a funeral service in Hyderabad with Beleiv, you can contact them by phone or email which is available on the Beleiv website.

Their professionals will connect with you, pay attention to your needs and will provide a detailed breakdown of the services offered and help you choose the best funeral package for your specific needs.

Further, they will work with you to plan and execute the funeral service in Hyderabad, ensuring that everything is taken care of so that you can peacefully mourn and honour your loved one.

Can I make pre-arrangements for a funeral service in Hyderabad with Beleiv?

Yes, Beleiv offers pre-arrangement services for funerals in Hyderabad. This service allows individuals to make arrangements and decisions in advance, which can alleviate the burden on family members during a difficult time.

Pre-arrangements can include selecting the type of service, casket or urn, flowers, music, and other important details. Beleiv will work closely to ensure that all arrangements are personalized to their specific wishes and preferences.

Is embalming necessary for funeral services in Hyderabad?

Embalming is not mandatory for funeral services in India. It is completely up to the family’s discretion. However, if the deceased’s body is going to be transported to another location, embalming may be required.

What is the cost of a funeral service in Hyderabad by Beleiv?

The cost of a funeral service by Beleiv can vary depending on the family’s requirements and preferences. The team provides customizable funeral packages that cater to different budgets and needs.

Can Beleiv assist with post-funeral arrangements, such as bereavement support or legal documentation?

Yes, Beleiv does assist with post-funeral arrangements, including bereavement support and legal documentation. The team provides comprehensive end-to-end services for funeral arrangements and can also assist with documentation for death certificates, insurance claims, and other legal matters.

Can Beleiv handle the transportation of the deceased’s body to another city or country?

Yes, Beleiv does offer repartition services. Their professional team will handle all the necessary arrangements for the transportation, including obtaining the required permits and documentation.

They understand that this can be a difficult and stressful time for the family, and strive to provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the process. The goal is to ensure that the transportation is done with the utmost care, dignity and professionalism.

They make sure to work closely with the family to ensure that all your needs, desires and requirements are met as per your faith, beliefs and requests.

How can I contact Beleiv for funeral services in Hyderabad?

You can contact Beleiv for funeral services in India by calling their customer care number, which is available 24/7. The contact information is provided on the official Beleiv website.

The team provides prompt and reliable support for all funeral service requirements. Beleiv is a trustworthy and professional funeral service provider in India.

The team is experienced in handling different types of funeral arrangements and can cater to different cultural and religious customs.

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