Dead Body Transportation in Surat

Dead body transportation

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Dead Body Transportation By Air & Road In Surat

We help you transport the body of your loved ones via road or air, help you find a cremation/burial ground and organise a proper funeral and memorial service. You will never feel helpless with us by your side as we will help you carry out the entire ceremony in a very organised way.
These would be done by trained helpers who know the importance of customs and rituals. We will handle all the whereabouts of the entire program with utmost care.

Documents Required From Your End

Following is the list of documents we would be required from you for transportation of the deceased:
  • Government identification of the deceased – AADHAR/VOTER CARD or INDIAN PASSPORT
  • Death Summary in any of the following forms:
    • FORM 4 in case of residential death
    • FORM 4A in case of hospital death
    • POSTMORTEM REPORT in case of suicide or accidental death
  • Latest COVID report that is less than 48 hours old
  • Police NOC from the Local Police Station
  • AADHAR CARD details of the co-passengers

Transportation Process

Following is the walk through of how we help you with the transportation of the deceased bodies of your loved ones:

Dead Body Transportation And Repatriation Services In Surat

Losing a loved one is never easy. Along with immeasurable grief, it brings a lot of devastation and responsibilities. Even before you can understand everything, you must get involved in the preparation of the needful tasks like cremation and funeral. In that situation, if your loved one is away from their homeland, it might be an even more daunting and devastating task for you to be able to figure out how you could carry out the entire situation. However, you do not need to worry. Beleiv provides dead body transportation to help you ease a small portion of the burden. If you are anywhere in the Surat, you are just one call away from getting our help with the transportation and repatriation of the deceased body of your loved one to any location all across India.

Dead Body Transportation By Road

Our various transportation services help you relocate your deceased one anywhere possible to travel by road. For different purposes, we suggest and provide different modes of transportation.

Ambulance Van

Beleiv provides you with ambulance services that are beneficial in relocating if you have critical patients in your care. May it be moving from your home to a hospital or moving from one hospital to another, our team of skilled and trained doctors and nurses would handle the situation with sympathy and sensitivity and be capable of providing critical aid.

Hearse Van

Beleiv provides hearse vans, along with the required assistance to transport their bodies to the funeral/cremation grounds, for the instances when you need to carry your deceased loved ones to the final destination for their bodies.

Mortuary Van

For travelling long distances via road, we recommend and provide mortuary vans. These are vehicles with a built-in freezer box that help to embalm the bodies of your loved ones for the long journey.

Additionally, to honour the lives of the deceased ones, we also provide decoration services for the vehicles. We respect customs and ensure you that we will save you from all the unnecessary hassle.

Dead Body Transportation By Air

Sometimes you might lose your loved ones while away from their homeland. And you might want to carry out their last rituals on the land that is theirs. Because of that, you might be thinking carrying the body of your loved ones could be a problem.

Even if you are in Surat and require a journey by air to reunite your lost loved ones with their land, you do not need to worry. Our transportation services will carry out the entire relocation process while ensuring the utmost respect and dignity of the deceased one.

Hospital Documentation and Clearance

Getting your loved one dispersed from the hospital and taking them to their rightful place also requires you to go through some official paperwork. But you don’t need to worry about the procedure.

Beleiv will help you get the clearance, death certificate, and other necessary documents that would help you carry away your dear ones to the desired location.

Embalming and Coffin Boxes

For transporting the body that is now going to be inter-fused with the mother earth, you need to make sure that it does not begin to decompose before reaching the true place. For maintaining the freshness and keeping it in place, we provide a freezer box and necessary assistance to keep the body in the best possible condition.
Later, Beleiv will also help you obtain the coffin boxes or caskets from the funeral undertakers to carry out the last procedures.

We’ll be there for you to make your final moments with your loved one meaningful and memorable. Present in all locations across Surat, we would never let you have to deal with the worries on your own.


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