Cremation Services in Beriwala Ground

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Cremation Services in Beriwala Ground

Beriwala Ground is one of the oldest and most respected cremation grounds in the city. For decades, Hindu families have been coming here to perform the last rites for their loved ones. Our cremation services aim to provide compassionate support to families during this difficult time.

Losing someone close leaves you reeling. Your mind floods with memories while trying to process the void they’ve left. In India, we honour those bonds through burial or cremation rituals. But planning those goodbye ceremonies takes bandwidth many grieving families just don’t have.

That’s where Beleiv’s compassionate services come in. We handle logistics so you can mourn:

  • Safely transporting the deceased to a crematorium or cemetery
  • Securing a confirmed time slot for last rites
  • Managing legal paperwork
  • Coordinating with staff to prepare facilities
  • Providing catering, flowers, and other services

The death of a loved one often means regrets outnumber peaceful moments. But we aim to bring some comfort by taking care of final arrangements with grace. Let us help you focus on what matters most – honouring a remarkable life now at rest.

Cremation Services We Provide

Our staff is experienced in conducting cremation services according to Hindu customs. Below are the services we offer:

Preparing the Pyre

We help families construct the traditional wood pyre for cremation. Our staff arranges the wood properly and decorates the pyre as needed.

Bathing and Dressing the Body

The deceased is given a final bath with purified water. We help dress the body in white cloth for men and coloured clothes for women.

Placing the Body on the Pyre

The deceased is placed atop the pyre according to family specifications. Prayers are said before igniting the pyre.

Collecting Ashes

After the cremation, our staff carefully collects the ashes and bones that remain. These are handed over to the family for immersion or storage.

Cleaning and Processing

We clean the cremation site thoroughly after each ceremony. Metals found in the ashes are removed and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Additional Features offered by Believ for Cremation Services in Beriwala Ground

  • 24×7-Facilities for both Electric Cremation and Traditional Pyre methods are available 
  • Dead Body Transportation facilities via Hearse Vans, Mortuary Vehicles and Ambulance Vans as per your needs and preferences
  • Transportation of the body within different parts of the city, point-to-point delivery, pickup and drop facilities from the Hospital or home to Banashankari Electrical Crematorium
  • Transportation facilities beyond city limits to neighbouring regions
  • International Repatriation services in case of death occurrence outside India
  • Arranging for all permits and legal procedures while adhering to necessary guidelines
  • Efficient Freezer Box facilities that help preserve the body or remain for prolonged periods
  • Complete assistance in case of wanting arrangements at holy places like Kashi, Gaya, Haridwar, and Rameshwaram in terms of flight booking for people accompanying, dead body transportation by flight, slot booking, priests and other funeral arrangements
  • Complete Arrangement of Antim Sanskar requirements, including Clothes, Pind Daan, Sacred Items, Well-informed team, and Urns, along with any personalised needs
  • Experienced Pandit Services/Dasappa/Purohit for Rituals and Further Guidance
  • Obituary services in newspaper and digital media across India in all languages
  • Artists and performers to hold a memorial service through art and culture during funeral processes
  • Assisting in getting Authorised Death Certificates recognised by the Government of India
  • Shraadh Services as per the customs and traditions followed in the family
  • Thirteen and Chautha Services, along with requirements
  • 13 days of ritual priest services at the residence with on-call availability for assistance 
  • Monthly Ritual Priest services to observe all traditional practices
  • Immersion in rituals after a cremation or Asthi Visarjan at Kasi, Rameswaram, Gaya, Varanasi, Srirangapatna, along with other facilities like flight, accommodation and sight-seeing for the friends and family accompanying.

Requirements for Cremation Services in Beriwala Ground

Beriwala Ground is a renowned cremation facility in the city that has been serving Hindu families for many decades. If you need to make cremation arrangements for a loved one, there are some requirements to fulfil in order to avail of our services:

To begin the cremation process, these documents are required:

  • ID cards by the Government of India for recognition of the deceased (Passport, AADHAR Card, Voter’s ID, PAN Card)
  • FORM 4A in case of Natural Death at Residence duly signed by an Authorised Doctor with a Registration number 
  • If the death occurred at a Hospital, then FORM 4 or Summary of the Death, issued by a registered doctor.
  • In case of Unnatural death, a Post Mortem report along with Police NOC is required
  • Slot Booking Confirmation by the Cremation Ground or Venue.

Services Offered by Believ

Our Services:

  • 24/7 facilities for electric and traditional cremations
  • Hearse vans, mortuary vehicles, and ambulance vans for body transportation
  • Local and outstation Dead Body transportation services 
  • Freezer box facilities for preserving remains  
  • Assistance with final rituals in holy places like Kashi, Gaya etc.
  • Authorized in-home doctor for death certificates
  • Arrangements for antim sanskar like clothes, pind daan etc. 
  • Experienced priests for rituals and guidance
  • Obituary services across India in all languages 
  • Memorial services with art and culture 
  • Help obtaining authorized death certificates 
  • Shraadh, chautha, and monthly ritual service
What are the services provided at Amardham Hindu Smashan Bhumi?
Amardham Hindu Smashan Bhumi provides complete assistance with all sorts of requirements for funeral services. We provide services like cremation, transportation, and document clearance to needs like priests, antim sanskar samagri, and freezer boxes.
How can I contact Amardham Hindu Smashan Bhumi?
To contact Amardham Hindu Smashan Bhumi, you can give a call on 99012 24122. You can make inquiries and bookings for all kinds of services required to carry out a cremation at Amardham Hindu Smashan Bhumi.

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