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A cremation is a journey that needs well thought out plans. Reach out to team Beleiv for it today!
The pain of losing someone dear certainly brings in a lot of emotional turmoil and one surely finds it callous to keep up with the arrangements of the cremation ceremony while simultaneously mourning the loss of the departed soul. This is what we are here for. Beleiv takes responsibility of every care that needs to be taken so that you can spend time with your family and friends. Allow us to hold your hand and take you through this.
Beleiv organizes dignified last rites and the final cremation ceremony with utmost sensitivity and dignity. We handle the situation, the events, the ceremonies and conduct all your rituals and customs with proper attention and care.

End-to-End Funeral and Cremation Services

In order to bid a perfect funeral to the departed soul, one must ensure to conduct the last rites with proper cremation arrangements. Beleiv offers end to end funeral and cremation services allowing you to mourn the loss with your family and friends. The unbearable pain can also take a toll on your decisions and thus leave you distressed. Our team is here to make it all very easy for you. From performing the last rites to arranging ambulance services and all other necessities, we get everything done.

We are aware of how troublesome it can get to search and reserve a burial ground at the eleventh hour. Beleiv takes complete accountability of the cremation necessities. Our team understands the delicate situation and plans everything as per your preferences to ensure the last journey of your dear one is executed with honour and respect. Beleiv will stand beside you throughout the funeral proceedings

Beleiv cremation services include end to end funeral arrangements and cremation services. Right from collecting items for the cremation ceremony to planning the menu and arranging the catering services for the guests, we get it all organized for you. At we Beleiv we serve all religions with the same compassion, love and respect. Our services also include transportation and ambulance arrangement for cremation, freezing and washing. Our team will also take care of embalming the body and safeguarding the mortal remains of the departed soul.
Our main aim is to lighten the load of responsibilities from your shoulders so you can spend time with your family and mourn at peace.


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People choose cremation instead of burial mainly due to it being simple, does not use a lot of resources and ashes are kept in an urn and can be transported home, kept, or scattered according to the deceased’s wishes.

Traditional, memorial and direct cremations are the three main types. The cost, planning, and timeline are where the main differences lie.

Cremation using flames is the process of cremating the remains of the deceased by using fire as a tool to reduce the body to ashes

Islam is arguably the religion in the world that opposes cremation the most.

Technically a funeral is conducted before cremating the body.

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