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Dead Body Transportation By Air & Road In Pune

In times of grief, ensuring respectful and efficient Dead body transportation in Pune is paramount. Beleiv provides services tailored for efficient transferring of peoples’ remains with respect. These services are well equipped with fine mortuary vans and professional staff who really know the feelings that the families are going through at such a time.
They provide all relevant paperwork and organization is considered to guarantee the bodies of the deceased to get to their final destination with ease. Count on professional and compassionate care for dead body transportation in Pune during these challenging times.
These would be done by trained helpers who know the importance of customs and rituals. We will handle all the whereabouts of the entire program with utmost care.

Documents Required From Your End

Following is the list of documents we would be required from you for transportation of the deceased:
  • Government identification of the deceased – AADHAR/VOTER CARD or INDIAN PASSPORT
  • Death Summary in any of the following forms:
    • FORM 4 in case of residential death
    • FORM 4A in case of hospital death
    • POSTMORTEM REPORT in case of suicide or accidental death
  • Latest COVID report that is less than 48 hours old
  • Police NOC from the Local Police Station
  • AADHAR CARD details of the co-passengers
  • Government identification of the deceased – AADHAR/VOTER CARD or INDIAN PASSPORT
  • Death Summary in any of the following forms:
    • FORM 4 in case of residential death
    • FORM 4A in case of hospital death
    • POSTMORTEM REPORT in case of suicide or accidental death
  • Latest COVID report that is less than 48 hours old
  • Police NOC from the Local Police Station
  • AADHAR CARD details of the co-passengers

Transportation Process Overview Of Dead Body Transport Service in Pune

Following is the walk through of how we help you with the transportation of the deceased bodies of your loved ones:

Types of Dead Body Transportation Services Provided By Beleiv

We help you transport the body of your loved ones via road or air, help you find a cremation/burial ground and organise a proper funeral and memorial service. If you are in Pune, you will never feel helpless with us by your side as we will help you carry out the entire ceremony in a very organised way.
These would be done by trained helpers who know the importance of customs and rituals. We will handle all the whereabouts of the entire procedure with utmost care.
Whether moving from a location in Pune to a different location or state or a different country, we will help you carry out the entire transportation in the most dignified and honourable way. Without causing any preventable damage, we will help you move your loved ones to any required location.
Beleiv provides comprehensive Dead body transportation in Pune, addressing different needs with utmost professionalism and compassion.
  • Their services include dedicated ambulance vans designed for the dignified transfer of the deceased. These vans are equipped with necessary amenities to ensure safe and respectful transit.
  • Additionally, Believ offers hearse van services which are often preferred for transporting the departed to funeral homes or crematoriums. Their fleet is meticulously maintained, providing assurance of reliability during tough times.
  • For those requiring longer distance transfers or requiring specific temperature control, Believ’s mortuary van services come into play. These vans are fitted with refrigeration facilities ensuring the body is preserved during transit.
  • With a focus on sensitivity, timely service, and adherence to legal protocols, Believ stands out in providing Dead body transportation in Pune, making sure that every step of this difficult journey is managed with care and respect.

Dead Body Transportation By Road

Dead body transportation in Pune by road covers various essential services to ensure dignified and safe transit.

Ambulance Van Services

Dead body ambulance van services are designed particularly for prompt and efficient local transfer. These vans convey basic needs that are required in order to transport the deceased while at the same time respecting their remains.

Hearse Van Services

This can be very important for the conveyance of the dead body from homes or hospitals to where burials are done like crematoriums or cemeteries. These hearses are intentionally and seriously manufactured, implying the acknowledgement of the organization’s responsibility by taking into consideration how families feel as they go through their grieving stages.

Mortuary Van Services

These are often required for longer distances or where preservation of the body is critical. These vans come outfitted with refrigeration units that ensure the body is preserved appropriately during transit, providing peace of mind for families that the deceased is well cared for.
Overall, road transportation services ensure that the journey is managed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Dead body transportation by Train

Transporting a deceased loved one by train is a sensitive yet practical solution for longer domestic journeys, including Dead body transportation in Pune. This method leverages the extensive railway network to ensure timely and economic transit across various distances. The process begins with securing appropriate documentation, such as the death certificate and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the railway authorities.
Once paperwork is in place, the deceased is respectfully prepared and placed in a well-sealed coffin. Specialized staff coordinate the careful handling and secure placement of the coffin in designated cargo compartments. Ground support services, including hearse or mortuary vans, facilitate smooth transfers to and from the train stations, ensuring every part of the journey is managed diligently.
Utilizing train services for dead body transportation in Pune means families can expect reliable and respectful handling, allowing them to focus on their emotional needs during this challenging time.

Dead Body Transportation By Air

Dead body transportation in Pune can extend beyond borders, with air transport being a critical component for long-distance transfers. This method involves a series of meticulously coordinated steps to ensure the deceased is transported respectfully and safely.
Firstly, specialized mortuary services prepare the body, including embalming if required, to meet international or domestic regulations for air travel. The deceased is then securely placed in a hermetically sealed coffin to ensure safety and compliance with airline protocols.
The documentation process is handled with precision, including obtaining death and embalming certificates, permits for transportation, and coordination with receiving authorities at the destination. Ground support includes hearse or ambulance services to and from the airport, ensuring seamless transitions at each stage.
By leveraging professional dead body transportation in Pune, families can rely on experienced handlers who manage all logistical concerns, providing peace of mind during a deeply emotional period.

Hospital Documentation and Clearance

Getting your loved one dispersed from the hospital and taking them to their rightful place also requires you to go through some official paperwork. But you don’t need to worry about the procedure.
Beleiv will help you get the clearance, death certificate, and other necessary documents that would help you carry away your dear ones to the desired location.

Embalming and Coffin Boxes

For transporting the body that is now going to be inter-fused with the mother earth, you need to make sure that it does not begin to decompose before reaching the true place. For maintaining the freshness and keeping it in place, we provide a freezer box and necessary assistance to keep the body in the best possible condition.
Later, Beleiv will also help you obtain the coffin boxes or caskets from the funeral undertakers to carry out the last procedures.
We’ll be there for you to make your final moments with your loved one meaningful and memorable. Present in all locations across Pune, we would never let you have to deal with the worries on your own.


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What is the fare of a dead body?
The cost of transporting someone who has passed varies significantly depending on distance and type of transportation required. The best way to understand pricing details is by consulting our team who can provide a custom estimate based on individual circumstances.
How to take a dead body by road?
For road transport, the deceased is respectfully placed on a stretcher inside a vehicle like an ambulance or hearse that is licensed to travel public roads for such purposes. Proper documentation is also needed to permit dignified passage to the final destination.
Can we send dead body by train?
Transport by train is possible provided the right approvals are obtained from authorities in advance. The body would be encased in a sealed zinc container and travel in an unmarked baggage car accompanied by relatives as per regulations.
How to shift dead body by flight?
Air transport follows strict aviation rules. The coffin carrying the deceased must meet certification standards and be approved for cargo along with important paperwork before being loaded for flight.
How are dead bodies transported?
Vehicles like ambulances and mortuary vans are custom designed to maintain dignity, hygiene and integrity of the remains while trained personnel handle respectfully until final rites. Standard procedures are always strictly adhered to.
Can children or infants be transported?
Sadly, even young lives require this service at times. We treat such sensitive cases with utmost care, empathy and dignity using appropriately sized certified containers that don’t obscure childhood features, allowing families to grieve peacefully.
What precautions are taken during monsoons or other rough conditions?
Vehicles are suited to all weather handled professionally and sensitively to avoid unnecessary delays in reaching families during difficult periods. Temporary protective measures may be used if heavy rains could hinder dignified transfer without compromising respect.
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