Dead Body Transportation in Chandigarh

Dead body transportation

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Dead body transportation in Chandigarh

Dead body transportation in Chandigarh is a sensitive service handled with utmost respect and care. Licensed professionals ensure dignified transfer of the deceased within the city limits as per the family’s wishes, whether to a cremation or burial site.

Documents Required For Dead Body Transportation in Chandigarh

Following is the list of documents we would be required from you for transportation of the deceased:
  • Government identification of the deceased – AADHAR/VOTER CARD or INDIAN PASSPORT
  • Death Summary in any of the following forms:
    • FORM 4 in case of residential death
    • FORM 4A in case of hospital death
    • POSTMORTEM REPORT in case of suicide or accidental death
  • Latest COVID report that is less than 48 hours old
  • Police NOC from the Local Police Station
  • AADHAR CARD details of the co-passengers

Transportation Overview of Dead Body Transportation Services in Chandigarh

This overview outlines the journey we accompany you on to transport deceased family members:
Throughout, Beleiv handles each step with utmost care, professionalism and compassion, easing hardship as loved ones are escorted to their final resting place. Our priority remains service with sensitivity during hardship.

Types Of Dead Body Transportation Services We Provide

Beleiv provides a range of services for dead body transportation in Chandigarh tailored to customers’ needs.
  • We operate a fleet of professionally maintained ambulance vans with spacious compartment for bodies and seating for relatives.
  • Bodies can be transported either uncovered in simple wooden coffins or covered on a stretcher locally within the city.
  • For outstation travel, specially designed mortuary vans preserve the integrity of the body during long distance road journeys.

Dead Body Transportation By Road

Dead body transportation by road in Chandigarh is commonly done using ambulance vans, hearses or mortuary vans.

Ambulance Vans

Specialized vehicles are available for efficiently transporting someone who has passed away within the local area. These ambulances are designed with the necessary facilities to respectfully carry the remains while meeting basic needs.

Hearse Vans

Hearses aid in the important task of moving the body from its place of departure, such as a home or hospital, to where final rites will be performed like at a crematorium or cemetery. The organization intentionally manufactures these vehicles with great care, showing their commitment through attention to how families experience grief.

Mortuary Vans

Mortuary transport may be needed for longer distances or if preserving the physical condition of the deceased is crucial. Refrigerated vans provide the means to properly maintain the body throughout the journey, offering loved ones comfort knowing their family member continues to be tended to with dignity and care.
Professional drivers and attendants are trained to handle all procedures respectfully.

Dead Body Transportation By Train

Dead body transportation can also be arranged by train from Chandigarh depending on the destination’s accessibility. Authorities are notified and a railway ticket is booked for the sealed zinc coffin accompanied by relatives. Station staff assist with cargo paperwork and the body travels in unmarked luggage van keeping dignity and religious processes in mind, ensuring a somber conclusion to rites can still be paid respectfully via national carrier.

Dead Body Transportation By Air

For dead body transportation in Chandigarh via air, certified professionals coordinate all documentation and approve the body’s containment and labeling according to IATA regulations. The deceased is decontaminated and placed in a secured zinc or wood coffin lined with absorbent material. All details from port of exit to import are closely monitored to ensure the departed reaches their final resting place abroad smoothly.

Hospital Documentation and Clearance

Getting your loved one dispersed from the hospital and taking them to their rightful place also requires you to go through some official paperwork. But you don’t need to worry about the procedure.
Beleiv will help you get the clearance, death certificate, and other necessary documents that would help you carry away your dear ones to the desired location.

Embalming and Coffin Boxes

For transporting the body that is now going to be inter-fused with the mother earth, you need to make sure that it does not begin to decompose before reaching the true place. For maintaining the freshness and keeping it in place, we provide a freezer box and necessary assistance to keep the body in the best possible condition.
Later, Beleiv will also help you obtain the coffin boxes or caskets from the funeral undertakers to carry out the last procedures.

We’ll be there for you to make your final moments with your loved one meaningful and memorable. Present in all locations across Chandigarh, we would never let you have to deal with the worries on your own.


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How to take a dead body by road?
To transport a dead body by road, it is laid respectfully on a stretcher inside an ambulance or hearse van. The vehicle needs to carry required legal documentation to permit travel to the destination via roads while maintaining the dignity of the departed.
Can we send dead body by train?
Yes, it is possible to send a dead body by train provided the necessary authorized forms and permits are acquired from the authorities. The body is carried inside a sealed zinc coffin, which travels with relatives in an unmarked luggage compartment.
How to shift dead body by flight?
Transporting a dead body via flight follows stringent aviation laws. The body is securely placed inside a certified coffin as per IATA regulations along with importation documents before it can be approved for cargo.
How are dead bodies transported?
Dead bodies are commonly transported in specially designed vehicles like ambulances or mortuary vans. They are equipped to preserve dignity, hygiene and integrity of the remains while trained staff handle with care and respect till the final rites at burial or cremation grounds according to procedures.
Can children or infants be transported?
Sadly yes, transporting young lives lost is part of this service. We handle such delicate cases with extreme care and empathy, using smaller certified caskets that don’t obscure childhood features to allow grieving families peaceful remembrance.
What precautions are taken during monsoons or other rough conditions?
Vehicles are fit for all weather conditions to avoid delays in reaching families during vulnerable periods. Bodies may be securely wrapped in plastic sheeting if heavy rains could impede dignified transfer without protection. We carefully consider situations to ensure respect is not compromised.
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