Chautha and Tehravin Services

The devotion of one should be respected by others. Organise Chautha and Teharavin with us.

Chautha and Tehravin Services Provider

As per Hindu traditions, the mourning rituals and customs go on for 13 days. Many other mourning rituals and ceremonies like Chautha and Tehravin have immense religious value which needs to be performed right after the cremation. Beleiv provides you complete Chautha and Tehravin services.

Chautha Services

It is believed that the soul of the departed keeps itself conscious of every emotion on behalf of the people around. Beleiv helps you perform Chautha and Tehravin Services that liberates the deceased for reincarnation and move into a new body.
The Chautha ceremony which is mostly about soft bhajans, prayers, and discussion on spiritual subjects, happens on the fourth day after the death of the lost one and this is when the family and the relatives come together for Shanti paath and Geeta pravachan.

Beleiv offers the following Chautha Services

Tehravin Services

According to the Hindu Shastras, the thirteenth day also called Terahvin symbolises the last day of the mourning phase. As per the beliefs, the spirit liberates itself from all the attachments and bonds with the family and embarks on the journey to be one with God. So as to celebrate this beautiful day few crucial rituals and tehravin customs are performed including puja or havan by a pandit, a brahman Bhoj ceremony, and a meal for family and friends.
At Beleiv, we make sure to provide all the arrangements in a hassle free and comfortable way so that you can spend time with your loved ones.

Beleiv Tehravin Services

Chautha and Tehravin Services at Beleiv also provide you with elegant Funeral Decors. Our goal is to ensure that the last journey of your loved one is a remarkable one.


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