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Funeral Service in Gaya

Pre-planning Funeral Services in Gaya

Beleiv provides you with the option to pre-plan your funeral. You can see how things would go after you go and save a lot of hassle and discomfort for your loved ones. From the decor to all the nuances of the cremation and how it shall be carried out, being in Gaya, you can plan it all out very conveniently. We give you the opportunity to map it all out to save a lot of exhaustion later. Often after sudden deaths people do not have time to get back on their feet, in that case you can give them the luxury of time and let them go through the phase with proper preparations. Choose your funeral pre-planning with Beleiv.

International Funeral Services in Gaya

You don’t need to worry about carrying out traditional customs in a foreign nation. Beleiv gives you the option to host funeral services across the foreign waters with the tradition you have been following. It could be a difficult situation for you to lose your loved one as it is, in that case if you are met with a situation where you got to carry out the customs in your tradition with no familiar faces, it might be overwhelming. In that situation, we are there to be the familiar face you look for and a shoulder to rely upon.

Freezer Box Services in Gaya

In certain situations, you may not be able to get ahead with the cremation services immediately. You might need to wait for someone or the timings may not allow an immediate cremation of your deceased loved ones. There might also be a situation where you need to carry the deceased body from one place in Gaya to another or maybe even outside Gaya. In all the situations, embalming the body in a freezer box is important. Beleiv provides the freezer box services which are 100% customizable as per your needs.

Dead Body Transport Services in Gaya

If you are in Gaya and need to carry the deceased body of your loved ones from one location to another, it does not matter if it is inside or outside Gaya, you can contact Beleiv and we will help you out with the entire procedure. From documentation and picking up to safely transporting it to your desired location, we are here to take care of the entire thing with utmost respect and care.

Asthi Visarjan in Gaya

Carrying out the required services and rites peacefully might be a little hard. There might be situation where you are not able to find a trustworthy partner that would help you carry out the asthi visarjan procedure. You do not need to worry however, Beleiv provides special asthi visarjan services covering all the requirements and being the helping hand you need in those hard times. We will help you get a priest who would carry out the entire rite in a religious way. Beleiv also covers the needs of finding an appropriate location and guiding you throughout the process so that you never feel alone.

Shradh Services in Gaya

Beleiv provides all the cremation related services needed for you to carry out a rite that would help your deceased loved one rest in peace. This also includes the yearly memorial services or the shradh hosted to offer the peace and prayers to the loved ones who are no longer there with you. From the priest to all the other requirements for carrying out the shradh would be covered by Beleiv unless demanded otherwise by you. We are there to help you get the maximum satisfaction in carrying out the services so that you can feel the blessings of your lost loved ones and rest assured that they are in a good place.

Make a difficult time a little easier. When somebody you love dies, it’s hard to know where to turn. That’s where we come in. Our funeral service in Gaya will take the burden off your shoulders, and ensure that your loved one gets the send-off they deserve. Let us take care of everything, from the funeral arrangements to catering. We’ll make sure that your loved one is honored in the best way possible.

Documents Required From Your End

Following is the list of documents we would be required from you for transportation of the deceased:
  • Government identification of the deceased – AADHAR/VOTER CARD or INDIAN PASSPORT
  • Death Summary in any of the following forms:
    • FORM 4 in case of residential death
    • FORM 4A in case of hospital death
    • POSTMORTEM REPORT in case of suicide or accidental death
  • Latest COVID report that is less than 48 hours old
  • Police NOC from the Local Police Station
  • AADHAR CARD details of the co-passengers

Transportation Process

Our Collection of Funeral Planning Services

pind daan

Pind Daan

This sacred ritual is performed by the family of the departed soul. As per Hindu customs, offering to Pind daan after the death of a family member is a ritual that holds great importance. It is offered to provide relief to the dead from their earthy desire and to attain salvation.

Types of Pind Daan:


Goudaan services

According to Hindu mythology, a cow is home to millions of deities, and cow donation is the most fruitful ritual . Goudaan is the most powerful and pure tribute that anyone can give in their lifetime . By performing Gau Daan, a person can rid themselves of their sins. Call beleiv for all the services that are required to conduct Goudaan Puja rituals in Gaya.Because Godhan is part of Dashadana, you are offering a cow and calf to a poor brahmin as part of Godhan.The dana ritual will also help the departed soul reach pitru loka Peacefully.

Usefulness of Goudaan pooja service

asthi visarjan

Asthi Visarjan

Asthi Visarjan is a religious obligation that must be met as soon as possible and in accordance with certain rules. The complete process of immersion that every Hindu must go through after death is known as Asthi Visarjan. Hindus think the ashes should be deposited into the Ganga, one of the most sacred rivers in the world. We at Believ will help you out in conducting the Asthi Visarjan process, in which Hindus think the ashes should be deposited into the Ganga, one of the most sacred rivers in the world.



Samvatsarikam is a ceremony that must be carried out as part of the first year's shardh or tithi puja. For Brahmins, this will be done as a four-day event. The elder son performs the Samvatsarikam as a primary Karta and gives danam to the brahmins in order to obtain the blessings of Pitru devatas. We at Believ will help you carry out this ritual at ease.

abdikam asikam

Abdikam Hasikam

Abdikam is a sort of Shradh that is conducted around the time of the deceased's first-year memorial service. It is a three-day celebration that includes the rituals of Unabdikam, Samvatsaravimoka, and Abdikam, all of which are carried out under the direction of a Pandit. After finishing Samvatsarikam, Abdikam will be conducted the next day, and we at Believ will assist you in doing this ritual.


Prayaschit Services

The concept of prayaschit refers to a person taking action to correct previous wrongdoing on their part, either directly or indirectly by undoing the consequences of that act.This guilt can have an effect on a man's physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Most religions use rituals of expiation and satisfaction to reestablish or strengthen their relationship with the holy or divine. Atonement is frequently associated with sacrifice, and both frequently associate ritual cleanliness with moral purity and religious acceptability.Call beleiv for prayaschith in Gaya.

brahmin bhojanam

Brahmin Bhojana

A Brahmin Bhojhana is an ancient practice of offering food to Brahmins, who represent God, in order to obtain the blessings of our Pitrus. Brahmin Bhojana can be arranged for Shradha and pitru paksha. Call believe for brahmin bhojana service.

Benefits of Brahmin Bhojana

anna shradha

Anna Shradha

Anna Shradha is performed in Gaya by the family members of the deceased, who consider this ritual very important. According to Hindu belief, when one does shradha, their ancestors will either enter the Brahmin who has been invited for the pooja or receive the offerings in the appearance of birds. We at Believ will make all the necessary arrangements where you can perform this ritual of offering food, money and jewellery to the Brahmins.


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