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At Beleiv, make the marking of your loved one’s lives momeorable with striking funeral décor.
Be it our birthdays, accomplishments or wedding ceremonies, we tend to celebrate our earthly achievements with great joy and pleasure. But when it comes to the demise of our loved ones, we spend all the time mourning over the loss and forget to celebrate the life of the one we lose. Beleiv brings to you a beautiful and graceful way of celebrating the life of the deceased through our funeral decor services. Our funeral decor services speaks to the heart of those we have lost.

Beleiv has designed customized, beautiful, and elegant decorations that value and celebrates lives.

1. Funeral Car Decoration

We make sure that the last journey of your dear one represents their earthly journey with a memorable and elegant transportation service. Our team makes the last ride of your loved one special with beautiful ambulance decorations and offers customized services too. We take care of every small detail.

Beleiv's unique funeral decorations theme include:

2. Freezer Box Decor/ Decor for your loved one

Our team at Beleiv ensures that the last visit to your dear one becomes a memorable one as you bid the final goodbye to not just the person but the relation that you shared with your loved one. We understand your pain and help you with holy decor items for elegant funeral decor.

Our funeral decor services include-

3. Cremation Ground Decorations

Your choice can include a traditional cremation or a modern one, Beleiv ensures that your last tribute is the most special one. Therefore we offer customized services at the place of the final farewell with floral decorations that symbolize the life of the lost one.

4. Prayer Hall Decor

In India, the loss of a loved one is mourned for a specific period after the demise and a lot needs to be taken care of as the guests start visiting the grieving family.
To ensure a peaceful funeral experience, Beleiv provides you with prayer hall decor services for every religion and culture. We also help you with framing the photograph of the lost one, floral decor for the house, candles, lighting, sitting arrangements, as well as catering services for snacks.

Our Theme-Based Funeral Decor Services –

5. Celebration of Life Events

We believe in remembering the happy memories and moments with the lost ones with our Celebration of life event. It helps you honour the earthly life, personality, and accomplishments of the lost one. We help you pay a remarkable tribute to your loved ones with;

6. Catering Services

You can wish for prashad, langar, or community luncheons, food at funerals carries immense value and meaning in every religion. Our personalized prayer meet decorations along with a customized menu ensure high-quality service to your guests.


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