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Peenya Electric Crematorium is a highly advanced cremation facility located in the Peenya Industrial area, a very affluent area in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, the southern part of India. Even though being in an area full of bustling activity and urbanisation, this crematorium is located in a calm and tranquil location. The Peenya Electric Crematorium is well-equipped and conveniently located making it very seamless for friends and family to join together in paying the last tributes to their loved and cherished one. One of the most appealing points is that this crematorium is way ahead of its time with modern facilities and resourceful technology that is designed to enhance this pure and intimate experience of farewell.
Peenya Electric Crematorium stands self-explanatory with the name as it is one of the few places in Karnataka where an advanced version of the electric crematorium is handled and conducted. Electric cremation is a novel methodology where the method of burning wooden pyres is replaced with electric treatment to completely cremate the body. This is a highly efficient technique as the voltage of the cremation apparatus is set to ensure complete ash formation without burning remnants like in traditional cremation processes. This facility is not just safe but also reduces unnecessary consumption of materials like wood. Overall, electric crematoriums are proven to be energy-efficient and cost-effective as well.
Explore further on Peenya Electric Crematorium, as you receive overall information on location, commute options, services you can avail of, facilities and operating hours. Beleiv, a leading funeral service provider can help you not just obtain all these details in no time but also assist you in all the planning and proceedings of every ritual associated with departing from the dead in dignity. Beleiv is equipped with reliable and latest information on all the necessities and requirements to book a confirmed slot at Peenya Electric Crematorium.

Salient features at Peenya Electric Crematorium:

Peenya Crematorium Inclusions

We believe that in these times our help is beyond professional boundaries. We wish to inculcate compassion and care while delivering all services with the utmost professionalism. Beleiv is responsive to your needs and delivers the following services at Peenya Electric Crematorium:
Here is a list of requirements needed to avail of the cremation services at Panathur Crematorium:
  • ID cards by the Government of India for recognition of the deceased (Passport, AADHAR Card, Voter’s ID, PAN Card)
  • FORM 4A in case of Natural Death at Residence duly signed by an Authorised Doctor with a Registration number
  • If the death occurred at a Hospital, then FORM 4 or Summary of the Death issued by a registered doctor.
  • A  NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE issued by the Police in case of Unnatural Death along with Post Mortem Report Summary
  • Confirmation at Panathur Crematorium Slot Booking
  • Photographs for forms or any other procedures
Peenya Crematorium offers services along with Beleiv that are needed to organise and host cremation services from start to end. Here are all the types of assistance we provide:

Things to consider while selecting a Crematorium

In certain cultures where cremations are performed to bid farewell to the deceased, a crematorium plays a very important role in the final rituals and rites. Hence, choosing a crematorium ground that is convenient in all ways is crucial for a seamless experience. With so many options in terms of crematoriums, this process of finding an apt and suitable crematorium ground becomes difficult.
Here are some suggestions and cues to keep in mind by Beleiv to help you in the process of choosing a crematorium:
We hope to provide you with clarity with these preparatory sources of information to choose a crematorium that best suits your needs and requirements. The staff from Beleiv works collaboratively with the staff at Peenya Electric Crematorium to guarantee you a cremation and funeral offering that bestows love, respect and togetherness. Our sincere efforts are in providing relief through structured and managed services so that you can completely indulge in expressing your goodbyes and emotions while we make the arrangements and execution seamless and perfect according to your preferences.
At Peenya Electric Crematorium, Beleiv wants to be by your side along every process. We understand the emotional significance of this moment, and we strive to provide a compassionate and dignified environment where families can bid farewell to their loved ones with respect and honor. Trust us to provide a compassionate and respectful environment for bidding adieu to your loved ones. Get in touch with us to know in detail about the different services we offer. Our customer support executive is here to clarify all your doubts and provide more information.

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How do we reach Peenya Electric Crematorium?

Peenya Electric Crematorium is situated at a very accessible point from the main junction of Bangalore. One can reach the Crematorium through easy navigation listed on Google Maps for “Peenya Electric Crematorium”. For people living nearby in the Peenya Area, they can simply search for “Electric Crematorium near me” or “Cremation Grounds Near Me”. 


  • By Private Vehicles: Firstly, there is good road connectivity so people deciding to reach this crematorium by private vehicles can easily do so. The area is under good habitation by residents and other commercial stores. One can stop by and seek directions from anyone. Directions available on the Internet are also very accurate.
  • By Metro: It is also well connected to the Metro. One can arrive at the “Peenya Industrial Area” stop on the Namma Metro Green Line and then take an auto or a cab to reach the Peenya Electric Crematorium
  • By Bus: BMTC buses that run in the city also have the nearest stop at the Peenya Bus stand. From there it is easily accessible by autos or cabs to reach the Crematorium.
  • By Train: Taking a stop at Yeshwanthpura Junction or Bangalore Junction and then hiring an auto or a cab to Peenya Electric Crematorium is a convenient choice for people coming from places towards the suburbs or outside Bangalore.


Since the crematorium is a well-preferred place by the residents to arrange for Cremation Services in Bangalore, accessibility will not be an issue. Auto and cab drivers are well aware of the location as well and they can conveniently drop you to the crematorium to witness the final rites of your family member or a friend.

What are facilities available for the people gathering at the Peenya Electric Crematorium?

It is natural to expect a good number of people who were close to the deceased person who would join for the mourning at the Cremation in Peenya Electric Crematorium. The premises allow families and friends to join and witness the process. In this regard, there is a good and comfortable waiting area, as well as the cremation areas, are well-spaced to accommodate people joining in.

Also, the staff at Peenya Electric Crematorium are kind and courteous to the people visiting the place. The housekeeping staff is always on duty to keep the place clean and hygienic. There are well-maintained washrooms and toilets as well.

Additionally, there are spacious and convenient parking spaces to accommodate the vehicles of the gathered people at the venue. There is a separate place to park the ambulances, hearse vans or mortuary vans that would have assisted in the Dead Body Transportation in Bangalore from the place of demise.

Do we have to make a booking for a slot at Peenya Electric Crematorium?

Yes, one needs to make an advance slot booking at Peenya Electric Crematorium. The venue is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all days to book a slot and arrange for a cremation. One can contact them on their number or visit the place to make the booking.

Given the popularity and high preference of the place, it can get quite difficult to get a confirmed slot here. Moreover, if the required documentations and legal procedures are not in place, it can lead to further mismanagement of the event. Hence, it is advised to always consult a company that deals with Funeral services like Beleiv that takes care of all procedures while you only focus on the final rites and rituals.

What documents are required at Peenya Electric Crematorium?

There is a systematic booking process for cremation services in India, for a slot that considers verifying your identity, and purpose along with the deceased person’s details. This is a well-monitored screening process ensured by Peenya Electric Crematorium to maintain the functioning and decorum of the venue. 


  • Death Certificate: The most important document to be carried in any crematorium. It is usually issued by the hospital or official authorities. On declaring an individual dies, the hospital or doctor on duty examines and on confirmed death, issues a clearance form and then a death certificate. It is one of the important documents for claiming other facilities including Insurance and property rights after the demise of the person.
  • ID proof: A valid government ID proof of the deceased as well as the accompanying person who wishes to book a slot at the Peenya Electric Crematorium. The ID proof can be an Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving Licence or PAN card issued by the Government of India.
  • Cremation Form: To book a slot, there needs to be filling in a Cremation Form issued at most cremation grounds including Peenya Electric Crematorium. The form ensures validation of the people applying for the cremation. 
  • Authorisation Letter: In case of the immediate family or the family heir not being able to join the cremation or during the booking of the slot at the ground, then an authorised mail by the immediate family member vouching for the identity and acknowledgement of the representative person to allow him to carry forward the slot booking followed by other arrangements. 
  • Payment Receipt: It is always advised to collect receipts as a way of acknowledgement and maintaining records about payments to any firm or service. The same goes while booking a slot in Peenya Electric Crematorium. These receipts need to be submitted during the arrival and day of the cremation proceedings. 


These are all the requisites to proceed with the Cremation process at Peenya Electric Crematorium. It is best to keep all documents ready, along with a photocopy to ensure a smooth proceeding. However, to ensure no mismanagement or any documents are missed out, take a safer step towards an arrangement by contacting a company well-versed in providing Funeral Services in India. Beleiv is one such company that has good experience in providing seamless experiences backed by all information and legal procedures to carry forward the Cremation Services. They also arrange other services like Dead Body Transportation, Pandit Services, Embalming, Obituary, Decoration, Catering and more. 

How are electric cremations at Peenya Electric Crematorium better than traditional methods?

Cremation Process is a way of bidding goodbye and hoping for solace to the dead in certain faith and belief system in India. Hinduism is one such religion that follows cremation as a way to bid farewell to a loved one. From earlier times, traditional methods saw the burning of wooden pyres, and cremating the deceased body into ashes as family and friends gathered around to mourn for the loss. Owing to the excessive environmental effects, and rise in technology, there has been the development of Electric Cremations and Peenya Electric Crematorium is one such place.


Here are some ways in which electric crematorium is advantageous over traditional pyres to offer cremation services in India:


  1. Environmental Friendly: The traditional pyres use wood as a fuel to burn the body into ashes in the process of cremation. In this process, a lot of harmful gases are emitted like carbon monoxide, methane, and ammonia that can be lethal to life around along with causing a threat to the environment. Contrastingly, electric cremations at Peenya electric crematorium are cleaner and greener alternatives as they only consume a single jolt of electricity for the cremation to take place.
  2. Time Consumption: It is seen that electric cremations take about 3-4 hours for the whole process to complete whereas traditional pyres take about 5-6 hours or sometimes, even more, to burn completely. They are also affected by other weather and climate interferences like excess rain or wind.
  3. Convenience: The preparations for a traditional wooden pyre take more effort as the right kind of wood and other raw materials have to be selected and arranged step by step to prepare the pyre. Whereas, electric crematoriums work as an apparatus without much preparation in each cremation process.
  4. Expenditure: Due to the amount of preparation and resources in every cremation process for traditional pyres they are naturally more expensive than electric crematoriums in Peenya Electric Crematorium.
  5. Safety: Electric Crematorium is where complete combustion takes place in a closed unit. There are minimal chances of mishaps in this method, However, the traditional pyres, have a very high chance of breaking out into a fire, initiating a fire hazard situation. It is quite a threat to people gathered around as well. Additionally, there are times when the traditional pyres do not burn completely leaving half-burnt remnants which can be dangerous for the surrounding areas.  


However, choosing the kind of cremation services in India is entirely the preference of an individual. The deceased person may have stated his choice of a particular method to be cremated before his demise or even the family can have a major role in the selection as well. This again happens due to certain belief systems, cultural significance, or religious obligations. With Beleiv, one can rest assured about the arrangements for the farewell of their loved ones. On specifying their requirements, the team stays responsive to cater for all options and facilities aligning with their needs. Peenya Electric Crematorium can also help you arrange for a pyre crematorium on request. This can be better confirmed by the administration team at the venue.

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