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The loss of someone beloved is an irreversible loss. The pain and suffering that follows is inescapable. Losing a member of your family, a friend or even a close acquaintance ends up shattering your spirits and leaving you devastated. Such a loss brings in unmeasurable ache and hurt.
We can only imagine the sorrow and grief that makes your heart heavy while performing the last rites of your loved ones. Beleiv surely cannot end your suffering but can lend you a hand of help and friendship in such crucial times of need. While mourning the demise of your loved ones, you surely are not in a state to plan, organize and arrange the funeral rites that make up the final journey of your dear one. Bidding the ultimate farewell comes up with a ton of tasks and responsibilities. Reaching out to relatives with the shocking news, getting the hearse organized, making arrangements for prayers, seeking a priest, and many other funeral rituals that create hassle and chaos!
Beleiv helps you get everything done from scratch. We will stick with you till the end to make sure that the last journey of your loved one is the best journey. At Beleiv, we celebrate the beautiful life that one has lived and help you write the last chapter of their existence with peace and contentment.

Beleiv Funeral Services comprise of experienced team members and professionals who are keen on arranging and organizing funeral rites with immense respect, courtesy, empathy, and love. We believe that arranging a proper funeral should be a tribute as a mark of respect and not a mere formality or task that you should worry about. Thus, we take care of every aspect of the funeral and bring you end-to-end funeral services.

Beleiv serves every facet of funeral arrangements for all religions.

Beleiv Funeral Services are inclusive of the following

We also serve pre-planning services where we primarily understand all your funeral preferences. We make sure to satisfy every last wish or desire such as a particular flower decoration or a specific coffin for the funeral rites. We honour and respect your choices.
Few of the pre-planning services by Beleiv include –
At last, Beleiv will also protect your memories such as letters, papers, and other important belongings and pass them on to your dear ones. We are aware of the tremendous power that funeral traditions and rituals hold in order to liberate a person with peace and contentment after mortality. All we are here to do is make the last rites of your loved one easier and hassle-free with our customized services.


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Traditional funeral services, graveside or committal funeral service, direct burial, direct cremation.

It depends upon the service required. The average cost starts from ₹ 3,000.

Beleiv  is the best funeral service provider in India.

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