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The repatriation of a loved one who has passed away in the UK back to India can be a lengthy process to be followed. However, with the right guidance and support, it is possible to ensure a respectful repatriation.

Requirements for Documentation

To repatriate someone from the UK to India, certain key documents are required:
  • Death certificate – This must be issued by the relevant authority in India. Multiple copies are usually needed. The Ministry of External Affairs in India has made this a mandate.
  • No objection certificate – This is issued by the Indian consulate to allow the repatriation.
  • Passport – The original passport of the deceased is required, and visa pages.
  • Embalming Certificate– This is needed when transporting by air.
  • Letter of authority– A medical report, a police report (translated into English) & a statement of approval for the repatriation service to do certain actions must be signed by the deceased person’s next of kin.
These paperwork may change based on the circumstances surrounding the repatriation; therefore, it’s best to check with us for a more precise list.

Logistics of repatriation

Once the documentation is in order, the logistics of repatriating the body to India need to be arranged:
  • Funeral services – This includes preparation of the body and provision of a casket suitable for international transportation.
  • Transportation – Booking of appropriate air transportation from the nearest international airport in India.
  • Customs clearance – Ensuring all customs and border regulations are met for import into India.
  • Collection in UK – Collection of the deceased from the airport and transfer to a funeral home.

How long does the repatriation procedure take to complete?

Considering the location and particular situations surrounding the deceased, the length of the repatriation process can vary. The time frame is typically 5 to 7 working days, although it may differ according to the logistics and release dates of the local organizations. For a more precise schedule based on your unique circumstances, speak with our team first.

Repatriation process from India

  • Obtaining the medical certificate of cause of death in the UK
  • Liaising with the UK consulate for paperwork and permissions 
  • Preparing and embalming the body as per international regulations
  • Booking the repatriation flight from the UK to India
The funeral and burial/cremation options are available for the deceased only in India. It  includes:
  • Collecting the deceased from the airport and transferring to a funeral home
  • Making arrangements for burial or cremation as per the family’s wishes
  • Options for funeral service – religious or non-religious
  • Repatriation of ashes back to India if required

Our repatriation services

To support families through this difficult process, our company provides full repatriation services from India to the UK:
  • Assistance with documentation and liaison with relevant authorities
  • Coordination of funeral arrangements as per family’s wishes
  • Booking of international air transportation
  • Clearance through customs and borders
  • Collection and transfer on arrival in the UK & India
Please contact us for personalized assistance with repatriating your loved one from the UK to India. Our team handles repatriations from India regularly and will provide dedicated case management support.


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What does Repatriation mean?

Repatriation is the process of transporting a deceased individual from one country to another, where the family members of the deceased person are residing. Some people from India, who die abroad would have expressed a desire to be buried or cremated in India. This will be taken care of and adequate services are provided by Beleiv.

Can anyone arrange Air transportation for the dead body personally?

No. Airlines authorities will not approve. Only certified Funeral Service providers like Beleiv or a specialized transport company can arrange for domestic or International dead-body Transportation Services.

Is it necessary to contact two shipping companies, while transporting dead bodies between two countries?

Not every time. At Beleiv, our funeral directors will be contacting their partners or shipping authorities in both countries for easy and hassle-free transportation of dead bodies.

What is the duration taken to repatriate a body?

The time taken to repatriate the body varies and depends on the distance of the place the individual died. Although it normally takes between 5 to 7 days, if the deceased died of natural causes. If there is a delay due to post-mortem procedures, it may take 10 to 15 days as the case may be.

What documents are necessary for repatriation to India?

Repatriation of a loved one’s body to India will need the following documentation:

  • Death Registration Form (for Indian nationals only).
  • Original death certificate as well as a copy.
  • Permit for Burial or Cremation.
  • A letter or certificate of “Non-Communicable Disease” from the Public Health Office.
  • Out-of-province coroner’s certificate, Embalming certificate, consignee’s details such as., name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Flight Information

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