Pandit for Funeral Services

Does your faith tell you to believe in someone who can connect you with God? Explore our services!
Losing a family member, friend or close one can shatter your spirits. It gets extremely overwhelming when you have to deal with so many responsibilities with a heavy heart. Beleiv understands your suffering and helps you organize a respectful funeral for the deceased.

Rituals and customs vary as per religion, caste and community. Most of the time we lack knowledge about them. Also, the elders in the family tend to forget the order or procedure of rituals which creates a lot of chaos. Beleiv is here to make it all very easy for you with our Pandit for Funeral Services.

Our team will arrange an experienced, well-read and knowledgeable Priest/Pandit for the funeral rites who will assist and guide you on how, when and where various rituals and customs should be conducted with correct items (Samagri) and proper traditions.
Searching for a pandit at the eleventh hour becomes a daunting task. Beleiv ensures the arrangement of a Pandit on or before time. If you are about to lose your loved one, you can contact us and we will ensure our Pandits visit you and recite mantras from sacred texts to make the surroundings peaceful for the one at his/her last stage of life.

Pandit For Last Rites

Beleiv offers Pandit for Funeral Services who also conduct the cremation service. Verified information about funeral items, rituals, customs and cremation ground is provided to you within time by our team. And our pandits will conduct the last rites at the cremation ground with the primary mourner of the family.
We surely cant reduce your pain but can help you pay a respectful tribute to your loved one with the guidance of our experienced Pandits for last rites, who will perform funeral ceremonies of Asthi Visarjan, Chautha, and Tehravin. They also perform havans and puja to create positivity and peace for the family of the deceased.
Beleiv provides Pandits who are well versed with their job. They will help you understand the significance and value of every ritual and custom that is to be performed along with proper translations of the prayers, mantras and texts of the sacred books. A deep understanding of these rituals helps in establishing a stronger faith in the true meaning of life while praying for the deceased.
Beleiv helps you celebrate the life of the departed soul and wishes the best for your family.


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