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The repatriation of human remains from Malaysia to India involves several steps. The process begins once the death has been certified by a doctor in Malaysia. The next step is to obtain the death certificate from the relevant authorities in Malaysia. This document will be required for getting clearance from the Indian High Commission in Malaysia.

Logistics Arrangement

Once the death certificate has been obtained, the logistics for repatriation have to be arranged. This includes:

  • Booking the flight for the human remains. Most airlines require the body to be embalmed and placed in a zinc-lined coffin before transportation.
  • Arranging the export permit from Malaysian authorities. This needs to be applied along with a copy of the death certificate.
  • Getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Indian High Commission in Malaysia. This assures Indian customs officials that the body can be allowed entry into India.
  • Confirming the arrival formalities in India. The family or Believ team will coordinate with the airline and destination airport.
  • Preparing necessary documentation like copies of the death certificate, NOC, passport, visa pages, etc.

Mortuary Services

The deceased will need to be kept at a mortuary facility in Malaysia after death. Our funeral director will arrange for embalming, coffin, and storage until the repatriation date.

 Specialized mortuaries offer:

  •  Embalming services to preserve the body before its flight to India
  •  Hygienic cold storage of the deceased in refrigerated units
  •  Paperwork and documentation assistance
  •  Coffin supply according to airline specifications

Repatriation Flight

On the day of departure, the coffin will be transported to the airport and loaded onto the booked flight. The family can choose to accompany the remains on the same flight or take a later one. 

Once the flight lands in India, the coffin is unloaded and undergoes customs clearance. The NOC facilitates this process.

The remains are then handed over to the family or representative in India. They can arrange for final rites and funerals as per local customs with our support.

Why Choose Believ Professional Assistance?

Given the complexities of international repatriation, it is advisable to connect with a professional repatriation service provider. Believ will handle all arrangements expertly and sensitively.

The key advantages of professional assistance are:

  • Taking care of legal formalities like permits, NOC, etc.
  • Liaising with the embassy and other government  authorities
  • Making flight, coffin, and mortuary arrangements
  • Providing assistance and support to the bereaved family
  • Ensuring timely and safe repatriation of the deceased

Costs of Repatriating

The total cost of repatriating from Malaysia to India depends on multiple factors:

  •  Location of mortuary facility and repatriation company
  •  Type of coffin chosen
  •  Flight costs and destination city in India
  • Any special handling requirements

Believ one of the Indian community organisations offers repatriation services. Getting quotes is advisable for cost comparison.

Summing Up

  • Repatriating remains from Malaysia to India requires coordination of formalities and logistics.
  • Our professional repatriation service simplifies the process for families.
  • Seeking assistance early and comparing quotes will help manage repatriation effectively.  


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What does Repatriation mean?

Repatriation is the process of transporting a deceased individual from one country to another, where the family members of the deceased person are residing. Some people from India, who die abroad would have expressed a desire to be buried or cremated in India. This will be taken care of and adequate services are provided by Beleiv.

Can anyone arrange Air transportation for the dead body personally?

No. Airlines authorities will not approve. Only certified Funeral Service providers like Beleiv or a specialized transport company can arrange for domestic or International dead-body Transportation Services.

Is it necessary to contact two shipping companies, while transporting dead bodies between two countries?

Not every time. At Beleiv, our funeral directors will be contacting their partners or shipping authorities in both countries for easy and hassle-free transportation of dead bodies.

What is the duration taken to repatriate a body?

The time taken to repatriate the body varies and depends on the distance of the place the individual died. Although it normally takes between 5 to 7 days, if the deceased died of natural causes. If there is a delay due to post-mortem procedures, it may take 10 to 15 days as the case may be.

What documents are necessary for repatriation to India?

Repatriation of a loved one’s body to India will need the following documentation:

  • Death Registration Form (for Indian nationals only).
  • Original death certificate as well as a copy.
  • Permit for Burial or Cremation.
  • A letter or certificate of “Non-Communicable Disease” from the Public Health Office.
  • Out-of-province coroner’s certificate, Embalming certificate, consignee’s details such as., name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Flight Information

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