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The loss of someone beloved is surely one of the greatest loss that can happen to a person. The pain and suffering during such times is unbearable. We cannot take away your sorrow, but can assist you in paying a respectful tribute to your loved one with the help of our professional beleiv crematorium services.
The Panathur Electric Crematorium is a spiritual location where cremation rituals and customs are carried out.

There are no safer places to leave this world than Panathaur Crematorium, so if you live nearby, choose it for its cutting-edge amenities and traditions.

Believs’ top priority has always been your peace and the peace of the deceased’s spirit. Creating an environment that allows friends and family to freely interact is also part of it. A successful cremation is like performing a holy act.

No matter what, we should never pass up the chance to say farewell to someone we care about forever. Beleiv makes no compromises when it comes to providing you with the best of the best.

Electric crematorium at Panathur Cremation Centre is specialized in funeral services. It is a well-constructed modern facility that has been developed to conduct dignified and peaceful funeral rituals. It has a sufficient capacity, as well as a huge parking area.

What Panathur Electric Crematorium Offers

Panathur Crematorium offers services needed to organize and host cremation services from start to end. Here are all the types of assistance we provide:

Panathur Electric Crematorium Inclusions

We believe that in these times our help is beyond the professional boundaries. So Beleiv services at Panathur Crematorium also include the following assistance:

Panathur Electric Crematorium Requirements

Here is a list of requirements needed to avail the cremation services at Panathur Crematorium:

  • AADHAR Card, Voters Card or Passport of the Deceased.
  • FORM 4A in case of Natural Death at Residence duly signed by a Authorized Doctor with Registration number.
  • FORM 4 or Death Summary in case of Hospital Death
  • Police NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE if it is a Unnatural Death and Post Mortem Report Summary.
  • Crematorium Slot Booking confirmation.

Panathur Electric Crematorium FAQS

What are the services provided at Panathur Crematorium?

Panathur Crematorium provides complete assistance with all sorts of requirements for funeral services. We provide services like cremation, transportation, and document clearance to needs like priests, antim sanskar samagri, and freezer boxes.

How can I contact Panathur Crematorium?

To contact Panathur Crematorium, you can give a call on 99012 24122. You can make inquiries and bookings for all kinds of services required to carry out a cremation at Panathur Crematorium.

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Funeral service in India
What is a Crematorium and why is Panathur Crematorium a better choice?

A Crematorium is a facility that is designed and equipped to cremate human remains. It is a specialized facility that provides cremation services to people who have lost a loved one and have chosen cremation as the method of disposal for their remains.


At Panathur Crematorium, the body of the deceased is placed in a specialized furnace that is designed to reach extremely high temperatures, typically between 1400 and 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. This process reduces the body to bone fragments and ashes, which are then collected and placed in a container that can be given to the family for final disposition, such as scattering or interment.


Crematoriums typically provide a peaceful and respectful environment for families to mourn and say goodbye to their loved ones. Panathur Crematorium offers additional services, such as viewing rooms, chapels, and other amenities to support the bereaved during this difficult time. A crematorium is an important facility that provides a dignified and respectful way to handle the remains of the deceased. 


Here are some reasons why crematoriums are important:


  • Cultural and Religious Significance: Cremation is a common practice in many cultures and religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Crematoriums provide a facility for families to carry out their cultural and religious customs in a respectful manner.
  • Space Efficiency: Cremation requires much less space than traditional burial, making it a more practical option in areas where land is limited. Cremation also reduces the environmental impact of burials, which can involve the use of harmful chemicals and materials.
  • Flexibility: Cremation provides flexibility for families in terms of memorialization. Ashes can be scattered in a meaningful location, kept in an urn or other container, or even incorporated into jewellery or other keepsakes.
  • Cost-Effective: Cremation is often less expensive than traditional burial, which can involve costs such as caskets, embalming, and cemetery plots. Cremation can also eliminate ongoing expenses such as cemetery maintenance and upkeep.
  • Personalization: Panathur Crematorium offers a variety of options for personalizing the final disposition of remains. Families can choose from a range of urns and containers, as well as various memorialization options such as memorial services or scattering ceremonies.

How is a cremation performed at Panathur Crematorium, Bangalore, India?

At Panathur Crematorium, the body is usually brought to the crematorium in a casket or on a stretcher. The family members perform a religious ceremony before the cremation, and then the body is placed on a platform or into the cremation furnace. Once the cremation is complete, the ashes are collected and handed over to the family members.


In Indian Hindu tradition, cremation is the most common way to dispose of a body after death. The followings are the typical steps involved in a Hindu cremation and Beleiv, Panathur Crematorium offers all the below-mentioned services in Bangalore, India:


  • Preparation of the body: The body is usually bathed and dressed in new clothes. The deceased person's head should be facing south, and their body should be covered in white cloth.
  • Transportation of the body: The body is then transported to the cremation ground on a stretcher. Family members and close friends often accompany the body in a procession.
  • Last rites: Once the body reaches the cremation ground, the priest performs the last rites. This includes chanting mantras, offering prayers, and making offerings to the gods.
  • Placement of the body: The body is then placed on the funeral pyre. Before lighting the pyre, family members often place garlands of flowers and sandalwood paste on the body.
  • Lighting the pyre: Once the pyre is ready, the eldest son or male family member lights the pyre. The body is then cremated, and the ashes are collected in an urn.
  • Scattering of ashes: The ashes are usually scattered in a sacred river, such as the Ganges, or in a body of water.
  • Mourning period: After the cremation, the family enters a mourning period, which can last up to 13 days. During this time, they refrain from eating certain foods and avoid social gatherings.


It is worth noting that the details of a Hindu cremation may vary depending on the region and the family's customs and traditions. Panathur Crematorium offers all services and Beleiv plays an important role in providing families with a range of options for handling the remains of their loved ones in a respectful, dignified, and cost-effective manner.

Can non-Hindus be cremated at Panathur Crematorium?

Yes, non-Hindus also can be cremated at Panathur Crematorium. A crematorium is a facility where human remains are burned to ashes. It usually has a chapel or prayer hall, cremation furnaces or ovens, and a place for the ashes to be stored. Cremation is a common practice for many religions in India, but the method and rituals may vary based on cultural and religious beliefs.


For non-Hindus, the process of cremation may differ based on their religious or cultural practices. For example, Muslims generally do not practice cremation and instead bury their dead according to Islamic tradition. In some cases, the body may be sent to the home country for burial. Similarly, Christians may have different practices depending on their denomination and cultural customs. Some may choose to cremate the body, while others may opt for burial in a cemetery or churchyard.


In cases where non-Hindus do choose cremation in India, the process may be similar to the Hindu method of cremation, but the rituals and prayers recited may differ based on their religion or cultural customs. It is important to note that while cremation is a common practice in India, the country respects and accommodates the funeral rites of all religions and cultures. Beleiv offers cremation and funeral services to all faiths and religions in India. Non-Hindus also can cremate the dead bodies of their loved ones at Panathur Crematorium, Kadubeesanahalli, Bangalore. 

What are the different types of cremation services available at Panathur Crematorium, Bangalore?

In India generally, there are two types of cremation services available.


Panathur Crematorium also offers two types of cremation services. 


  • Traditional Cremation: In this type of cremation, the body of the deceased is placed on a wooden pyre, and the pyre is set on fire using other combustible materials, such as cow dung cakes, ghee, and other wooden logs. The body is then cremated, and the ashes are collected and given to the family members.
  • Electric Cremation: In this type of cremation, the body of the deceased is placed in a specially designed furnace, and the body is cremated using electric energy. This type of cremation is faster, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than traditional cremation.


The cost of electric cremation is generally higher than that of traditional cremation, but it is becoming more popular in urban areas due to concerns about deforestation and air pollution caused by traditional cremation methods. However, traditional cremation is still the most common type of cremation service in India, especially in rural areas.


Panathur Crematorium services include:


  • Ambulance to transport the dead body (optional round trip - home-mortuary-hospital)
  • A freezer box is arranged to store the body.
  • If the dead body has to be stored for a long time, an embalming process is a suitable option.
  • All death rituals are performed by professionals according to caste, community and language.
  • A package of burial materials is arranged that includes all the items needed for cremation (decorations, garlands, flowers, etc.).
  • Arrangements for the body to be cremated at the nearest crematorium. 
  • Transportation facility to move the body of a deceased person from one city to another or from one country to another if needed. 
  • A memorial service at the funeral home will be held for the deceased.


What Panathur Crematorium offers:


  • Both traditional logs and Electric cremation is possible
  • Providing hearse/ambulance transportation.
  • Freezer box home delivery
  • Quick assembly of Antim Sanskar Samagri including new clothes for deceased like Dhoti, kurta pyjama or saree, sacred item, mango leaf and urn
  • Rituals to be performed and further guidance by experienced Pandit Services/Shastry/Purohit
  • Providing Sandalwood and Cow Dung Logs



Does Beleiv assist in procuring the necessary documents for cremation at Panathur Crematorium, Bangalore?

Believ assists and makes sure that all the necessary documents are ready for cremation at Panathur Crematorium. The documents required for cremation in India may vary depending on the state and local regulations, but generally, the following documents are required. 


  • Death certificate: This is an official document that proves the death of the person. It can be obtained from the local municipal corporation or hospital where the person passed away.
  • It is a legal document issued by the government to the next of kin of the deceased, stating the death date, fact, and cause of death. Death certificates are essential to prove death, relieve individuals of social, legal and regulatory obligations, facilitate estate planning, and ensure that families receive insurance and other benefits. 
  • In India, under the Birth and Death Registration Act, of 1969, it is legally obligatory to register the death with the appropriate State/UT government within 21 days of her occurrence.
  • Doctor's certificate: A certificate from the doctor who attended to the deceased stating the cause of death is required.
  • Cremation permit: In some states, a permit from the local police station or municipality is required for cremation.
  • Identification documents: Any valid government-issued identification document of the deceased such as an Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, or Driving License is required.
  • Proof of relationship: If the person who is arranging the cremation is not a blood relative of the deceased, they may need to provide proof of relationship or authorization from the legal heirs.


It is important to check with the local authorities or crematorium about the specific documents required in that particular area before proceeding with the cremation. At Beleiv, we are well prepared and have good official contacts with the concerned government officials and obtain all the necessary documents required for the cremation at Panathur Crematorium.

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