Dead Body Transportation In India

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Dead Body Transportation In India

When a loved one passes away, you will be left with so many tasks to handle. Your loved one’s final remains transport service or ambulance services are the most important of all. There is a set procedure that must be followed, whether it is transporting the deceased to the appropriate cremation/burial grounds nearby or having to travel across the globe. All of this necessitates transportation strategies, the acquisition of necessary documents, and the calculation of costs. But you don’t need to worry. If you happen to face such a loss, no matter where you need to go, we are there to help you in these tough times.


These would be done by trained helpers who know the importance of customs and rituals. We will handle all the whereabouts of the entire program with utmost care.

Documents Required From Your End

Following is the list of documents we would be required from you for transportation of the deceased:
  • Government identification of the deceased – AADHAR/VOTER CARD or INDIAN PASSPORT
  • Death Summary in any of the following forms:
    • FORM 4 in case of residential death
    • FORM 4A in case of hospital death
    • POSTMORTEM REPORT in case of suicide or accidental death
  • Latest COVID report that is less than 48 hours old
  • Police NOC from the Local Police Station
  • AADHAR CARD details of the co-passengers

Transportation Process

Following is the walk through of how we help you with the transportation of the deceased bodies of your loved ones:

Dead Body Transportation And Repatriation Services

We help you transport the body of your loved ones via road or air, help you find a cremation/burial ground and organise a proper funeral and memorial service. If you are in India, you will never feel helpless with us by your side as we will help you carry out the entire ceremony in a very organised way.
These would be done by trained helpers who know the importance of customs and rituals. We will handle all the whereabouts of the entire procedure with utmost care.
Whether moving from a location in Pune to a different location or state or a different country, we will help you carry out the entire transportation in the most dignified and honourable way. Without causing any preventable damage, we will help you move your loved ones to any required location.

Dead Body Transportation By Road

Our various transportation services help you relocate your deceased one anywhere possible to travel by road. For different purposes, we suggest and provide different modes of transportation.

Ambulance Van

Beleiv provides you with ambulance services that are beneficial in relocating if you have critical patients in your care. May it be moving from your home to a hospital or moving from one hospital to another, our team of skilled and trained doctors and nurses would handle the situation with sympathy and sensitivity and be capable of providing critical aid.

Hearse Van

Beleiv provides hearse vans, along with the required assistance to transport their bodies to the funeral/cremation grounds, for the instances when you need to carry your deceased loved ones to the final destination for their bodies.

Mortuary Van

For travelling long distances via road, we recommend and provide mortuary vans. These are vehicles with a built-in freezer box that help to embalm the bodies of your loved ones for the long journey.
Additionally, to honour the lives of the deceased ones, we also provide decoration services for the vehicles. We respect customs and ensure you that we will save you from all the unnecessary hassle.

Dead Body Transportation By Air

Even if you are in india and require a journey by air to reunite your lost loved ones with their land, you do not need to worry. Our transportation services will carry out the entire relocation process while ensuring the utmost respect and dignity of the deceased one.
Even if you are in India and require a journey by air to reunite your lost loved ones with their land, you do not need to worry. Our transportation services will carry out the entire relocation process while ensuring the utmost respect and dignity of the deceased one.

Hospital Documentation and Clearance

Getting your loved one dispersed from the hospital and taking them to their rightful place also requires you to go through some official paperwork. But you don’t need to worry about the procedure.
Beleiv will help you get the clearance, death certificate, and other necessary documents that would help you carry away your dear ones to the desired location.

Embalming and Coffin Boxes

For transporting the body that is now going to be inter-fused with the mother earth, you need to make sure that it does not begin to decompose before reaching the true place. For maintaining the freshness and keeping it in place, we provide a freezer box and necessary assistance to keep the body in the best possible condition.
Later, Beleiv will also help you obtain the coffin boxes or caskets from the funeral undertakers to carry out the last procedures.
We’ll be there for you to make your final moments with your loved one meaningful and memorable. Present in all locations across india, we would never let you have to deal with the worries on your own.


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No, anyone cannot personally arrange an air transfer for a dead body on their own. Most airlines will transport bodies, but you’ll need to coordinate with a funeral director or specialised transport business.

The majority of airlines permit the transfer of dead bodies. However, you must use an air transport agency to fly the dead body anywhere. Speaking to a funeral director is crucial. He will put you in touch with a transport business that specialises in the air transfer of bodies.

Hospital clearance and death certificate, Police NOC, Embalming certificate, coffin box certificate, ID Card and Photos.

It is feasible to transfer the human body by train, and it is necessary to get a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the local police station under the jurisdiction of the deceased’s address.

Generally, during dead body transportation by air, a family member is asked to fly with the body.

Beleiv services aim to make booking as easy and accessible as possible. Anytime there is a need, you can call their number which is available on their website (+91 99012 24122) and you will be assisted further with the procedures and necessary rituals. They also provide Cremation and other funeral services in India. At this time of grief, it is understandable how stressful it can get to plan and arrange everything, especially if the loss was not expected at all. But, Beleiv is here to cover all of the arrangements for you. It is an initiative that was developed to make the arrangements relatively easier for you during this grieving period.
Various transportation services are available at Beleiv for the transportation of dead bodies by road. For different purposes, different modes of transportation are provided. Few of which would include; Hearse Vans or Mortuary Vans.

Mortuary vans are usually recommended if there is a long distance to be travelled via roads. These vehicles come with built-in freezer boxes thus helping embalm the bodies of your loved ones for the long travel journey. The charges however vary based on different reasons.

The dead body transportation service includes several components that ensure the safe and respectful transfer of the deceased person’s remains: The first step in the transportation of a dead body is to remove the body from the location where it is currently located. This is done by trained professionals of Beleiv who are equipped with the necessary equipment and protocols to handle the deceased person’s remains with dignity and respect.

Before transportation, the body is typically prepared for transport. This may involve embalming, dressing, and grooming the body, as well as placing it in a suitable container or casket. The preparation process is typically performed by licensed professionals of Beleiv who are trained to handle the remains of the deceased person with care and respect. Once the dead body has been removed, it is transported to the desired location as per the needs and necessities of the family, which could be a funeral home, a crematorium, or a cemetery. The mode of transportation used may vary depending on the distance to be covered, the type of vehicle needed, and the specific requirements of the family. If transportation has to occur overseas, repatriation facilities are available too.

Transportation through roadways is facilitated in different ways depending on the distance and other factors. Hearse vans are typically used and if there is a long distance to be covered, mortuaries are preferred since they come with in-built freezing facilities for preserving the body for longer durations.

During the process of dead body transportation in India, certain legal and administrative requirements must be met. This includes obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations from local authorities, as well as completing the necessary documentation related to the transportation of the body. Amidst all the stress the family is already facing because of losing a loved one, it becomes a hassle to make sure all the documents are maintained well throughout. In an effort to make the procedures less stressful for you and your family, Beleiv ensures that all of these are arranged for you.

Beleiv also provides logistical support to the family members of the deceased. This can include coordinating with other service providers, such as funeral directors or cemeteries, and providing guidance and support throughout the entire process. One of the ways in which Beleiv supports families is by coordinating with other service providers, such as funeral directors or cemeteries. They can work with these providers to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made and that the transportation and final disposition of the deceased’s remains are handled in a safe, respectful, and timely manner. Beleiv can also provide guidance and support to families throughout the entire process. This can include answering any questions they may have, providing information about available services, and helping them to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.

They understand that every family is unique, and they work closely with each family to ensure that their individual needs and wishes are respected and met. By offering comprehensive logistical support, Beleiv aims to ease the burden on families during what can be an extremely difficult time. They are committed to providing compassionate and personalised services that help families navigate the complex process of making arrangements for their loved one’s final journey.

With their expertise and dedication, families can be confident that their loved one’s remains will be transported with dignity and care, and that all necessary arrangements will be handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. The transportation of a dead body requires specialised knowledge, skills, and equipment. Beleiv provides a range of services for Dead body transportation in India to ensure that the deceased person’s remains are transported with dignity, respect, and care. These services may vary depending on the specific requirements of the family, the distance to be covered, and the legal and administrative requirements of the location. Apart from these, cremation and funeral services in India are also provided by Beleiv
Beleiv offers its services to everyone 24/7. You can contact them whenever you need to and avail of their services to get all the assistance and care that you require for the challenging loss of your loved ones. Just one call and they will make sure to cover all your needs and requirements based on your specified customs and honours. Their goal is to respect the family’s needs and requirements at any time of the day or night.
Yes, repatriation facilities are available at Beleiv. When you lose your loved one while being away from their proximity, it might be difficult and strenuous for you to figure out ways to move back to your home during the grieving period. However, Beleiv understands the concerns and has got you covered. Death is inevitable and sometimes even unexpected. It can come to anybody at any time.

If your loved ones passed away while staying abroad, or while travelling through any sort of accident or any other circumstances, we understand how important it would be for the families to get them back to the homeland since that is the place where they grew up and lived. The place where they have memories with their loved ones.

The safe, dignified and respectful transport of dead bodies is an important part of the grieving process and a way to honour and respect the deceased. Choosing a reputable funeral home or transport service, like Beleiv is recommended since they assure to follow any specific requests or requirements suggested by the families and ensure proper preparation of the body. You can also ask questions and clarify any concerns with them personally about the transportation process, including how the body will be prepared and transported, what precautions will be taken to ensure the body’s safety and dignity, and what options are available for customised services.
Yes, dead body transportation services can often be customised to meet specific needs through Beleiv. Beleiv understands and respects the priorities and needs families might have and only performs the services accordingly. In cases where families require special handling of a deceased loved one due to religious or cultural reasons, Beleiv offers customised services to ensure that the body is handled and transported with the utmost respect and in accordance with the family’s wishes.

This may include arranging for specialised transportation containers or caskets, as well as coordinating with religious or cultural leaders to ensure that all customs and traditions are observed. Additionally, decoration services of vehicles as suggested by the families is also made available.

Beleiv offers customised dead body transportation in India aiming to provide families a sense of assurance that their deceased loved one is being transported with care and respect. Beleiv makes sure to accommodate the family’s requests and provide specialised services as needed. These services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each family and can help to alleviate some of the stress and burden associated with the transportation of a deceased loved one.
Yes, it is legal to transport a dead body across state or international lines, but there are certain regulations and requirements that must be met and Beleiv makes sure all these measures are taken care of. Transportation of a dead body across state or international lines requires the use of a specialised transport service which is provided by Beleiv. Their services and expertise in handling and transporting human and pet remains can ensure that the transport is conducted safely and with dignity. Beleiv complies with all relevant regulations and requirements and provides safe and respectful transport of the deceased.

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