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Losing a loved one is heart breaking. The feeling of pain and suffering consumes the loved ones all over. During such emotionally draining times one can always rely on some healing music that gives a sense of relief and comfort and reminds the memories of the departed in a positive, healthy and happy manner. Beleiv facilitates the grieving family with funeral singer services and helps in the arrangement of bhajan singers or artists.

Funeral Singer Services

When you lose someone dear, healing from the unbearable loss and pain becomes difficult. In such situations light music with the combination of a vocal touch can bring soothing feelings and positive thoughts. It also helps in delivering a graceful tribute to the departed soul, especially live vocal performances during funerals and prayer meetings.
At Beleiv, our team organises artist/funeral singers who are experienced and know how the situation is at funerals. Hiring a professional and experienced funeral singer helps you in getting many suggestions from the singers regarding the selection of music, the language of songs like hindi or any other, or leave it to the singer to create music as per the family’s culture.
Singers have the power to stabilize the emotional impulses that keep involving amongst the grieving family members. Funeral singers create sacred music and sing songs that hold a special place for the family

Soothing Funeral Singers and Artists for a Spiritual Experience.

Beleiv funeral singers will provide customized service that will be specifically organized to plan appropriate music for every ritual, custom or event in the funeral. The professional singers offered by Beleiv will not just sing for you, but discuss, plan and organize the music for various ceremonies with you. Our team will be present throughout the service and prayer meets to ensure hassle-free ambience.
Funeral Singer services by Beleiv bring a soothing aura for funerals, cremations, memorial services, and prayer meets. Our team will organize classically trained singers that are bold and have an impactful voice. We provide customized services such as solo or group performances based on your choice.

Beleiv Sketch Artist Services.

In case you want artists other than funeral singers like sketch artists or more, our team is always at your service. We will help you fulfil all your wishes and desires at the funeral of your dear one.


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