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The cycle of life starts and ends on Earth. Explore Beleiv services and go green with us!
Our team realizes that the last rites consist of personal and intimate ceremonies. One might take every step keeping their culture and customs in mind and make decisions accordingly. Beleiv doesn’t just provide personalized services for everyone, but also offers environment friendly green funeral services for cremation and other funeral ceremonies. We help you bid the last goodbye to your dear ones while keeping the environment clean and healthy.
Cremation procedure in Hinduism involves the use of firewood and as per the statistics, a city for the purpose of a traditional wood cremation ceremony consumes wood of around 4 lakh trees. Moreover, it increases the amount of air pollution in the environment. Taking these points into consideration, Beleiv offers two options- Cow Dung Logs and Electrical Cremation.

Beleiv Eco Friendly Cremation Services

1. Green Funeral Services – Cow Dung Logs

At Beleiv, we promote the usage of cow dung logs for cremation ceremonies. This doesn’t just protect the environment from deforestation but also helps people breathe in cleaner and fresher air. Our cow dung logs are cost effective and ideal for cremation processes.

Our team of professionals keep your rituals and customs as a prime focus and work consistently to provide you green funeral services. The Cow is worshipped as a sacred animal according to Hindu traditions and thus, switching to cow dung logs for cremation is considered to be religious.

2. Green Funeral Services – Electrical Cremation.

If you are looking for an affordable and green solution for the cremation process, then electric cremation can be a feasible option. Electrical cremation utilizes furnaces for cremation offering an added advantage to the family as they can collect the leftover ashes within a span of a few hours. It reduces the emission of harmful gases and is highly economical as compared to the traditional wood pyre.
This method of cremation is being increasingly adopted my many because it reduces the chance of spreading virus by any infected body.
We believe that greener solutions should be encouraged in every aspect of our living, even in the celebration of life and the last journey of your loved ones. We have one planet and we must all make efforts to save it. Our green funeral services help you create a green legacy by the name of the deceased and set an example for future generations.
Our team ensures guidance and assistance with the best quality green cremation services. Beleiv provides 24*7 support and takes care of end to end services.


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