Embalming Services

The body of the demised is a temple meant to be preserved. Let our embalming services take care of it!
Preserving the body of the deceased from decaying using chemicals is a process called Embalming which has been in practice for more than a 1000 years now. The purpose of embalming is to keep the carcass in a presentable condition for all the rituals and customs that need to be performed. Most of the times embalming is a personal choice, but in case of transportation by air or train, it becomes a necessity. Also, one gets to spend some extra time with the lost one while getting them embalmed.
The procedure of embalming begins with getting the body ready for the surgical process. The body is primarily disinfected followed by a limb massage to reduce the stiffness. Then comes the two primary steps of embalming which are working on the facial features and the procedure of arterial or cavity embalming.

Types of Embalming Services

Arterial embalming is a process that uses embalming solution and replaces it with blood through veins. Whereas in cavity embalming services, gas and fluid content of the body is drained using a tiny incision in the lower abdomen of the body followed by the usage of formaldehyde-based chemical compositions.
Beleiv’s embalming services are extremely professional, surgical and include outlining and assets. As it is a high precision work, it is better to trust experienced services and Beleiv is here to serve with the best embalming experience.

Beleiv provides you the following Embalming Services.

Our team members serve you with empathy, respect and kindness. We help you spend time with your family while we arrange everything for you. Our team ensures that your embalming experience with us puts you at ease.


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