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Discovering Hindu Funeral Traditions: A Celebration Of Life


Death is an inevitable part of life, but dealing with the grief of death of a loved one is not easy and can be overwhelming. That is why, funeral services in India intend to work towards accommodating all cultures and traditions to cater to the needs and requirements of families at this time of need. One such culture that is widely practised in India is hinduism.

One of the oldest religions in the world, Hinduism is renowned for its extensive spiritual and cultural traditions.The funeral traditions of Hindu culture have evolved over thousands of years and are a means to pay respect to the deceased and aid their soul to find its way to the afterlife. We will look at the numerous facets of Hindu funeral customs in this section.

First, it is important to understand that Hindu funeral traditions vary based on the region, caste, and family traditions and the funeral services in India work towards understanding every culture’s needs and requirements to fulfill them likewise. However, there are some common practices followed by most Hindus during funeral ceremonies. 

Here are the steps that typically are performed in a traditional Hindu funeral ritual.

Preparation Of The Deceased Body 

The first step in a Hindu funeral ritual is to prepare the body for the cremation ceremony. The body of the deceased is cleansed, dressed in fresh clothing, and  covered with a white sheet. The family of the deceased performs this ritual, and it is considered a sacred act. Sometimes, their religious leader or priest may take up this responsibility. Funeral Services in Bangalore can provide with these details and also connect you with a trustable priest for the rites.

Family And Loved Ones Come Together

The Hindu tradition promotes collectivism in all family rituals including funeral traditions. The entire family, neighbours and loved ones gather to bid the final rites to their deceased loved one. 

The body is placed in a wooden casket, adorned with flowers and garlands. The family and other loved ones are expected to pay a visit and gather together to pay their respects to the deceased’s body. Arrangements of floral offering services are provided by the funeral services in Bangalore and other parts of India. They use this time to reminisce about the beautiful times they have spent and pray for their respectful and safe departure. 

Once the body is prepared, it is placed on a bamboo stretcher and carried to the cremation site. The cremation site is typically located near a water body. The loved one’s remains are placed on the memorial fire, and the cremation ceremony begins. The funeral services in India will assist you through the cremation processes.

The Cremation Ceremony

During the cremation ceremony, the eldest son of the deceased typically lights the funeral pyre. The flames of the pyre are believed to represent the soul’s journey to the afterlife. Here, the deceased’s loved ones including, family and friends gather to offer their best wishes, prayers and blessings.

After the cremation ceremony is completed, the family of the deceased collects the ashes and performs a final ritual to honour the deceased. The cremated remains or ashes are dispersed in a sacred water body, considered holy in Hinduism such as the River Ganga. The funeral services in India can assist here with the travel and other needful requirements.

It is understandable that the grieving period might be extremely overwhelming to the family and loved ones since it is not easy to deal with losing a loved one. Planning the funeral rituals and executing them can add to already existing distress. 

But to keep your worries at rest, there are funeral services in Bangalore and other parts of India provided by trustworthy funeral service organisations like Beleiv, to give you end-to-end assistance and help throughout all the procedures.

Additional Practices Post-Cremation Ceremony

In addition to these above-mentioned rituals, there are several other practices commonly followed by Hindu funeral traditions. For instance, it is customary for mourners to wear white clothing to symbolise purity and respect for the deceased. Some cultures might not abide by this and just choose to wear simple clothing that does not look extravagant. 

It is also common for the family of the deceased to observe a period of mourning, where they are not allowed to attend, celebrate or take part in any divine or auspicious occasions which can last from a few days to several weeks. Some cultures also are expected to eat veg only, some without garlic and online till the end of this mourning period.

Multiple organizations provide funeral services in India. One such trustworthy organization is Beleiv which works towards providing your deceased loved one with dignified and respectful funeral services.


Hindu funeral traditions are an integral part of Hindu culture and are intended to honour the deceased and guide their soul to the afterlife. These traditions have evolved over thousands of years and vary based on region, caste, and family traditions. 

These practices are intended to provide comfort and support to the family of the deceased during a difficult time.

For any assistance with funeral services in Bangalore or elsewhere, overall India, get in touch with Beleiv.

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