What Happens After You Die?

Afterlife Thoughts: What Happens After You Die?


The question “What happens after you die?” is a common question that has been asked and wondered about countless times throughout human civilization. Different cultures and religions have different ideas about what happens to you after you die. But very few people have gone to the edge of existence and back, and lived to tell the tale of what they had seen or felt. Those who have shared stories of their near-death experiences offer us a range of possible answers to the frequently asked question, “What do you see when you die?” 

Scientists and researchers around the world continue to be fascinated by the phenomenon of near-death experiences. And although we might not know exactly what’s going on, it’s captivating to hear the tales of those who may have crossed over to the other side and returned. 

What do you see after you die?

As said earlier, different people of different religions and faiths have their own beliefs about the afterlife. Scientists who try to unveil the secrets behind the phenomenon of near-death experiences have found out that those who have near-death experiences often experience many things in common, such as:

  1. Feeling like they are returning to their bodies from a different place
  2. A feeling of peace
  3. Seeing a white light or lights
  4. An overall bright place
  5. Encounters with “people” or spirits
  6. Memories of the current life 

Death of two types, really?

Yes, you read that right. Death can technically be used in two different terms, clinical death and biological death.

Clinical death

This is when a person’s heart ceases to pump blood. However, they are still capable of being resuscitated. This sometimes results in these near-death experiences. 

Biological death

This is when the person is quite well and truly dead and there’s no hope or way of bringing them back. This “type” of death usually happens between four and six minutes after clinical death, therefore leaving a period of time for near-death experiences to take place.

Though there is still a lot of research that is being carried out, those who experience clinical death sometimes talk about very interesting experiences. Some people don’t see or feel anything at all in the gap between clinical death and resuscitation. On the other hand, many people have some sort of otherworldly experience in these moments between life and death. 

Read on to know more about some of the most common near death experiences.

What did people see?

1. Seeing white lights

According to what many people who had near death experiences reported, this is one of the most common and well-known. In their stories, they talk about seeing a bright, white light. They also feel like it isn’t something to be afraid of. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as most people say it feels like it was coming with a sense of peace, or even in some cases,  happiness. Many researchers have been curious about the bright light and what it symbolises. Many others believe it is nothing to be afraid of.

2. Going up a stairway

A lot of the people who have had near-death experiences have said that they had the feeling that they are climbing a brightly lit stairway. As they climbed the stairs, some people also recalled the experiences they had during their life. According to what many of the people with these experiences have said, the stairway is usually covered in blindingly bright light. 

3. Messages from loved ones who have already passed away

Another common near death experience that many people have talked about is feeling like they’re reconnecting or directly communicating with deceased loved ones. Several people describe that they were feeling like they had entered a room or arena full of loved ones. These individuals might have a message of hope, peace, or love for them. For the people undergoing the near death experience, this comes as a source of peace and connection, as they know that they are surrounded by those they love most. 

“What If This Is Heaven?” is a book by the author Anita Moorjani, in which she describes feeling close to her deceased father after slipping into a coma. 

4. Feeling the presence of angels

A lot of people have also reported seeing angels. Through the bright white light, the person is often greeted by angels who wait for them welcomingly with wide open arms. These angels bring a feeling of peace at a time that might otherwise be scary for most people.

5. Emptiness and the feeling of time

In many books about death and the afterlife, some people report not feeling ‘much of anything’ in that space between life and death. This feeling is often described as blackness, like they are falling into time itself. The vast emptiness does come off as scary, but most who have experienced it themselves said that they saw it as a collection of their life’s experiences and history. 

6. Out-of-body experiences and dissociation

Where do people go when they die? Perhaps the people who have had out-of-body experiences hold the answer to this question. As shown in many TV shows, movie plotlines, and books, some have gone through out-of-body experiences. This is when it feels like they are now existing outside of their own body. They sometimes talk about feeling like they might be hovering nearby and watching the scene unfold like a bystander. In some other incidents, it was like they were watching themselves from behind a curtain, from another room, or from above their body. These feelings are also known as dissociation experiences. 


While the idea of undergoing a  near-death experience is undoubtedly terrifying in many ways, the stories that individuals who lived these otherworldly occurrences bring back are extremely interesting and worth being heard and shared. Not only do these individuals appear to have developed a unique understanding, but they sometimes also go on to do great things with this knowledge. 

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