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Harishchandra Ghat Cremation Center: Cremation Services

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Harishchandra Ghat Cremation Center is located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the most established and most enormous incineration grounds in India. For a long time, it has been administering incineration to individuals in Varanasi and the surrounding regions. In this article, we will examine the different incineration offices and administrations presented by Harishchandra Ghat.

Harishchandra Ghat electric crematorium has recently offered another cremation option. The electric crematorium uses electrical energy instead of wood pyres, helping reduce pollution. 

History of Harishchandra Ghat Cremation Center 

Harishchandra Ghat finds notice in Hindu sacred writings as the spot where the unbelievable lord Harishchandra satisfied his obligations as a guardian by incinerating corpses brought to the banks of the stream Ganga. As per students of history, the earliest records of incinerations occurring here date back to the twelfth hundred years. 

Throughout the long term, it has seen many incinerations and has become inseparable from the holy custom of Antyeshti Samskaram. Indeed, even today, it remains one of the most favoured objections to playing out the last customs according to Hindu practices.

Incineration Grounds

Spread over an area of around seven sections of land along the Waterway Ganges, Harishchandra Ghat Cremation Center contains around 70 metal stages or beds for incineration. These stages are sufficiently wide to accommodate even a grown-up’s body. Wood is used as the primary fuel for cremations. 

An experienced priest or worker supervises the entire process to ensure no errors are committed in following traditions. The cremation grounds operate round the clock so that last rites can be performed at any time as per the family’s convenience.

Essential Cremation Services of Harishchandra Ghat Cremation Center 

The fundamental incineration administrations incorporate organizing wood and other essential materials for fire, lighting the fire according to customs, and gathering the remains post-incineration. An auspicious time for lighting the fire is chosen given Hindu crystal gazing. 

The whole cycle generally requires 2 to 3 hours to finish. After full incineration, the family dries the excess bones and cinders in the sacred Ganges Stream. The staff is prepared enough to deal with the customs with responsiveness and care and guarantee respect for the left soul.

Additional Services

For a nominal charge, additional services like arranging pandits for mantras and prayers, arranging ghats for guests to sit, and supplying materials like flowers, fruits, and wood can also be availed. The center likewise helps with getting the vital passing authentications and documentation from neighborhood specialists.

For cremations that take place late at night, tents, lighting, and security are provided. The staff is multilingual to help families from different districts and nations.

Infrastructure Amenities

Considering its large volume of visitors, basic infrastructure like waiting rooms, restrooms, lighting, and drinking water facilities are provided. The entire premises are kept scrupulously clean. Temporary arrangements like tents can also be made for performing post-cremation rituals.

 The administration guarantees a quiet and conscious climate is kept up with. Safety officers are responsible for controlling groups and giving help. A parking facility is available near the ghat.

Disposal of Ashes

As per Hindu rituals, the ashes are collected in an earthen pot after complete cremation and immersion is done in the Ganges at a downstream point. However, many families prefer taking the ashes back with them. The middle gives fixed holders to securely ship remains. 

Legitimate documentation concerning the incineration subtleties is additionally accommodated for further errands like getting the passing authentication. International transfer/shipment of ashes abroad can also be arranged on request.

Costs Involved

The basic cremation service starts at Rs. 5000 and increases depending on the additional services. As the Harishchandra Ghat Cremation Center handles thousands of cremations annually, costs are very reasonable compared to other facilities in the city. There are no hidden charges. 

The charges remain the same for cremating adults and children. For international visitors, minimal additional documentation charges may apply. Overall, the middle guarantees that last customs can be performed with respect regardless of one’s monetary condition.

What are some other services offered by Harishchandra Ghat Cremation Center besides cremation services?

Here are some other services offered by Harishchandra Ghat apart from essential cremation services:

  • Ritual Bath Services: The ghat offers facilities and assistance for ritual bathing the deceased before cremation as per traditions. Stone bathing platforms and private bathing areas are available. 
  • Mantra Chanting and Priest Services: Trained priests are available at the ghat to perform puja, chant mantras, and perform religious rituals before and after the cremation. 
  • Accommodation: Basic accommodation facilities like tents are provided for grieving families and visitors who have to stay overnight for post-cremation rites.
  • Photography Services: Professional photographers are present for families who want to capture photographs of final rituals as remembrance.
  • Documentation Assistance: The staff helps obtain necessary death certificates and paperwork from local authorities to transport remains or settle legal/insurance claims.
  • Floral Tributes: Flowers, garlands and religious offerings are made available for sale to grieving families for performing rituals.
  • Interpreter Services: Multilingual staff assists foreign visitors with translation, cultural guidance, and performing rituals according to their traditions. 
  • Ambulance Services: Essential ambulance services are provided for transportation of the deceased to the ghat from home or hospital if required.

What about the accommodation facilities at Harishchandra Ghat?

Here are some more details about the accommodation facilities provided at Harishchandra Ghat:

  • Tent Spaces: Temporary tent spaces equipped with beds/mattresses are provided free of cost for families to stay overnight. These basic tents can accommodate around 4-5 people. 
  • Amenities: Each tent has basic amenities like lighting, mosquito nets, and folding chairs/tables. Clean washrooms and bathing spaces are nearby. 
  • Duration: Families can stay in tents from the time they arrive at the ghat until the next morning to allow time for performing rituals. 
  • Booking: Tents can be booked directly at the reception counter on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. Booking is not possible.
  • Food: Meals are not included. However, a primary kitchen facility where families can cook/heat their food is available onsite. 
  • Alternatives: Private tents and pandals can also be arranged for a fee for larger groups. Nearby guesthouses and hotels are alternatives for extended stays.
  • Security: Armed security guards are deployed round the clock to protect the tent area. Fire safety equipment is also available.

In short, while fundamental in conveniences, the tent convenience assists families with performing ceremonies serenely while remaining near their left kinfolk.

The Harishchandra Ghat cremation center’s focus has been proficiently dealing with the holy last rituals for ages with absolute attention to detail, awareness, and ecological cognizance. 

Attention to detail and modern facilities ensure dignity and comfort for grieving families. Affordable pricing makes the services accessible to all. It is truly one of the most renowned centres for performing Antyeshti traditionally along the pious banks of Ganga in Varanasi.

Believ is one of the leading cremation services providers in the country that helps many families perform the last rites of their loved ones with dignity and as per religious customs.

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