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Pre-Planning Funeral Services- taking new steps towards care

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Dealing with the unpreparedness of Death through Pre-planning Funeral Services

Death has always been a topic of taboo or a bad omen to be talked of. However, facing one’s death is dealing with reality. We have to come to terms with death as a part and parcel of life. This doesn’t mean we do not mourn over the loss of life. The feelings and memories attached make the close circle to the deceased quite emotional and taken aback. However, the arrangements and other requirements during the treatment and after death as well can be taken care of beforehand to avoid any shortcomings due to a lack of preparedness through pre-planning funeral services.

There are several financial aid and insurance plans to cover the unforeseen expenses of healthcare to try to save one from dying. Medicaid is one such option that provides easy enrolment options with transparent and secured financial transactions. It is also convenient for the applicants and their families to avail of the finances in times of need without the hassles of lengthy paperwork. However, there are certain guidelines to be kept in mind while applying for Medicaid. For this, pre-planning funeral services have to be arranged to fit into the requirements of Medicaid.

How to ensure qualifying for Medicaid through pre-planning funeral services?

Pre-planning funeral services while also considering Medicaid eligibility can be a complex process, but it is possible. Here are some steps you can take to pre-plan a funeral while also meeting Medicaid eligibility requirements:

  • Determine Medicaid eligibility: Before making any plans, you should determine whether you or your loved one is eligible for Medicaid benefits. Medicaid eligibility requirements vary by state, but generally, individuals must have limited income and assets to qualify.
  • Consult with a funeral director: Speak with a funeral director who has experience working with Medicaid recipients. They can help you plan a funeral that meets your needs while also complying with Medicaid guidelines.
  • Plan within Medicaid guidelines: Medicaid has specific guidelines for pre-planning funeral services. For example, the cost of a funeral cannot exceed a certain amount, and there may be restrictions on the types of services or merchandise that can be purchased.
  • Use a revocable funeral trust: A revocable funeral trust is a legal arrangement that allows you to set aside funds for funeral expenses without affecting Medicaid eligibility. The funds in the trust can be used to pay for funeral expenses, and any unused funds are returned to the estate.

Review and update regularly: Be sure to review and update your arrangements for pre-planning funeral services regularly to ensure that they are still compliant with Medicaid guidelines and your current wishes.

How to begin with the process of Pre-planning Funeral Services?

Pre-planning funeral services can be a difficult task, but it can also provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Here are some steps you can take to pre-planning your funeral services:

  • Determine your preferences: Think about what type of funeral service you would like, whether it’s traditional burial or cremation, religious or secular, and what type of service you would like.
  • Choose a funeral home: Research funeral homes in your area and choose one that meets your needs and budget. Schedule an appointment to meet with a funeral director to discuss your options.
  • Make financial arrangements: Consider pre-paying for your funeral expenses, either through an insurance policy or by setting aside funds in a trust or other account.
  • Notify your loved ones: Let your loved ones know that you have made pre-arrangements for your funeral services and provide them with a copy of your plans.
  • Update your will: Ensure that your funeral wishes are included in your will or other estate planning documents.
  • Keep your plans accessible: Make sure that your pre-planning documents are easily accessible to your loved ones when the time comes, either by keeping them in a safe place at home or by providing copies to your funeral home.

If you are pre-planning funeral services for your elders, make sure to receive the right consent and let them develop a complete understanding of the process. A representative from Beleiv can assist you in helping to discuss the details of pre-planning funeral services.


Even though pre-planning funeral services is a new concept in India, it is slowly gaining acceptance across the country. However, some people are still unable to understand the intent and benefits behind this process. With Beleiv, one can stay rest assured about all the requirements for preplanning funeral services. It is important to work with an experienced funeral director who is knowledgeable about Medicaid regulations to ensure that your arrangements for pre-planning funeral services meet your needs and comply with Medicaid guidelines.  This is well ensured by Beleiv.

Get in touch with Beleiv today, to begin the journey towards pre-planning funeral services.

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