Sumanahalli Crematorium

Sumanahalli Crematorium – Eternal place for Solace

Sumanahalli Crematorium- a serene setting for reflection and remembrance

Sumanahalli crematorium is a cremation ground located in the Indian city of Bangalore (Bengaluru). It is located in the Sumanahalli locality of the city, which is in the western part of Bangalore. The crematorium is managed by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), which is the local civic body responsible for managing the infrastructure and services in Bangalore. The crematorium provides facilities for both traditional cremation and electric cremation, as per the preferences of the families. The electric crematorium was established in 2014 and has since then become popular among the residents of the area due to its cost-effective and environment-friendly nature. The Sumanahalli Crematorium is open 24 hours a day and is equipped with modern facilities to make the cremation process dignified and efficient. The crematorium also has a waiting room and a prayer hall for the family and friends of the deceased to perform the last rites and it also has a separate section for cremating the bodies of children.

Sumanahalli Crematorium- Final rites that see no disparity in people

The Sumanahalli crematorium is one of the largest cremation grounds in Bangalore, and it is used by people of different religions and communities. Sumanahalli crematorium is a final resting place for people from various cultures and religions. As such, people from different cultures will likely have different customs and traditions surrounding death and mourning. According to cultural, religious and personal beliefs, the rites are taken forward.

The Sumanahalli Society is dedicated to assisting the poor and the needy, and they offer free or subsidized cremation services to those who cannot afford them. The crematorium also has a waiting area for the families, where they can wait while the final rites are being performed.

On an ending Note with Sumanahalli Crematorium,

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With this wing of services, Beleiv hopes to instil the belief in Goodwill and Regards

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