What You Need to Know About the Funeral Planning Process

What You Need to Know About the Funeral Planning Process


Coping with the death of a loved one is a difficult and emotional process. When struggling with the multitude of emotions that accompany a loss, families are faced with the daunting task of planning and preparing for a funeral. The entire process is not only physically demanding but also deeply personal and significant. And this s where having a funeral service organisation by your side can assist you find the right guidance and support throughout this grieving process.

While each family’s situation is different, there are many fundamental aspects things are consistently necessary while planning a funeral. This fundamental information serves as the framework for funeral arrangements, regardless of the personalised touches that you and your family may desire to include. Being equipped and mindful of these details before meeting with a funeral director will help facilitate the funeral planning process and save unnecessary pressure at an already challenging phase.

Basic Information 

The primary information that a funeral director ought to have regarding your deceased loved one includes one’s fundamental and basic details. This information consists of their official full name, date of birth, date of death, residential address, and place of death. These specifics are essential for the preparation of documents and forms ensuring that there will be no unnecessary hassles or delay in bringing your beloved deceased under the care and of your chosen funeral service organisation. 

Determining the Next of Kin or Applicant

For facilitating funeral planning procedures, it becomes important to know the appropriate next of kin [NOK] of the departed. [Next of Kin or NOK refers to the closest blood relative of the departed.] The funeral director can get a better idea of the entire scenario, the needs and requirements to be taken care of and the personal beliefs and faith that the family places importance on through having open and clear communication with the close relatives and family. 

It’s essential to remember that, despite the fact that the title “Next-of-Kin” is used in a variety of practical scenarios here, the Indian Succession Act, of 1925, as well as individual community personal laws, principally control legal issues relating to inheritance and succession in India. These laws specify legal heirs and grant them the authority to receive the decedent’s property and assets. In terms of inheritance, the idea of “legal heirs” is more specifically defined and has legal importance.

Extended Family Information

Your funeral director will compile the necessary data throughout the planning of the funeral to smoothly complete the death registration process and acquire a death certificate. This information mainly consists of details on the marriage, parents and children, and information about immigration, citizenship and employment.

Marriage Information

The funeral director makes a note of the legal spouse(s) of the deceased. It is also necessary to inquire about their previous marriages if they have been married more than once in their lifetime. The age of your loved one at the time of the wedding, and the complete name of their partner are some of the details that must be provided.

Parents’ Details

Information regarding the deceased’s parents entailing their official full names, jobs and occupations are important things to be noted so as to gather the birth, death and marriage records.

Children’s Information

The names of both the biological and adoptive children are listed on the death certificate. The required data includes all children’s full names, along with their birthdates.


There are multiple reasons why occupation is typically mentioned in death certificates as you can see below;

  • Record keeping: Keeping accurate documentation of the deceased’s job or occupation history can give an insight into their background and also prove to be helpful for demographic and statistical studies.
  • Documentation: The profession may be important for legal and administrative reasons, particularly when it comes to issues with inheritance, property ownership, and finances.
  • Genealogy and Family History: The employment information listed on the death certificate might come in useful to future generations trying to gather family history details in order to better understand the departed person’s life and achievements.
  • Research and Analysis: To examine trends and patterns relating to various professions and sectors, societal and demographic studies frequently depend on occupation data as well.

Do not stress too much about these documentation procedures, your funeral service provider will assist you so all the details can be submitted seamlessly and smoothly. Choose a reputable funeral service organisation that you can trust and resonate with.

Other Considerations

The funeral director will walk you through all of the elements of the service that their funeral home provides. Each one of these is optional and completely individualised in accordance with your family’s preferences. These choices include the type of coffin, floral arrangements, music for the service, venue of the funeral, whether to go for electrical cremation or traditional cremating methods, clothing for the deceased or other materials for the service. Through effective communication with your funeral director, you can assure to have a meaningful and heartfelt service through a reputable funeral service organisation.

The funeral ceremony needs to be a special representation of the person being celebrated. You are free to add or remove any details that are relevant to the life of your departed loved one. You have an occasion to express your inner thoughts into creative stances, while the funeral director can also recommend ideas to make sure the ceremony is both unique and honours your loved one. 

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of the funeral process, do not hesitate to reach out to Beleiv one of the most reputable funeral service organisations in India for immediate response and compassionate support.
We understand that this journey is challenging to you and would love to offer you the help and assistance in any form possible. 

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