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The 5 best thoughtful flowers for a death anniversary

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Sending flowers to a loved one when you are thinking about them has been a social custom for many decades. It is easy to show your support for a person for various different occasions  through the simple act of giving them flowers. 

One such occasion may be someone’s death anniversary. If it is the death anniversary of a friend, family member or anybody who is a loved one, you may wish to extend your support to them at this tough time by sending them some flowers for the death anniversary. Now, while you may think it is easy to simply pick up a bouquet and send it to the bereaved, it shows a lot more empathy if you try to understand which type of flowers and in which colour will best suit your purposes. Read on to know more.

Can I really send flowers for death anniversary?

The above question may have crossed your mind a few times. However, it is definitely acceptable to send anniversary wishes with flowers. It shows that you are acknowledging the departed soul’s memory and the life they have led. It also shows the bereaved that you are being a source of support for them to lean on during this difficult time. Thus, sending a bouquet or two sends a message of hope and encouragement. 

What colour flowers to send as anniversary wishes

Broadly speaking, the colour of the anniversary flowers for bouquets that you want to send for a death anniversary can differ widely depending on the culture you are a part of, as well as the bond between you and the deceased. Here are some general rules to keep in mind. 

1. Avoid excessively bright, colourful or “cheerful” flowers

Since you are sending flowers for a death anniversary, you should ensure that the flowers fit the sober mood of the occasion. Death anniversaries generally incorporate sad moments, memories and missing the deceased person. Thus, you should arrange flowers such that they fit this solemn occasion.

2. Know which colours you should steer clear from

If the deceased was a person of a different culture, you need to know the general rules regarding anniversary wishes with flowers in their culture first. This is because several cultures vary widely in the way they use and perceive meanings of different colours. For example, the colour red is associated with happiness and celebrations in China. Thus, if you are going to send flowers to a Chinese person for a death anniversary, you should definitely avoid using red flowers in the bouquet. 

3. Personalising the flower arrangement

If you take the time to personalise the anniversary flowers arrangement, it shows that you took the time to think about the feelings of the receiver. Especially if you knew the deceased person well, it is often better to make an effort to customise the flowers for the anniversary. Perhaps the deceased person loved pink tulips, or maybe they were fond of bright yellow sunflowers. When you incorporate the person’s favourite flowers in the flower decorations for their death anniversary, it is a beautiful way of honouring their memory. 

Thus, the flower arrangement that you choose as anniversary wishes  largely depends on the kind of relationship you had with the person who passed away, as well as any cultural norms that you need to adhere to. The more you can personalise the bouquet to reflect the person’s individuality, the better. However, if you did not know the person very well or were not on very close terms with them, it is then perfectly acceptable to get a generic floral arrangement as anniversary wishes as it will be curated particularly for death anniversaries by a florist.

Flowers to put in a death anniversary wishes bouquet

You may be wondering what flowers you should include in a floral arrangement for a death anniversary. Fret not, you can put together a beautiful bouquet if you choose flowers from the ones listed below. Many of these flowers are also appropriate as funeral flowers. 

1. White lillies

White is seen in most parts of the world as the colour of innocence and purity. White lilies often get included in several flower arrangements for funerals. As such, they are also suitable as death anniversary wishes flowers. They are graceful, elegant flowers which represent peace and dignity. Whether it is the death anniversary of a child or an adult, white lillies make a good choice for flowers for the occasion. 

2. Pink and white daisies

 The adorable daisy is a common favourite of many children. As such, they are often used for the flower decoration for the death anniversary of a child, toddler or infant. Daisies are often interpreted as symbols of childhood, innocence, and the joy that is inherent in children. White daisies represent innocence and pink daisies represent sympathy. Thus, they are often appropriate flowers for death anniversary wishes for a child. 

3. Roses

Roses are one of the most well known and globally preferred flowers for a variety of occasions. They have been used in floral arrangements for many different purposes for many decades and centuries. As such, they are also part of the flowers for death anniversary bouquets and flower decorations. The colour of the roses implies a lot when they are used in a death anniversary arrangement. Yellow roses represent friendship. Subsequently, if you want to honour the beauty and grace of the deceased, pink roses are the way to go. White roses represent peace and innocence of the person.

4. Baby’s breath

Traditionally, this little flower is not really used in death anniversary decoration and funeral decorations. However, if you are giving flowers for the death of a baby, they make a suitable choice. This delicate flower traditionally represents innocence and undying love. This makes it a beautiful choice to honour the short-lived life of the baby. 

5. Carnations

Carnations are beautiful little flowers that are very widely loved, and find their way into many different floral arrangements for various occasions, which include funeral flowers and death anniversary wishes flowers. They are found both in “proper” florist stores as well as in the flower section of local grocery stores. White carnations traditionally represent purity and innocence, yellow ones represent friendship, and pink carnations stand for remembrance and sadness.


Sending flowers for the death anniversary of a loved one, or in honour of a deceased person, is a beautiful act of kindness. Find the five perfect options for death anniversary wishes with flowers in this blog. 

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