The 4 Best Tribute Messages for Funerals

The 4 Best Tribute Messages for Funerals

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Funerals are solemn occasions. If you have been chosen to go up and give a short memorial tribute speech for the deceased, you may be wondering how to deliver an appropriate death tribute message. Even if you know how to write funeral speeches, you might also be in need of some inspiration when it comes to talking about the deceased in a manner that honours them; especially if they were someone very close to you. Put an end to your worrying, because here are some appropriate messages and short tribute samples you can use to frame your personalised speech.

Death tribute message for a parent

One of the hardest things in life is dealing with the loss of a parent. When you are trying to frame a fitting tribute speech for a deceased parent, you can try to consider and incorporate the following-

  • Instead of talking about a list of adjectives to describe the parent, you can tell the audience that you would like to narrate a few of your favourite stories about your parent, and let them draw their own beautiful image of them in their minds. 
  • You can tell the audience about what your mother or father had been doing in the last days of their life.
  • Here is a sample tribute you can use- “(my mother) had been quietly working with the homeless population for years. She didn’t talk or boast about it. In fact, she never said anything to our family about her work. Instead, she would quietly prepare bags of food and essentials. After this, several times whenever she found the time, she would distribute the packages to the homeless people and beggars in different parts of the town. I see the looks of surprise on some faces present here today, and you probably are asking yourself how you didn’t know this about my mother. That’s just the type of person she was—selfless and humble.”

Death tribute message for a sibling

When you are giving a speech as tribute for the funeral of a sibling, you can use some of the following tips in your message-

  • You can talk about their characteristics in a slightly funny, teasing manner like a sibling usually does.
  • You can mention how they would always behave sweetly with other people.
  • You can talk about their habits, their likes and dislikes, and their way of living.
  • Here is a sample tribute message you can use- “my (brother/sister) naturally attracted people to (him/her). (He/She) loved people, and people loved (him/her). It’s no surprise there are no empty seats in this gathering today. This means the world to my parents and me. We can’t express in words to you how much we have appreciated all the messages and care we have received in the days since my (brother/sister) died. Thank you for your support. It has been overwhelming.”

Death tribute message for a partner or spouse

It is incredibly hard to lose the person that you thought you would have forever in your life. When you are delivering your tribute messages for the death of a partner or a spouse, you can:

  • Talk about the incredible legacy they have left behind
  • Share some of the most beautiful memories you both created together
  • Share how the loss feels like you have lost a part of yourself
  • Make light jokes or talk about inside jokes the two of you shared
  • Here is a sample tribute speech you can use- “I am deeply happy and grateful for all the memories that I have of my life with (parter/spouse). Even though I feel as if I lost a vital body part, I know that someday I may again laugh when I remember some of his jokes, and the moments we shared. 

Tribute messages for the death of a friend

How can you talk about the death of a dear friend without getting upset or even crying? It is deeply sad when you have to share memories of a friend in the past tense. Here are some beautiful ways to give them a fitting tribute for their farewell-

  • You can talk about your first impressions of each other
  • You can share how you grew close over time
  • You can talk about their personality and how it brought joy and laughter into your life
  • You can also mention customs in your friendship or things that you used to do together
  • Here is a sample message you can use for a death tribute message for a friend- “I will always remember his contagious laughter. I would always know where he was whenever I entered a restaurant for lunch with him and our high school friends. I only had to pause at the entrance of the room and listen for his loud laugh. I never had to wait long to hear it because he was always the life of the party.”

How to choose the right words for an appropriate tribute message

In case the tips and sample speeches above did not help you out much, here are a few more tips to come up with a beautiful death tribute message –

  • Give yourself an extensive amount of time to write your speech. Begin to note down whatever ideas come to your mind as soon as you are asked. You may also want to speak to other people as well, who knew the deceased, to hear more stories about them and gather ideas. 
  • Write out a draft of your speech. Try to use as many examples and stories showcasing the person’s individuality as possible. Avoid making general statements about the person’s unique personality without having a particular memory or anecdote to share. 
  • Finally, once you feel like you are done framing your draft, share it with several other people. Ask for their suggestions and be open-minded with any edits. 


Funerals are a hard time for all of us. Dealing with grief is not easy. We hope that this article has helped you in finalising appropriate tribute messages if you are chosen to speak at someone’s funeral. Beleiv in Bangalore is an organisation that is always ready to make your experience easier when having to plan and organise a funeral. Contact Beleiv to take care of all your funeral needs. 

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