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Panathur Cremation Centre is one of the leading cremation grounds in Bangalore. It provides cremation facilities according to various religious and cultural traditions. Established in 1982, it is located in Panathur village, on the outskirts of Bangalore city. In this article, we will discuss the various facilities and services provided by Panathur Cremation Centre.

Cremation Services in Panathur provides various cremation services to the residents of Bangalore and surrounding areas with dignity and respect.

History of Panathur Cremation Centre

The Panathur Cremation Centre was established in 1982 by the Panathur Gram Panchayat to address the rising need for a legitimate incineration ground. At the time, most of the city’s current incineration grounds were crowded due to rapid urbanization and population development.

Panathur Cremation Center began with essential offices on 25 sections of land given by the locals. Throughout the long haul, the incineration place has expanded its district and upgraded workplaces considering the solicitations of the propelling society. It is spread north of 50 sections of land and cares for individuals from all religions and networks in Bangalore.

Location and Approach of Panathur Crematorium 

Panathur Cremation Centre is 15 km from Bangalore’s downtown area. It may be used to get to Panathur Fundamental Street, which branches off Sarjapur Street. Neighbourhood city transports utilize Panathur and various parts of Bangalore, like Koramangala, HSR Layout, and so on. 

Cabs and confidential vehicles additionally provide a simple way to admit to the incineration place. A sufficient stopping office is accessible inside the premises. Billboards guide guests to areas like electric/wood crematoriums, graveyards, and so on once they are inside the premises.

Cremation Centre

A portion of the critical offices accessible at Panathur Cremation Center include:

  • Electric and Wood Crematoriums: Five present-day electric crematoriums and three customary wood fire incineration spots exist. Electric incineration is a cleaner and quicker process, while wood fires take into consideration customary ceremonies.
  • Graveyard: Separate, very much kept up with regions are dispensed for internment according to Hindu, Muslim and Christian customs.
  • Funeral home: A fundamental morgue office can keep the body until the last customs. Cooling fans and sheets are given.
  • Petition Corridor: A request lobby close to the entry permits lamenting families and guests to sit, ask or perform starting customs.
  • Fundamental Conveniences: Offices, such as water, restrooms, and rescue vehicles, are accessible. A parking spot and shade from trees are provided.
  • Staff: The prepared staff handles the tasks and helps with ceremonies, desk work, etc. Police help is likewise accessible on demand.

Procedure for Using the Facilities

The standard procedure to avail of cremation or burial facilities involves the following steps:

  • Contact the office staff and submit proof of the deceased’s identity/address.
  • Staff will verify the availability of spots and allot dates/times based on requests. Slots are allotted on a first-come basis.
  • Payment of prescribed fees applies to the facilities and services used. Various package rates are available.
  • Final rituals, such as bathing, dressing, etc., can be performed in the mortuary before the cremation/burial on the scheduled day.
  • Prayer rituals may be performed in the prayer hall before proceeding to the actual spot.
  • The centre staff supervises cremation/burial as per procedures.
  • Post rituals like immersions are also supported at nearby water bodies if required.

Impending Plans

To further develop administrations, Panathur Cremation Center has arranged some extension works in the forthcoming years, which include:

  • Expanding Region: Gaining 15 additional sections of land to decongest existing space and address future necessities.
  • New Structures: We are developing a larger morgue with additional offices, like AC rooms. A managerial structure is additionally arranged.
  • Overhauls: Presenting flammable gas lines for crematoriums. Restoring fundamental conveniences and adding highlights like shades/seating spaces.
  • Extraordinary Regions: Creating separate unique nooks to incinerate Coronavirus casualties according to rules.
  • Commemorations: Making a remembrance park inside the premises for those needing a tranquil feel for last customs.

These upgrades intend to make the incineration community a more excellent, more occupant-friendly, and more steady office for the future.

By and large, Appraisal

Overall, Panathur Cremation Center has established itself as a solid choice for carrying out the last rituals of deceased people from Bangalore. A few key qualities are its essential area, scope of offices custom-made to various beliefs and customs, prepared administration, and dynamically further developing foundation throughout the long term. 

While more present than a few confidential crematoriums, it offers a reasonably freely open source for completing memorial service customs, particularly for financially more vulnerable segments of the general public. With tireless updates, it hopes to remain a dependable assistance for the neighbourhood for years.

Are there any specific guidelines or procedures for cremating COVID victims at Panathur Cremation Centre?

Here are the specific guidelines and procedures for cremating COVID victims at Panathur Cremation Centre:

Special Procedures for COVID Victims

  • As per government guidelines, a separate enclosed area has been allotted away from the main cremation grounds. 
  • Only a maximum of 5 close family members in PPE kits are allowed. Others can pay respects from a distance.
  • The deceased body will be in a plastic-wrapped coffin/bag and handled with utmost care by trained staff using full PPE and safety equipment. 
  • Electric cremation is recommended because it is a faster process and avoids risks. Wood pyres are avoided due to longer flames and smoke issues. 
  • The cremation will be supervised by staff continuously to ensure the complete burning of the body and ashes within the least possible time. 
  • Other rituals involving direct contact with the deceased, like bathing or dressing, are not allowed. Prayers are conducted from a distance, keeping in mind social distancing norms. 
  • Family members must submit a negative COVID report taken 48 hours before the cremation date. 
  • The cremated ashes or remains cannot be immersed in water bodies and are handed over to the family in a sealed container only. 
  • The entire area is sanitized using disinfectant spray after each cremation before subsequent use. PPE worn by staff is disposed of safely. 

Stringent adherence to protocols is followed to prevent any risk of disease transmission and protect the safety of relatives and staffers.

In this article, we learned about the Panathur Cremation Centre, which has been catering to Bangalore residents’ cremation and burial needs since 1982. While initial facilities were basic, it has developed into a critical public facility with offerings like electric and wood cremation, burial grounds and basic amenities over time. 

Following proper procedures, people can avail of its services to conduct last rites respectfully and peacefully. Tentative arrangements demonstrate its vision to be a more extensive, further developed, and climate-cordial help community. Generally speaking, Panathur Cremation is a dependable choice for the dispossessed local area at reasonable rates.

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