Cremation Grounds in Bengaluru

Cremation Grounds in Bengaluru: A Comprehensive Guide

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Cremation Grounds in Bengaluru are a fundamental assistance in the city, as they assist individuals with playing out the last ceremonies of their friends and family with nobility. 

Bengaluru is one of the greatest and most populated urban cities in India. With such an enormous populace, the city has numerous cremation grounds to work with the last ceremonies of the departed.

Sumanahalli Crematorium is an important cremation ground located on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Wilson Garden Electric Cremation Services is a private crematorium providing state-of-the-art facilities for cremation.

In this article, we will research the most outstanding and well-prepared cremation grounds in Bengaluru and discuss their experiences, areas, and offices.

Cremation Grounds in Bengaluru

Chord Road Cremation Ground

One of the most extensive and most seasoned cremation grounds in Bengaluru is situated on Harmony Street in Rajarajeshwari Nagar. Laid out during the 1960s, this ground spreads north of 25 sections of land. Because of its vast size, it can deal with many incinerations consistently. 

The facilities include electric and wood pyres, prayer halls, waiting areas, and restrooms. Near the entrance, shops sell rite essentials like wood, sandalwood, ghee, etc. Due to the constant activity, the atmosphere inside can be smoky and noisy.

One drawback is that many pyres operate simultaneously, so preserving anonymity can take time and effort. The cremation grounds are overseen by the Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BMP). Generally speaking, because of its size, area and offices, Chord Road remains one of the most active incineration locales in the city.

Peenya Cremation Ground

This ground has been functional since the 1960s and is close to the Peenya Modern Region. Arranged on seven sections of land, it handles 30-40 incinerations daily.

Facilities include:

  • Wood and CNG gas pyres.
  • Waiting spaces near individual pyres.
  • Basic amenities like drinking water and restrooms.

The premises are relatively smaller than Chord Road so that the last rites can be performed more privately here.

The grounds are moderately crowded and maintained cleanly by BBMP. While smaller than some other sites, Peenya Crematorium still effectively serves the nearby locale. Its generally confined area makes it a favoured choice for some families.

Hebbal Cremation Ground 

Arranged off Mysore Road in Hebbal, this ground was laid out in the late 1970s. Spread over ten sections of land, it conducts 30-40 incinerations consistently.

Facilities include electric and wood pyres, prayer halls, waiting spaces near individual pyres, and essential amenities. A unique feature is the presence of a Bhuta Shani Temple inside the premises, paying homage to the deity of the cremation grounds in Bengaluru.

Banashankari Cremation Ground

This crematorium, built in the mid-1990s, is near Banashankari Temple off Old Airport Street. Spread north over seven sections of land; it generally conducts 20-30 daily rituals.

Facilities include wood and CNG gas pyres, waiting spaces, and basic amenities like drinking water and restrooms. Due to its proximity to the famous temple, this cremation ground is relatively closer to residential locales in South Bengaluru.

While not very large, the cremation grounds in Bengaluru are generally clean and orderly. The only drawback may be higher crowds and activity levels on weekends and festivals owing to the neighbouring prominent temple. However, for residents nearby, it remains a preferred option.

Other Key Cremation Grounds in Bangalore

Some other notable cremation grounds in Bengaluru include –

  • Haravu in Kengeri – Established in the 1980s, it is situated near Rachenahalli Lake and handles 15-20 cremations daily.
  • Hennur Road – Located near Hennur, this ground from the 1970s conducts 10-15 last rites on average daily.
  • Hegde Nagar – Situated near Jai Bhim Nagar, it has been operational since the early 1990s and facilitates ten daily cremations.
  • Kumbarhalli Lake – Located in Kumbarganj, this site started in the late 1980s and conducts 5-10 last rites daily.
  • All these facilities provide necessities while adhering to norms prescribed by local civic bodies. They adequately serve the nearby residential areas.

What are the facilities and services offered at the cremation grounds in Bengaluru?

Below are some additional details about the facilities and services offered at cremation grounds in Bengaluru:


  • Most cremation grounds offer both electric and wood pyres. Electric pyres allow for a faster cremation process. 
  • More enormous grounds like Chord Road have separate enclosed spaces for electric and wood pyres.
  • Pyres are well-maintained, and BMC staff can assist with the cremation.

Prayer Halls and Waiting Areas

  • Prayer halls provide a shaded area for prayers, rituals and waiting near individual pyres. 
  • Seating is available, and some halls have A/C for comfort during summer.
  • Open-air waiting spaces are also created near pyres for friends and family.


  • Clean drinking water, restrooms, and changing rooms are present.
  • Vehicle parking space is allocated near the entrance.
  • Medical waste disposal facilities meet safety standards.
  • Food stalls may operate outside some extensive cremation grounds.

Documentation and Procedures

  • The death certificate and cremation permission from the local authorities are mandatory. 
  • Cremation is monitored, and records are maintained as per procedures.
  • Designated officials oversee operations and assist when required.


  • Entrance and perimeter fencing maintain privacy and control access.
  • CCTV cameras cover vital areas, and security guards are deployed. 
  • To prevent issues, BMC also regulates timings and crowd size near pyres.

What method is involved in acquiring the cremation authorization from the nearby authorities?

Below are the moves towards getting incineration authorization from the nearby expert in Bengaluru:

  • The closest police headquarters ought to account for the demise. The police will give a reminder or pass a hint structure.
  • The relatives then take the body to the closest government medical clinic. At the emergency clinic, the clinical official inspects the body and issues a medico-legitimate declaration (MLC) referencing the reason and season of death.
  • In the event of death at home, the MLC can be given by the clinical official after looking at the body at home.
  • When the MLC is acquired, it is submitted alongside the police notice to the neighbourhood city body’s enlistment centre of births and passing office.
  • The enlistment centre will give a transitory passing declaration after the check.
  •  This brief passing declaration, MLC, and police reminder are submitted to the neighbourhood city body’s wellbeing office.
  • After affirming all records, the health official issues the incineration/entombment authorization, which regularly takes 1-2 working days.
  • For incineration, the authorization archive must be introduced at the chosen crematorium.

So, in a rundown – MLC, police reports, and brief passing endorsement are essential records expected to acquire the compulsory cremation consent from the neighbourhood municipal body.

How far are cremation grounds in Bengaluru from the railway station and airport?

Here are the approximate distances of some principal cremation grounds in Bengaluru from key transport hubs:

From Bengaluru City Railway Station:

  • Chord Road Cremation Ground – 15-20 km 
  • Peenya Cremation Ground – 12-15 km
  • Hebbal Cremation Ground – 18-20 km
  • Banashankari Cremation Ground – 15-18 km

From Bengaluru International Airport: 

  • Chord Road Cremation Ground – 25-28 km
  • Peenya Cremation Ground – 22-25 km  
  • Hebbal Cremation Ground – 20-22 km
  • Banashankari Cremation Ground – 18-20 km

From Bangalore City Bus Stand:

  • Chord Road Cremation Ground – 12-15 km
  • Peenya Cremation Ground – 10-12 km
  • Hebbal Cremation Ground – 15-18 km  
  • Banashankari Cremation Ground – 8-10 km

The principal cremation grounds in Bengaluru are 10 to 25 km from crucial transit points. Public/private transportation like cabs and buses can be easily accessed. Lesser distances for grounds like Banashankari make them more accessible from central areas of the city.

As seen above, several well-established cremation grounds in Bengaluru are distributed across the city to handle the last rites needs of a metro with over 10 million inhabitants. While facilities may vary, all sites aim to provide dignified cremation responsibly. Proper maintenance by civic agencies also ensures their regular, smooth functioning.

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