Kengeri Electric Crematorium.

An array of services for organised cremation at Kengeri Electric Crematorium.

Introduction for Kengeri Electric Crematorium.

The most challenging phase of mankind is to accept the loss of the loved ones, and bid them a farewell. The guilt of not able to arrange a proper funeral will always bother and disturb. So, here at Beleiv we make sure that your loved one’s goodbye is properly arranged with all the amenities and facilities. In every tradition, arranging for a funeral that not only pacifies the soul of the bereaved, but brings a element of satisfaction of biding a proper goodbye is the elementary component aftermath the death. 

People find it hard to arrange for the funeral rites, while they will be surfing into the hardest wave of digesting the news of the death. Especially, post-covid situations has made it still more challenging to arrange for a proper and organised cremation. 

In India, we belive that sending the departed soul with well-organised cremation and prayers will eventually open the doors of heaven to them. So, here at Beleiv, we work with the motto of rendering customised funeral and crematorium services with all the necessary amenities and provisions. We believe that your emotions and sentiments towards the departed remain intact while we arrange the best crematorium service. We assist you at your toughest times by being the helping hand in organising all the utilities at the time of the funeral.

Kengeri Electronic crematorium provides an array of facilities staring from the transportation to the cremation. Here’s a list of services provided at the place.

  1. Wood pyre and electric cremation are available around-the-clock.
  2. Transportation by funeral van, hearse van, or ambulance van
  3. Transport of Loved Ones’ Dead Bodies from One City to Another, Including Home and Point-to-Point Delivery.
  4. Facilities for preserving human remains in freezer boxes for several days.
  5. Complete Funeral and cremation Services are provided at Kasi, Gaya, Rameshwaram,Haridwar, Prayagraj, etc with Departed Body Transportation from Flight. Passengers Flight Tickets, Hotel Booking, Airport Transfers,Ghat sightseeing, etc are provided at the site.
  6. Assistance in provided for Booking the Slot at the Crematorium or Ghat.
  7. Authorised Doctor on call is present to regulate the Death Certificate at Residence.
  8.  Arrangement of Antim Sanskar Samagri that includes Clothes, Sacred Items, Pind Daan, Mango leaves, etc.
  9. Pandit Services/Dasappa/Purohit for Rituals and Additional Guidance.
  10. Obituary services across India, All languages
  11. Other services also include Shradh Services, 13 day ritual priest service, Asti visarjan, etc.

Do you feel alone at the times of funeral? Well, fear not! Beleiv also provides hearty assistance and makes sure that everything at the place is satisfactorily maintained. At the Kengeri Electric Crematorium, there are various assistance rendered by Beleiv:

  • A funeral manager for overall supervision and co-ordinate with overall arrangement of funeral rites.
  • Bothered and worried about what papers to carry and whom to contact for documentation during the funeral? We do, however, have a remedy for it as well. We will provide assistance in clearing the documentation work at the crematorium. 
  • A dedicated helper will always be present for constant and continuous support. 

 Do not ponder around on what to carry at the Kengeri Electric Crematorium. Here’s a dissected list of requirements that need to be carried at the Kengeri Electric Crematorium:

  1. Deceased’s Voters card, AADHAR Card, or Passport. 
  2. In case of Natural Death at Residence, Form 4 with Registration number and duly signed by an authorised doctor. 
  3. In case of Hospital Death,FORM 4A or Death Summary
  4. Police In the case of an unnatural death, a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE is required.
  5. confirmation of crematorium slot reservations.


With all these services at the place of funeral, right from transportation, funeral rites, documentation, and cremation at the Kengeri Electric Crematorium, We at Beleiv, believe that the procedures for the last journey must be satisfactory and fulfil the requirements of the departed’s family and friends. 

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