Dead Body Transportation in Pune

Compassionate And Efficient Dead Body Transportation In Pune

Every individual has the right to be cremated/buried after death according to his/her respective family traditions and wishes. Not everyone who is unwell or nearing death realises that their life is coming to an end. But it is essential to give the deceased a proper and dignified burial or cremation. Many of your relatives or close friends live away from you. If they die in another city, performing their last rites according to religious rituals can be a difficult task. In such situations, Beleiv Dead Body Transportation in Pune comes to your aid in such circumstances. You can quickly transport the dead body of your loved one anywhere by Road/Train/Air. 

Hassle-Free Road Transportation Of The Mortal Remains Is The Best Option For Dead Body Transportation In Pune

Pune is one of the major and densely populated cities of Maharashtra in India. According to statistics, apart from natural deaths, Pune has seen over 1000 accidental deaths in the past year. Beleiv realizes the level of difficulty in transporting the dead bodies and advises people to use mortuary vehicles in Pune. If the distance is less than 500 km, road transport is the best choice. Beyond this distance, travel times may be longer, so air transportation is preferable. Pune is well connected with roads and bodies can be transported to the homes of the deceased using Pune hearses and freezer boxes.

Air Transportation Of Dead Bodies In Pune Is A Wise Choice!

However, road ambulances and trains are good options for transporting bodies to neighbouring cities, and airlines are the best means of transporting the mortal remains across the country and to distant states. Even if you live abroad, our professional staff can easily dislocate and transport the dead body. 

After securing all the required documents such as identification and medical certificates, the body can be transported to the airport in Pune using a body transport vehicle service, which is provided by Beleiv. The plane, transportation of the dead body is done by airfreight, and the airline’s cargo department must be contacted to transport it in a coffin. A hearse in Pune will help transport the body to the airport.

The following steps are required to be taken in the process:

  • Obtain a death certificate and/or injunction (if applicable, for autopsy) and transfer the dead body to the morgue for freezing.
  • Obtain NOC from local police authorities.
  • The morgue/mortuary issues a packing and embalming certificate for the remains.
  • Next, obtain an air waybill for filing the paperwork and booking the shipment. This should be done 4 hours before it departs.

Believ Offers An Inexpensive Economical Price For Dead Body Transportation In Pune

In Hinduism and all other religions, there are a number of rituals that are performed after the demise of a person. This requires a significant amount of money. We offer reasonable funeral services that do not put a burden on your wallet. Difficulties come when you least expect them. Losing a loved one is irreversible, but a dignified funeral can bring you relief. Embalming the mortal remains is an essential step in cargo handling. 

During embalming, body fluids are replaced with chemical solutions to preserve the corpse. For open-basket funerals and cremations, Pune body transportation by air is a favourable and inexpensive option. It reduces the deterioration of the body and makes it easier to see the deceased after being received. We not only provide air transportation of mortal remains in Pune but also assist with the paperwork and formalities required after a death.

To conclude,

Believe makes your loved one’s final journey an unforgettable and memorable one. We are a dedicated team with full preparedness and a zeal to serve humanity in difficult times. Feel free to contact us for Dead Body Transportation in Pune. For any queries or appointments, call +919901224122 and experience customisable and comprehensive funeral services from Beleiv. 

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