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Experience emotions of Goodbyes at Panattur Crematorium

Saying goodbye to your loved ones with dignity and compassion at Panattur Crematorium

Panattur Crematorium is a modern facility located in Panattur, a hustling locality in Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka. The facility provides a dignified and respectful space for people to perform the last rites of their loved ones. The crematorium is built on a 3-acre land and is equipped with modern technology to ensure efficient and safe cremation.

The crematorium features two electric cremation furnaces and a traditional pyre for those who prefer it. The electric furnaces use a clean and eco-friendly method to cremate the bodies, while the traditional pyre provides a more conventional approach to the funeral ceremony. The facility is also equipped with a generator backup to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Panattur Crematorium has a waiting hall, where the mourners can wait while the last rites are being performed. The hall can accommodate up to 100 people at a time and is equipped with comfortable seating and air conditioning. There are also separate washrooms for men and women.

Drawing on the unique features of Panattur Crematorium

One of the unique features of Panattur Crematorium is its eco-friendly approach. The facility has a rainwater harvesting system, which helps to conserve water. The ashes from the cremation are collected and can be used for various purposes like scattering in the sea, planting a tree or keeping in an urn.

The facility is maintained by the local panchayat and is available to people of all religions and castes. The cost of cremation is minimal and affordable for everyone. The staff at the facility is trained to handle funeral proceedings with compassion and sensitivity.

Panattur Crematorium is also equipped with the following amenities:

  • Ample parking space 
  • Friendly and responsive staff
  • Hygienic environment
  • Supports different beliefs and cultures and is open to service for all
  • In connection with expert funeral service providers like 

Concluding words

In conclusion, Panattur Crematorium is a modern facility that provides a dignified and respectful space for people to perform the last rites of their loved ones. Its eco-friendly approach and affordable cost make it a preferred choice for many in the region.

Experience emotions of Goodbyes at Panattur Crematorium

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