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The Meaning And Value Of Hindu Rituals During Cremation

Hinduism consists of many sects, subsects and regional variations with different beliefs. Generally, Hindus believe that life and death are part of the concept of reincarnation or rebirth. The ultimate goal of many Hindus is to be free from cravings, thereby escaping reincarnation and reaching Moksha, the transcendental state of salvation. Upon reaching Moksha, the soul is absorbed by Brahman, the divine power and ultimate reality. Hindu Cremation Ground Hyderabad offers all funeral services and always contact Beleiv for smooth and satisfactory funeral-related services.

When Death Is Imminent And Unavoidable

When a Hindu is nearing death, the priest should be contacted and the priest and family should be together to be with the dying person. Attendees are required to sing the bhajan or play a recording of the bhajan being sung. If death is imminent, the body should be placed on the floor mat if possible. A small amount of Ganges water is put into the mouth of the dying person. If this is not possible prior to death, these measures should be taken immediately after death.

After The Occurrence Of Death

When death comes, the gathered people avoid touching their bodies unnecessarily, as it is considered impure. This also avoids the spread of any sort of infection from the dead body to the gathering of people.

When To Hold A Hindu Funeral?

Funeral preparations will begin soon, preferably within sunset or 24 hours of death. Burial should take place as soon as possible – traditionally by the following dusk or dawn, whichever comes first. Please contact the Beleiv team as soon as possible. We will guide you through the process and manage all cremation activities with empathy.

The Importance Of Organ Donation

Hindus are allowed to donate organs as there are no laws against donating organs or tissues. The Beleiv team is here to help you out with the procedures of organ donation. Please let our funeral service manager know. The rest will be handled by us just fine.

The Process Of Bathing Ritual

Traditionally, in Hinduism, family members and close friends wash the dead body of the loved one. At Beleiv, we understand the importance of bathing the deceased and providing a dignified final bath, ready for families to witness as their loved ones prepare for their final journey.

During the bathing ritual, the head of the deceased should face south. A lighted oil lamp and an image of the deceased’s favourite deity should be kept next to the deceased’s head. Traditionally, the body is immersed in a mixture of milk, yoghurt, ghee (clarified butter) and honey for an abhisheka (sacred bath). The body can also be immersed in purified water. While bathing the body, the bather must either recite the sacred mantra/bhajan or play a pre-recorded audio recording of the sacred mantra or bhajan. Once the body is sufficiently cleansed, the big toes are tied, the palms are placed together in a prayer position, and a plain white cloth is wrapped around the body. If the deceased is a married woman who died before her husband, a traditional new silk saree is draped on her.


Embalming is permissible but not obligatory in Hinduism. Preparing a loved one for his final journey is an emotionally draining process for the family. We at Beleiv resonate with your feelings and are well-prepared to provide embalming services for the deceased person.

Visiting The Cremation Ground

In traditional pyre cremation, Hindus usually pay a short visit and examine the cremation ground before cremation. Hindu Cremation Ground Hyderabad allows you to pre-check the cremation ground and ensure all arrangements are done. 

Hindu Cremation Ground Hyderabad – (Amberpet)

Amberpet Hindu Cremation Ground Hyderabad is near the Municipal corporation of Hyderabad. It is rather big and the cemetery also has toilets, waiting areas and a vast parking lot. Beleiv offers all funeral services in Hyderabad.

This crematorium offers:

  • Traditional Wood logs Pyre Cremation as well as Electric burning is open 24×7. 
  • Providing Transportation by Mortuary Van/Hearse Van/Ambulance Van
  • Freezer Box facilities to preserve Human remains overnight or more.
  • Dead Body Transport from One City to Another City, includes Home Delivery, Point to Point Delivery.
  • End to End Funeral Services at Kasi, Rameswaram, Prayagraj, Gaya, Haridwar, etc.,
  • Dead Body Transport through Flight, Passenger’s Flight Tickets, Hotel Booking, Airport Transfers, Taxi, Ghat sightseeing, etc
  • Assisting in Booking the Slot at the Crematorium or Ghat.
  • End-to-End Funeral Services

Make your loved one’s final journey an unforgettable and memorable one, by choosing Beleiv, Hindu Cremation Ground Hyderabad. For any queries or appointments, call +919901224122 and experience customisable and comprehensive funeral-related services from Beleiv.

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