Funeral Services In Hyderabad

Importance of Funeral Services In Hyderabad

Funerals can be a very challenging time and an emotional turmoil for family members of the deceased. Especially the deceased’s closest family and relatives may have to face the stressful time of grief along with the burden of making necessary arrangements for the funeral. In addition to losing a loved one and a huge personal loss, making funeral arrangements can be frustrating and confusing, especially at such tough times. The terminology of a funeral is explained below. Believ is one of the leading online ventures offering funeral services in India.

Funeral Services in Hyderabad

The experience of turmoil and loss of someone close can be heart-wrenching. However inevitable the truth of death is, we still feel a roller coaster of emotions of confusion, guilt, sorrow, regret and much more. Even though it takes a lot to accept the loss, one has to take part and conduct the funeral rites of the deceased. These rituals and ceremonies have been written and described in our holy books for ages. They hold a lot of power in providing peace to the departed soul

Believ funeral services in Hyderabad is a team of dedicated and empathetic professionals guiding and assisting mourning families during the toughest time of their lives. We cater to people belonging to different religions and ethnicities. Our experience and expertise include end-to-end assistance in conducting the pre and post-cremation ceremonies, guidance and assistance for conducting the rituals and offering constant support 24*7.

Details of funeral services in Hyderabad

  • We offer transportation services of the ambulance, hearse and mortuary van. Freezer Box services and transportation of the dead body to another State or Country are also done by air.
  • Providing all the items required to conduct the final rites, which includes antim sanskar samagri, urns, holy cloth, shrouds, caskets, biers, coffins, and much more.
  • Providing services of Priests/ Pandit and Purohits at home for conducting the rituals. The rituals also include recitations of shlokas such as Vishnu Sahsranama, Garuda Purana and Bhagavad Gita.

Hindu rituals and ceremonies include:

  • Asthi Visarjan ceremony 
  • AparaKriya and Shraddha Vidhi
  • Pitru Tarpan, Pitru Pooja, Pind Daan, Masik Shraddha, Varshik Shraddha etc.,

Worrying about International Funeral Services in Hyderabad – Come to Believ!

Beleiv gives you the option to host funeral services in countries abroad also. Suppose you are stuck in another country than India and facing the situation of conducting the funeral ceremony of your loved one across foreign waters, we are here to help you. You can be worry-free and rely upon us for conducting funeral services in the same tradition you have been following even in a foreign country. It could be a difficult and overwhelming situation for you to lose your loved one in some other country and hold the responsibility of fulfilling the last rites of a beloved one between strangers. In such a situation, we are there to comfort you and help you as a true companion.

Finding it difficult to get Freezer Box Services in Hyderabad – Believ is the place.

There might be situations, when you may not be able to go ahead with the cremation of your beloved one immediately. Some close relatives or friends living in distant places or abroad may take time to reach your place. In such situations, the body of the deceased person should be preserved in a freezer box till the arrival of the relative and cremation is completed. There might also be a situation where you need to carry the deceased body from one place in Hyderabad to another or maybe even outside Hyderabad. In such situations, embalming the body in a freezer box is important. Beleiv provides freezer box services which are 100% customizable as per your needs.

Believ provides Dead Body Transport Services in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a big city and transportation of a dead body of a beloved from one area of Hyderabad to another is not an easy task. You can find it difficult to find a vehicle for transporting the body or be stuck in documentation issues. Believ is there to solve all your problems relating to transportation and documentation of dead bodies in Hyderabad. We will help you out with the entire procedure with the utmost respect and care for you and the departed soul.

Asthi Visarjan and Shradh Services in Hyderabad

Asthi Visarjan is a very important religious Hindu ritual wherein the ashes and bones of the dead person should be immersed in any river or ocean. Beleiv provides all Asthi visarjan services covering all the requirements and being the helping hand you need in those hard times. We provide you with a priest who would carry out the entire rituals and rites adhering to all the religious traditions.

Beleiv provides you with all the cremation-related services needed that would help your deceased loved one rest in peace. This includes all the shradh rituals till the 13th day from the day of death as per Hindu traditions. We also cover the yearly memorial services for the deceased person.

Pre-planning Funeral Services in Hyderabad

Believ provides you with the option to pre-plan your funeral. You can see and plan how things would go after you depart and save a lot of hassle and discomfort for your loved ones. From arranging the decor to all the nuances and conduction of the cremation in Hyderabad, you can plan it all out very conveniently. We give you the opportunity to plan and map it all out and save a lot of energy and time later. Often after sudden deaths, people facing the loss feel confused and do not have time to get back on their feet. In such cases, you can provide them with the luxury of time and let them go through the tough phase with proper preparations to mourn peacefully.


We assist in every ritual required for the ceremony. Our priests and staff are experienced and knowledgeable and can be completely trusted for a dignified funeral performed according to our traditions and heritage. We provide a comprehensive and full package of funeral services. We also offer some special services like Eco-Friendly Funerals, Embalming Services, Celebration of Life Events, Prayer Meeting Via Zoom, Theme-based funeral decors and Counselling Services.

At Believ, we offer full-package funeral services in India and believe in sharing your emotions and trying moments together!

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