Harishchandra Ghat Electric Crematorium

Harishchandra Ghat Electric Crematorium | Traditions and cultures holding back Technology?

Harishchandra Ghat Electric Crematorium

Harishchandra Ghat Electric Crematorium is named after King Harishchandra, who used to work at the cremation ground to preserve truth. It is said that God restored his lost kingdom and son as a reward for his perseverance in truth and honesty.

What is a crematorium?

The bodies of the deceased are burned on a pyre in a cremation ground, also known as a crematorium. These final rites are essential for every Indian and are carried out respectfully by priests according to Hindu culture. While traditions and ancient scriptures mention a funeral pyre made of wood, CNG and electric cremation facilities are now available.

India is switching to Technology, but many people desire tradition even in death.

It is not something that drives us down. On the contrary, traditions are a window to our roots. We need to know our traditions to strive. It is not just learning these traditions but understanding them that will push us into the modern age. Without understanding our traditions, we cannot blindly follow them or deny them.  

Why are we opting for electric crematoriums?

According to ancient scriptures and cultures, all old traditions have underlying reasoning that we are unaware of today. But this is because we have shifted away from spirituality and toward convenience. However, the importance of the last rites has recently been questioned.

Culture and tradition are influential but can’t stand in the way of modernisation. In the same way, modernisation is not the downfall of civilisation. They need to coexist. Only then will our society achieve the pinnacle of its development. 

In our country, cremation is a significant part of a funeral. It’s not just about the rituals you do after death but also about cremation. Cremation has been one of the most important parts of Hindu tradition for centuries. Electric crematoriums reduce the amount of pollution and time consumed for proper incineration. Thus, saving resources and time to finish all the procedures without delay.


Traditions and cultures do not hold back technological advancement. Instead, it inspires Technology. Our practices and cultures pave the way for Technology, and Technology is just a tool to assist us, not define us. For example, electric crematoriums are just a tool for us to properly send our loved ones away on their journey to the afterlife. We at Beleiv understand this and will work with dedication to ensure that your loved one’s memories are cherished while sending them off without ignoring traditional and cultural values.

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