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2023 Funeral Trends: Helping People Cope in Difficult Times

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Expressing farewell and homage during the demise of a close one has always been a difficult task. The thought of losing away a person with whom one shared such true bonds is heartbreaking. However, this closeness and how much the deceased means to you, makes people want to hold Funeral Services that depict the lives of the dear departed.

In 2023, the Funeral Services have seen unique ideas that indulge both in traditions and customs as well as a touch of personalisation, making it a befitting farewell to remember.

1. Personalization:

Funeral services are becoming more personalized, reflecting the unique life and personality of the deceased. This trend is likely to continue in 2023, with more families opting for customized services that include unique decorations, music, and special touches that reflect their loved one’s life.

What is all the hype about?

Personalisation is another name for finding the essence of a person. Since funerals are an intimate event, close to the hearts of the well-wishers gathered, the condolences are best if offered in the most unique way that reflects every memory and moment impacted by the deceased. 

2. Green funerals:

Environmental concerns are influencing the funeral industry, with more people opting for green funerals that are eco-friendly and sustainable. This trend is likely to continue in 2023, with more funeral homes offering green burial options, biodegradable caskets, and other sustainable funeral products.

Why is this trending?

Funerals are considered a noble cause. While we exercise and deliver the last rites and prayers, it is always felt the best if we do it with utmost purity. This could also mean reducing any carbon footprints and damage to nature and the environment in any way. After all, are we also not a part of this beautiful nature?

3. Virtual funerals:

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual funerals, allowing families to mourn and celebrate their loved ones from the safety of their homes. This trend is expected to continue in 2023, with funeral homes offering hybrid funeral services that combine in-person and virtual elements.

How is this beneficial?

With most people opting to stay away from their hometowns for better opportunities in job, education and living, it is difficult to attend the funeral gathering of the demised all of a sudden. No matter how close one is, it can be quite challenging to reach the venue in time due to several unavoidable reasons. The virtual funeral is a blessing just for that! Now one can pay homage to their loved ones from any corner of the world with a feeling of oneness and bonding.

4. Technology integration:

Funeral homes are increasingly using technology to enhance the funeral experience, from digital guest books and memorial websites to live-streamed services and interactive displays. This trend is likely to continue in 2023, with funeral homes exploring new ways to integrate technology into their services.

What is unique about this?

As we live in the world of technology, everything is fitted into our devices and with just a tap away. With such technological integration in Funerals, one can experience and relive the fondest moments of the departed close one, anytime. It is also convenient to be shared and received without relying on the time taken for traditional mail or post services. With the liberty to go creative with the audio and visuals, revisiting old, fond memories spent together feels like a personal touch.

5. Simplified funeral options:

As more people seek simpler and more affordable funeral options, funeral homes are responding by offering basic cremation and burial services without additional frills. This trend is likely to continue in 2023, with funeral homes offering more simplified funeral packages to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers.

Why is this in trend?

Most people in today’s times opt for a minimalistic culture with less of arrangements and keeping it simple and intimate. Also, in terms of financial constraints, keeping a simpler funeral can be low on the pocket compared to the traditional preset packages that were not customisable.

6. Creative memorialization:

More people are finding creative ways to honour their loved ones, from planting a memorial garden to creating a memorial art piece. This trend is likely to continue in 2023, with more families looking for unique and creative ways to remember their loved ones.

How is this a Unique trend?

Creativity is fuel to our emotions. There are several creative options to commemorate the deceased through visual short movies, personalised songs, sketches and artwork. Another trend is that people keep a part of something significant from the funeral as a memento to remember. People preserve ashes as lockets or in a showpiece, preserved flowers and so on.

7. Diversity and inclusivity:

The funeral industry is becoming more diverse and inclusive, with funeral homes catering to a wider range of cultural and religious traditions. This trend is likely to continue in 2023, with more funeral homes offering services that respect and honour the traditions and beliefs of all families.

What is so different about this concept?

 India is a diverse country, that houses people of different beliefs, ways of life and perspectives.There are now funeral services that are inclusive of every unique individual requirement. Gone are the days when Funeral services came as a one-size-fits-all solution. As Funeral Services are close to one’s heart, they are best if they meet all our special requirements, be it something close to the demised person or something that fits one’s belief system, faith in religion or spirituality.


The takeaway from the Funeral Trends in 2023, is that the present times are all about defining what depicts the best version of your dear departed. There is a range of options, all tailored to the uniqueness each individual has to offer. All these different kinds of Funerals, only indicate one strong message, which is to view death in a way to commemorate the virtuous life of the deceased and embrace the warmest memories made in the past. With Beleiv, you can now plan Funeral Arrangements during the demise of your close ones, with this message ingrained in each service of ours.

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