Burial Or Funeral Ground (Kushaiguda)

Burial Ground – Kushaiguda: An Ancient Site of Historical Significance

Losing a relative or a close friend is one of the most painful human experiences. It brings with it many emotions that we may not even be able to comprehend. It can affect different people in different ways: sadness, anger, guilt and longing. We may face the situation of handling many emotions at one time, but one of the main tasks that must be performed with dignity and respect is performing cremations and burials of our departed loved ones.

After the death of our loved one, there are many rites and rituals, which need to be performed in order to give a proper farewell. Informing relatives about the death, booking a crematorium, arranging for a hearse, collecting things, finding a priest etc., All of this can be overwhelming and you may not understand how to deal with it. You can seek help and assistance by hiring a funeral director or an agency that is experienced in carrying out these activities. Beleiv is one such reliable and dependable “friend” of yours in your tough times. We are experienced funeral service providers in Hyderabad and can make the process much easier and less stressful.

Kushaiguda Burial Ground – A Living Chronicle Of The Past!

Burial Ground Kushaiguda, also known as Kushaiguda Necropolis, is an archaeological site located in Hyderabad, India. The site was discovered in the late 1960s and is believed to date back to the Iron Age period, approximately 2,500 years ago. The site is considered to be of great historical significance as it provides important insights into the burial practices, cultural beliefs, and social structures of the ancient people who inhabited the region.

The most interesting feature of the Burial Ground Kushaiguda is the presence of pottery and other artefacts within the graves. The artefacts include iron implements, beads, coins, and pottery vessels. These artefacts provide valuable information about the technology, trade, and economic activities of the ancient people who lived in the region. The pottery vessels found at the site are particularly significant, as they provide evidence of the cultural exchange and trade that took place between different regions during the Iron Age.

Archive Your Memories In The Historical Ground Of Legacy

The Burial Ground Kushaiguda is also significant as it provides evidence of the evolution of burial practices and beliefs over time. The site has several layers of burials, with each layer representing a different period in history. The later burials show a departure from the traditional circular shape and instead have graves that are rectangular or square in shape. This change in shape reflects the changing beliefs and practices of the ancient people over time.

Services offered by Beleiv in the Burial Ground, Kushaiguda Industrial Area, Kushaiguda, Secunderabad, Telangana.

  • 24 Hours Cremation (Wood, Pyre and Electric) Available
  • Provision of Transportation of dead body by Mortuary/Hearse/Ambulance Vans.
  • Dead Body Transportation from One City to Another City
  • Freezer Box facilities to preserve the body overnight or more.
  • End to End Funeral Services and more

Beleiv has the best Funeral Manager for Supervision, to look after the entire process of cremation and funeral until the end. We also assist in clearing the documentation paperwork at the Crematorium. We offer a dedicated helper for your constant support and help.

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