Exploring Funeral Obituary Services

Exploring Funeral Obituary Services: What You Need to Know?

Last updated on April 10th, 2024

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Creating a meaningful funeral tribute is an important part of funeral obituary services offered to grieving families. Death is an unavoidable piece of life. While it’s never simple to lose a friend or family member, memorial service arranging doesn’t have to add more pressure. 

A significant piece of the interaction is making a tribute to respect and recollect the departed. This guide will investigate funeral obituary services and what you really want to be aware of.

What is a Funeral Obituary?

A funeral obituary, likewise essentially called an eulogy, is a composed notification distributed in a paper or web based declaring somebody’s passing. It permits loved ones of the departed to share significant insights regarding their life and passing. At a minimum, an obituary includes:

  • The person’s full name
  • Date of birth and date of death 
  • Place of birth
  • Survived by information (spouse, children, siblings, etc.)
  • Brief biography highlighting accomplishments, interests and memberships
  • Funeral service details such as date, time and location
  • Information on how to make donations in their memory

Beyond these essentials, obituaries can vary in length and content. Some include photos, longer life stories, expressions of gratitude and favorite memories shared by loved ones. The objective is to memorialize the departed and give an enduring recognition for their heritage.

Using a Funeral Home Obituary Service 

Most funeral homes offer help writing and placing obituaries as part of their overall services. When using a funeral home’s obituary services, families can rely on correct formatting per each publication’s guidelines.

Here are some key aspects of using a funeral home:

  • Obituary Consultation– Meet with an instructor to examine eulogy subtleties and layout what you need included. They’ll direct you through the cycle.
  • Draft Creation– The funeral home staff will write a first draft based on your input which you can review and edit as needed. 
  • Newspaper Placement– Once finalized, they’ll submit the obituary to relevant local newspapers on your behalf. Most charge a placement fee.
  • Online Posting– Many funeral homes post obituaries to their own website and partner directories for additional exposure at no extra cost.
  • Death Certificate Copies– Some provide complimentary certified death certificate copies for legal/insurance purposes.  

Quality funeral obituary services take the burden off grieving families by guiding them through writing and placement. Using a funeral home takes the work out of writing and publishing the obituary yourself. Their expertise ensures all necessary details are captured properly.

What are The Ways For Writing the Obituary Yourself?

For those who prefer to handle obituary arrangements independently, here are some tips:

  • Choose a Publication– Research papers in the deceased’s local community that accept self-submitted obituaries. 
  • Follow Guidelines– Observe word count limits and formatting specifications like requiring all caps or bold text for certain elements. 
  • Gather Information – Interview family for biographical details, accomplishments, memberships and favorite memories to include. 
  • Draft Multiple Versions– Write, edit and refine the obituary content until it feels complete before submitting. 
  • Meet Deadlines– Check publication schedules and ensure your final draft is submitted in time to print in the desired issue(s).
  • Confirm Placement– Follow up that the obituary was published correctly as submitted. Some papers offer an online proofing portal.

Writing it yourself allows more creative control, but requires adherence to newspaper standards and deadlines. Funeral homes take this legwork off your plate. While writing it yourself is more work, funeral obituary services are available to help with any step of the process, from gathering information to proofreading the final draft.

What to Consider Between Options?

When choosing between a funeral home obituary service or writing it yourself, consider:

  • Time & Effort– A funeral home streamlines the process, but requires a placement fee. Doing it yourself is free but more work. 
  • Creative Flexibility– You have full creative control writing it yourself versus a funeral home’s standardized format.
  • Expertise– Funeral home staff are experienced in obituary best practices while you may be learning as you go.
  • Publication Reach– Funeral homes often post to additional online directories for wider exposure versus a single local paper.

Both options honor the deceased appropriately. Weigh your priorities, abilities and timeline to decide the best route. A funeral home handles logistics so you can focus on remembering. Many funeral homes provide complimentary online posting of obituaries as part of their funeral obituary services. Paying for these specialize funeral obituary services is a small price to properly memorialize someone’s incredible life.

Additional Obituary Considerations

Publishing obituaries allows those unable to attend services to still pay their respects from afar. Beyond creation and publication details, there are a few more factors to keep in mind with funeral obituaries:

  • Legal Name Usage: Always use the deceased’s full legal name as listed on their birth certificate in the obituary for identification accuracy, even if a nickname was preferred. 
  • Photo Inclusion: Newspapers may allow a head shot photo to accompany the obituary for a fee. Choose an appropriate image that captures their personality or interests. Provide a high-resolution digital file if including one.
  • Memorial Service Updates: In the event that a burial service or dedication administration will be held, list all relevant subtleties, for example, the date, time, area and any appearance hours ahead of time. Determine assuming that it will be available to general society or private.
  • Expression of Gratitude: You can opt to include a brief message thanking people for their support during this difficult time, as well as designating any preferred charitable donations in lieu of flowers.
  • Proofreading Thoroughly: Carefully proofread the final obituary draft for any errors before submitting. Check spelling of names, dates, locations and other factual elements. Have others also review it to catch anything missed. Errors cannot be amended once published.
  • Keeping Copies: Request additional printed copies from the newspaper for your records and to share with extended family/friends unable to see the published version. You can also scan or screenshot the online posted obituary for your digital archive. Funeral obituary services will typically provide additional physical or digital copies of the published obituary upon request for recordkeeping and sharing with extended contacts.
  • Social Media Sharing:
    • Some choose to post the full obituary text or a brief remembrance on the deceased’s social media profiles to further spread the word to those who may not see it in print. 
    • Whether needing help drafting the first words or advice on including a photo, funeral obituary services exist to support families throughout the process.
    • Creating a meaningful funeral obituary takes time but pays tribute to the departed’s legacy.  Funeral obituary services ensure loved ones are honored with a well-written remembrance placed in desired local media. With preparation and attention to details, you can honor them appropriately through this important memorial process. Both funeral home services and self-authored options get the important message to loved ones. 

How to Compose the Ideal Obituary (with Samples)?

Composing a tribute is a method for memorializing someone after they’ve died. It allows you to share important details about their life and legacy with others. While it’s a difficult task, following some best practices can help you craft the perfect farewell.

Start with the Basics

Include the deceased’s:

  • Name
  • Date of birth and date of death
  • Place of birth


John Doe
January 15, 1950 – March 1, 2022
Detroit, Michigan

Share Biographical Facts

Highlight accomplishments, careers, organizations, hobbies and interests.


John loved spending time with his family, was an avid golfer and a 20-year member of the Detroit Lions fan club. He had a long, successful career as an accountant.

Mention Surviving Relatives

List spouse, children, siblings and their locations.


Caroline is survived by his loving wife of 40 years, Mary, daughters Jane (Chicago) and Susan (New York), and brothers Bill and Jim (Detroit).

Include Service Details

List any funeral arrangements or memorial services.


A funeral mass will be held on Saturday, March 5th at 11am at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Detroit.

Share Favorite Memories

End with a short, heartfelt remembrance from loved ones.


Candece will be dearly missed by all who knew him. He was the best dad and spouse anybody could want. We will everlastingly value the recollections made with him.

Proofread Thoroughly

Catch any errors to preserve accuracy in remembering someone. The perfect obituary gets all the important details right.

Making a tribute is a method for commending somebody’s life and told other people who really focused on them of their passing. Believ is committed to assisting families through this interaction with empathy.
Their services permit friends and family to zero in on lamenting while the obituaries are dealt with. Families will find comfort knowing Believ helps share memories of their lost family member with the community.

Believ offers a meaningful funeral obituary services to help families through the troublesome course of losing a friend or family member. They give customized help composing and putting significant eulogies that honor the existence of the departed.

Whether publishing in print newspapers or online directories, Believ’s experienced team ensures obituaries are well-crafted tributes that inform others about the individual being remembered.

About The Author

About The Author

Madhu is an Entrepreneur, a Mentor, a Writer and an Aspiring Car Race Driver. He is Deeply passionate about leveraging Technology and Human Centred Design to make complex care and End of Life Planning easier. With the ultimate aim of Improving the quality of Life in the Twilight years. Madhu is highly educated and Alumni of IIM-Bangalore, Sikkim Manipal University and Bangalore University besides a Rich Industry Experience in the field of Product Management, Design, Supply chain, Finance, Commercial Management and Funeral Services.



An Entrepreneur, a Mentor, a Writer and an Aspiring Car Race Driver. He is Deeply passionate about leveraging Technology and Human Centred Design to make complex care and End of Life Planning easier. With the ultimate aim of Improving the quality of Life in the Twilight years. Madhu is highly educated and Alumni of IIM-Bangalore, Sikkim Manipal University and Bangalore University besides a Rich Industry Experience in the field of Product Management, Design, Supply chain, Finance, Commercial Management and Funeral Services.

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