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Who is a Funeral Undertaker?

A Funeral Undertaker also called a Funeral director, are individual or group of people who handle all funeral arrangements for the family of the deceased. They are experts in managing legal documents, organising memorial services, preparing the body and arranging transportation of the deceased body from a different country to burial sites in another country. Undertakers organise all necessary events required in a funeral and also provide comfort to mourners.
We at Beleiv understand that arranging and organizing the cremations and funerals of your loved ones can be stressful when you are mourning the loss of a loving person. Beleiv is a professional team possessing experience with regard to the Overseas funeral undertaking process. We provide end-to-end, 24-hour service throughout the year.
We specialize in funeral undertaker services near you for affordable prices and for people across all faiths. We are India’s International funeral undertakers dealing in transporting deceased bodies, to and from any country around the globe. Our services and expertise lie in the proper embalming and packing of human remains in well-sealed casket boxes and transporting them safely to your required destination outside India. Our legal experts follow all necessary procedures in resolving all relevant legal formalities.

Funeral Undertaker Services

  • We provide counselling and emotional assistance to the bereaved family.
  • Procuring Medical Certificate and Death Certificate of the deceased.
  • Dealing with customs clearance and X-ray clearance at the airport.
  • All documentation approval for the export of human remains.
  • Embalming/Wrapping the body for the funeral.
  • Providing caskets, coffin boxes and funeral flowers for the dead body.
  • Booking flight tickets for the family members and arranging flight transportation of the dead body.
  • Mortician services to ensure that the funeral runs smoothly.

Beleiv collaborates with a variety of partners worldwide and has extensive experience in the business. We have undertaken services for countries like the UK, USA, UAE, Nigeria, Singapore, etc. The cost of our services is very reasonable. We assure our customers of the most promising services and we also make them aware of all the expenses regarding the cremation and funeral services in a foreign land before starting the services.

International Funeral Services

Beleiv offers top-notch services like transportation of dead bodies outside India, arranging cremation services, providing assistance in funeral services and assisting in performing last rites through pictures, headstones and online prayers in a foreign land.

Services regarding cremation and funeral in a foreign land

  • We provide the funeral vehicle or mortuary van for the safe transportation of human remains.
  • We make arrangements related to the floral decor on the funeral vehicle.
  • For the cremation procedure, we provide all the necessary sacred pooja samagri to perform the last rites by the family members.
  • We help in issuing permission from the respective consulate authority for the presence of family members at the time of final rites.


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What is an undertaker?

A funeral director, often known as an undertaker is the person or team in charge of making funeral arrangements for a bereaved family in other countries.

How deceased body will be transported by airlines?

The concerned agency will book the airline ticket to the destination country. The body will be placed in a specialized container and shipped into the cargo. At the destination, another certified funeral director will submit all the required documents and they will procure the deceased body and hand it over to the authorised people.

What is dead body transportation?

Dead-Body transportation is transferring deceased/dead bodies or human remains from one place to another place. It is your choice whether you want the transportation to be made by Road, Water or Air.

How difficult is it to ship dead bodies or human remains internationally?

Each country has their specific policies on human remains transportation. If your contacting a specialized Funeral service provider like Beleiv, then the process becomes easy. They will be familiar with the procedures and directly contact the partners from that specific country or destination. Further, the service agency will collect the deceased body on behalf of the family.

Do undertakers only do cremation?

No, undertakers arrange all types of funerals, including religious and non-religious services, burials, cremations and funeral services.

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