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Let us not allow distance to prove stronger than our faith. Explore our Zoom services to conduct your rituals.
The ceremony of giving a proper funeral to the deceased has an immense value. It is unfortunate that the pandemic has restricted everyone from completing their last rites and mourning rituals. Incomplete funerals and last rites can leave the grieving family shattered.
During such painful times, a funeral prayer meeting provides a sense of relief and calm to the family as it allows the distant family members of the deceased to connect, pray and mourn the loss together.
Bhajans, sacred chantings, prayers, devotional songs, and the support of our dear ones help us overcome the pain and heavy emotions as well as come to terms with the real meaning of life. It helps us uncover the spiritual truths of life that every body is temporary while the soul is permanent.
To help the grieving family heal and overcome the irreversible loss, Beleiv provides you with prayer meetings via zoom calls. Irrespective of where you are in the world, you can connect with your loved ones during these tough times.
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