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Preparing a dead body for cremation at Peenya crematorium

Introduction to cremation at Peenya crematorium

Cremation is a natural process that occurs when we die. The body starts to decompose after death, and a cremation service like the Peenya crematorium helps us to mark this transition with respect and dignity.

The dead bodies are prepared for the cremation ceremony at Peenya crematorium.

After being washed, the body is dressed in new clothes, placed on a pyre, and covered with flowers and leaves. Finally, the pyre is lit, and the remains are cremated by fire.

These are rituals performed for many reasons, including:

  • The body is often washed and dressed in appropriate clothing or robes, but not necessarily before the cremation; this practice varies by culture and religion. Bathing and dressing the dead body may also tie it to religious traditions that require washing before burial or other rites of passage, such as weddings or baptisms.

To show respect

The body of each person is sacred and deserves respect. This respect is shown by taking care of the body after death, separating it from its former life and placing it in a separate container so that you can adequately prepare it for cremation.

The family should be informed that there are specific procedures they must follow when preparing their loved one’s body for cremation. This may include washing or shaving the hair off before placing the corpse into a coffin, wrapping clothes around them or even wearing clothing over their clothes to prevent the stench from entering while they’re still inside the house or room where they were found dead.

To prepare the departed for the next life.

It is essential to ensure that the deceased body is cleaned, dressed and prepared for its next life. This can be done by a mortician or funeral home staff member who will help you cleanse your loved one’s body of any remaining mortal remains. The cleaned and dressed body may then be placed in an open casket or shroud with its head covered so as not to disturb anyone viewing it during viewing hours at the funeral home.

After completing this step, it is time for cremation services! Cremation involves burning organic materials such as wood, fabric and paper (or other organic materials).

To ensure they have a successful transition.

Before the body can be placed in the cremation chamber, The dead body must first prepare it. This procedure involves removing all traces of the deceased’s identity and placing them in a state of no longer being alive:

  1. The body is cleansed with water and then dressed in clothing representing their culture or religion. For example, a Hindu might wear traditional dress, while a Catholic may be dressed in white robes and ciboriums.
  2. The body is decorated with flowers or other symbols indicating their loved ones’ regard for them (for example, roses for women and crosses for men).
  3. Anointing oils are applied to each part of their bodies, faces, and hands so that when they pass away, there will be no trace left behind other than love for those who knew them best.

To indicate the end of their time on Earth.

A cremation is a final act of respect and love for someone who has died. It’s a way to say goodbye, as well as a mark on the calendar marking your loved one’s time on Earth.

If you’re planning cremation services for yourself or someone close to you, it can be helpful to know what happens before, during and after the procedure begins.

Death is a natural process, and cremation service is one of how we can mark this.

Death is a natural process, and cremation service is one of how we can mark this. Cremation is a way to remember loved ones and show respect for their life. It also allows us to say goodbye, which might not be possible if they were buried or placed in an urn. We at Beleiv strive to do the same at Peenya crematorium.


There are many reasons to cremate your loved one. Cremation can be a way of showing respect, preparing the deceased for the next life, marking the end of their time on Earth, and ensuring they have a successful transition into it. All these reasons make cremation service an essential part of our society today, so we should take care not only of our emotional needs but also those of others who might be grieving over losing someone close to them. At Peenya crematorium, the body is prepared for cremation and cremated with the utmost respect and professionalism so that you can respectfully send your loved one on their transition from this plane to the next.

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