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Your emergency is our responsibility. Avail our ambulance services to be at ease with your loved ones.
Bearing the pain of the demise of your loved one is the worst feeling in the world. And handling the crucial responsibilities of conducting the last rites gets even more difficult during such heart breaking times. Arranging an ambulance or transport services for the mortal remains is one of the most imperative jobs that must be organized and planned properly

Beleiv will help you arrange all the transport needed and help you through every step as we understand how tough it can get for the close ones to organize the last rites with an uncertain state of mind.

Our team takes care of the laws that must be followed while transporting the mortal remains of the departed soul to the site of their last rites irrespective of the location of death, be it their own bed or an abroad location. We also help you get the essential documents ready for the transport and arrange the required expenses.
Conducting the last rites and funeral arrangements are a set of many steps and procedures that need to be followed. Most of the times the family of the departed is not in a position to handle the situation with so many responsibilities and doesn’t know how to go about it. Families mostly rely on relatives and neighbours to organize the funeral proceedings and transportation for the burial procedure. This in turn also leads to making some mistakes and errors. Thus, you can entirely trust Beleiv as our team completely understands your requirements, the laws, the agreements and procedure of the transportation with proper facilities.
At Beleiv, we offer you powerful emergency and immediate evacuation services for mortal remains of the departed and also for providing urgent medical aid for patients in critical situations. Also, if you are seeking an air-conditioned arrangement or an ICU support from your residence to a nearby hospital or visa versa, our team of professionals will get it all done for you. Beleiv assists you with ambulances under the supervision of highly experienced doctors and nurses. We provide industry standard services.
In case your relatives come from abroad, we also provide the service that involves arranging a hospital mortuary.


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