Unlocking the Mysteries of Visitation Dreams

Unlocking the Mysteries of Visitation Dreams

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If you have ever seen a deceased loved one pop up in your dreams all of a sudden, it can feel unsettling and perhaps even a little scary. If you have recently been dreaming of a deceased loved one, it can appear to you as if you’ve had a visit from the unknown. This experience of such “visitation dreams” can make you feel uplifted, confused, and sometimes, a little terrified. However, though these types of dreams may be quite common, the whole idea of seeing your deceased loved ones visiting in your dreams has not yet become a concept that the medical and scientific community wants to delve further into.

When you go through the pain of having someone close to you pass away, you might feel several different stages and types of grief. This overwhelming sadness sometimes causes you to have these types of dreams. Visitation dreams can sometimes act as a source of comfort and healing to people when they are grieving.

Visitation dreams or big dreams, what are they really?

Visitation dreams are dreams of a loved one who has already passed away. Many people believe that these dreams are shown to you to help you cope with the grief, loss, and sorrow after the death of a beloved. Often these kinds of dreams are so vivid that you can get confused as to whether the dream was in fact a visit from the person’s ghost or spirit. As there has not been much research on this notion, scientists have not yet understood much about these dreams. Thus, they are passed off as products of issues related to brain chemistry and sleep cycles that are not properly managed.

Since science does not offer any probable explanations about visitation dreams, the medical community also does believe that these dreams are a serious matter and cause for research. In many religious and spiritual texts, visitation dreams are only referred to as parables that cannot easily be fact-checked in these times . Modern medicine generally dismisses these dreams and notions. Thus, it is left upto parapsychologists and ghost hunters to give them a paranormal meaning and satisfactory explanations.

On the other end of the spectrum, psychologists and grief counsellors see the whole concept of visitation dreams as validation of a person’s grief. However, they do not necessarily believe that these dreams serve as messages from the dead to the living. 

Big dreams

Carl Jung, the renowned psychologist, coined the term “Big Dreams” as a way of describing visitation dreams. Through all his research and understanding, he believed that when a person saw their deceased loved ones in their dreams, it was a reflection of their insight into different spiritual levels. He referred to the more ‘common’ types of dreams as “little dreams”. 

“Big dreams”, according to him, were the deeper dreams with more significance. 

Many psychologists who have had patients with visitation dreams believe that there are specific characteristics pertaining to these dreams where deceased loved ones are present. However, as mentioned previously, there is no such proper research study on this. Therefore, these specific characteristics that are attributed to such dreams are mostly an observation of several encounters as reported by patients of psychologists.

 What are visitation dreams like?

  •  They feel very realistic
  •  The dream seems to be authentic
  •  Your deceased loved one(s) visit you in the dream
  •  These dreams appear to have a purpose
  •  The dreams convey crystal clear, specific messages
  •  They have a reassuring and calming vibe
  •  The dreams may warn you of danger or give you warning signals
  •  The dreams can comfort you
  •  They make you feel calm, composed and peaceful
  •  The dream makes you feel as if your loved one was right there with you

Visitation dreams with loved ones? Why do they come to us?

Some people believe that visitation dreams are signs from their deceased loved ones as advice for dealing with matters of this life. They believe that the deceased loved ones use the living person’s relaxed state of consciousness, which is induced by sleep, as a sort of entryway into their subconscious mind. This makes it easier for them to communicate with the living while he is asleep. 

Meanwhile, psychologists and the like view these dreams as more of a coping mechanism that is made up by the human subconscious mind to help deal with the sorrow and grief of losing the loved person.

How to cope with visitation dreams

Sometimes a person who is experiencing grief may feel upset when they have these types of dreams, and especially if it happens on a recurring basis. The tips we have listed below are intended to help you cope with visitation dreams. By following these, you can learn to deal with these dreams and also control the experience so that you can regulate your emotions, find hope and encouragement for yourself, and keep the bond intact. 

  • Don’t be afraid of dreaming about the deceased

You do not necessarily have to be afraid of dreaming about your deceased loved ones. In a few cases, however, the dreams paint a clear display of the manner of death, especially if they died in an accident, murder, or suicide. 

Going through intense grief after a traumatic loss often manifests in such ways that the person who lived repeatedly plays the details of the death in his mind. You may be more prone to experiencing this intense level of grief when you dream of your near and dear ones dying in this way. 

  • View it as a gift 

A lot of people have never experienced a visitation dream. Somewhere, someone may be deeply longing to see their deceased loved one, but they can never see them in their dreams. On the other hand, there are also people who might not want to get a visit from the other side, but they still repeatedly dream of their deceased loved ones. It is true that these types of dreams may be uncomfortable and especially if they make you feel disturbed. However, it is wiser to consider them as a gift that could stop coming at any time.


Visitation dreams are a mystery. Some people view them as a much deserved or long awaited break from yearning for their loved one who has passed away. Whether you believe these dreams are real, from God, or just a concept from science fiction, Beleiv in Bangalore is the best organisation that can help you with funeral services and bidding goodbyes to your loved ones. A fitting goodbye makes the process of grief a little easier on the soul. With Beleiv and its experienced staff, you can avail funeral services in India that take some of the burden of grief off your shoulders. 

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